I remember a lot, the scar on my forehead and its origin, the first girl I kissed and the first dream I'd ever had. I live within my own mind, and my own plights thinking about everything I've ever done and has happened to me. I will never tell a real name to anyone, but the stories are real, I assure you. My name is of little concerned, but I will be addressed as Joseph Travers, and if you take the time to listen I will indulge you of my life.


6. Let Me Rant

I hate to get a little sidetracked but I am human, so don’t ridicule me; it happens. So the reason for which I become distracted is merely to interject my own thoughts on modern society.

Today’s society is fucked up, we’re raising our children for failure and teaching them that what is wrong is right and vice versa. I mean, take one look at modern music; one of my heroes, Kurt Cobain could write better shit even after the top of his head was blown off. There’s no creativity anymore, no imagination, no substance to music. All that it talks about is sex and drugs, not that they’re bad, but how awesome they are. And while no, there is nothing wrong with sex there is something wrong with how our media portrays it.

I went to prison, that’s where the saggy pants trend came from; and you know what you ghetto wannabe, white trash, gay bashing, racist asshats? That style is specifically designed to let other men know the availability of your, wait for it, ass. Yea, that’s right, it’s not a cool thing; put on a goddamned belt.

I did cocaine, it’s not as glorious as you mighty think; sure, wont deny that it’s not a party in your brain for about a half an hour until you take another line of that shit, but it’s not worth it. Because about one hundred grand and several thousand mistakes later you’re broke, begging for money so that you can try to get crack because it’s as close as you can get on the budget you got. And when you can’t get money you go through withdrawals. I was nineteen and I spent eight solid hours trying to get warm and stop shaking even though my room was ninety degrees and I had a fever that was almost hot enough to melt my brain. I clawed lines through my own skin and vomited up bile until I was so dehydrated I literally started choking. And you know who cared? No one, because I fucked up my own life.

Youth is a stupid thing these days, why the hell are parents so ignorant, why does media glorify everything that’s wrong with this world? I mean seriously, there’s a mass murder and then everybody everywhere knows about it. But something like renewable energy comes along and it loses any sort of media support in about a month. The reason for which is that tragedy fascinates the human mind; even though we’re such hypocrites in society…. I mean, we ridicule our children for wanting to learn about serial killers, and Nazis and massacre and death and disease because we’re so goddamned concerned we’ll corrupt their minds… NO that’s not how it works; what are corrupting their minds are the evil empires of late night entertainment that we let our kids brainlessly subscribe to. The we let them listen to the pointless verses of rap and hip-hop that talk about “bitches and hoes”… We even have the audacity to try and stray our children away from the meaningful artists that try and deliver an actual message because it’s either “The Devil’s Music” or we don’t want them to be bullied… WELL THEN DON’T TEACH YOUR KID TO BE JUDGEMENTAL, OPEN THEIR MINDS TO NEW IDEAS. I was by no means a sheltered child, so my eyes are open… My kids; they are given so much opportunity to explore new concepts, it’s a good thing… I picked up one of their phones the other day and I was pleasantly appalled when I saw that they’d taken up listening to Queen… I’m done for now… As pointless as that was.

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