My Life in Hogwarts

This is the story of my hogwarts years.The good,the bad,and the wars.


4. The Common Room

 "First years! Follow me! First year Gryffindor's, Over here!" yelled a teen about 16 we followed him until we got to a portrait of a fat women wearing a ball gown.

"password? "she said with attitude

"Cherrycorn." the boy said with a proud hint in his voice

the door swung open. And we all entered into a room with a large fire place, hundreds of chairs, and two doors with stairs leading opposite ways.

"Girls dormitories to the left, boys to the right. You have to be in the common room before 8 o'clock, bed before midnight if not you will receive detention your things are in your dorms, I suggest you go to sleep early classes start tomorrow your schedules are lying on your beds. Hurry to your dorms but do not push."

a lot of boys tried to walk in the girls dorms but couldn't get through, but a bunch of girls went through the guys dorms and could go through. I found my things in the first dorm and unpacked. I did not know the girls in my dorm but they definitely knew each other all the girls went back into the common room after unpacking, but I went into the boys dorms and found Fred and George playing with toys they most likely were to supposed to have.

"Boys, I don't think your aloud to have those" I said

"But that's half the fun!" said Fred

"Just hope a teacher doesn't find those."

"Ha! That's are motto Fred." said George

"Motto for what?" I asked

"For are trouble club, it's just us to though." said Fred

"Can I join?"

"SURE!" said George "we've never had a new member before."

they had me put my right hand on a book

as they said together "Do you Nicole Willows solemnly swear you are up to no good?"

"yes."i agreed from that night on I was officially a trouble maker and I had never been prouder of myself. Maybe, just maybe I was brave.









I hope you liked my story so far but do not worry it is not over yet. Just to let you know this is year 1 of 7. and I am not done with this one yet

sincerely your trouble maker Nicole Willows


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