My Life in Hogwarts

This is the story of my hogwarts years.The good,the bad,and the wars.


5. The classes

 1st class-transfiguration w/ slytherin

 2nd class-potions (double) w/ hufflepuff


 3rd class-history of magic w/ hufflepuff

 4th class-charms (double)

 5th class-herbology w/ ravenclaw


I read my schedule that was in scarlet ink,as I made my way to transfiguration. a whole class just on transfiguring things? So gonna ace it! 

As soon as I walked in I noticed a cat just sitting where the teacher would be, watching us.Something didn`t feel right.When the bell rang the cat jump up and turned into a human! 

"Welcome students, to transfiguration. I am professor mcgonagal. Today we will be transforming animals into a different animal.With the spell 'salmento lingarea' "

as soon as she said that the rat in front of her turned into a dog.

"All of you try.1..2...3 go!"

after an hour I turned a salamander into a rat.Fred and George turned their salamanders into slugs and dropped them down the girls in front of theirs robes.

"Detention on Sunday boys, 7"

Well I was officially a troublemaker to, so I just had 'accidentally' drop  a rat down some slytherins pants.

"You to miss Willows and tens points from Griffindor, from all three of you. I believe you three have set a record as well for the earliest detention in the year"

an applause spread though the room the boys gave a little bow and sat down. I stood and waved to all the the students

"Silence!And five points from both houses."

After the bell I went to potions, with Fred and George of course. When we walked in we saw a greasy haired emo dude,with a crooked nose. 

"Welcome to potions . I am professor Snape. Am here to teach you to brew any potion anyone of you can imagine..."

this Professor was obvious either emo,evil,or constipated and wears black clothes.

"You are Weasly's I believe?" pointing to Fred and George

"Yes,sir"they said together

"I expect great things from you 2 this year...Anyway we will brew a special potion called martinalla marteelo better know as "The vanishing potion." directions on the board, best one wins 5 points for their house,any extra ingredients are in the cupboard, 3...2...1...go"

an hour later I won the points,I don`t know why but I just knew what to do.Fred blew up his cauldron, George well I don`t want to say,let me put it this way: Snape won't use that crooked nose to smell for a long period of time.

lunch was shepard's pie and pumpkin juice.But no one ate all of theirs because there was a small huge food fight I won't say who started it but 20 points from griffindor did the trick for McGonagal.

History of magic had a ghost teacher, and I fell asleep in the middle of how vampires started the world wars.Having a ghost for a teacher would seem like a cool thing but zzzzzzzzz... sorry fell asleep he started talking again.

Next double charms even though I`m taller than him he was a goodish teacher.He taught us to levitate things, but George levitated his feather down professor flitwigs robes.

Herbology a bore to easy plants,green,leaves,all this I know from hearing people conversations in the halls.Not that I`m an eavesdropper, just people can`t whisper to save there lives.

after class was cheeseburgers and fries,then detention lines 50 times "I will not mess with other students"It took an hour, Fred and George on the other hand took 2 they kept switching themselves when the professor wash`t looking.But I swear eye`s on the back of her head.

then my comfy bed the same routine over and over until a very odd day know as halloween 



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