You're the reason my heart keeps beating

This is a larry stylinson fanfic it's my first one hope youll like it!:)


2. I think I love you better now

Chapter 1

Two months ago...


 September 26th, 2013, 13h

  POV Louis
I was in my bed. I’d just woken up. Eleanor was at my side, she was still snoring like a pig.  I sighed and let myself wander in my thoughts like every morning. But this morning it wasn’t the same. I didn’t think about the group or of Eleanor and not of my family.  No, it was him, only him, my best friend. My best friend since 3 years now. I never had any doubts about what I felt for him. But that day, I thought about what had happened the day before.




  September 25th, 2013, 20h

Liam: Let’s go! Let’s go, everyone is in their place?
Me: Yeah, yes it's been 5 minutes that you scream us orders, calm down a bit Liam.
Liam: Hey, it's not my fault if I want our Nialler has a party that he will remember!
Zayn: There will be alcohol, no chance he could remember this party!


 At the same time Liam had received a text message.


Liam: Go! We hide! We close the lights! Harry is at less than 2 minutes with Niall!


Everyone obeyed the orders of Liam. And yes, it was the surprise party we organized for Niall. It was the only time that we found to celebrate. We heard the door open and voices.


Niall: Aaah, it’s very dark in here!


Harry opened the lights and everyone came out of their hiding place. 


Niall: AAAAAH! This is all for me guys??
Harry: Yeah who else you want it to be?
Niall: Thanks a lot!
Me: Now it’s time to paaaarty!!


The music was on and everyone was dancing. We were about 75 people in this house. After dancing with Eleanor nearly half an hour I went into the kitchen. I saw Zayn who was drunk and who was speaking with Perrie. She looked on the nerves and she left. Lots of girls were going to say Happy Birthday to Niall, but he didn’t seem to notice them. He was also drunk. Liam was running in all the directions. He was taking care of all and all the guest. He seemed overwhelmed. Harry was... He was with a girl. A super blond makeup, high heel 15 ", breasts too padded. Anyway, I didn’t like her at all. But Harry seemed to have a different perspective than me and he seemed to really appreciate all that fake things. They was talking and she was cuddling him really too much. I didn’t know why I attacked her like that. Harry was always with new girls and I've never said anything about it... I went to get another beer in the fridge.


Me: Huuummm... You’re blocking the fridge.


I spoke to them in a dry tone. Harry replied with a voice affected by alcohol.


Harry: Jealous Louis? You wanna be at her place??


He smiled at me with a big smile and he annoyed me.


Me: Oh no, I don’t wanna stop the pleasure of the fake one you’ve found this time.


Now he was looking at me strangely and I was the one who was doing a big smile. The girl seemed offended and left without another word. Harry had wanted to stop her, but she had turned and slapped him. He turned to look at me.


Harry: Why??


He looked at me like a guy who didn't understand. I understand him because I didn't understand myself either.


Me: I... I don’t know Haz’...
Harry: Oh, I understand why! You are really jealous.


He looked at me with his big smile again. He annoyed me.


Me: What?? I have a girlfriend if you didn’t remember!
Harry: Oh ya? So if I kiss you, you will feel nothing?


He smiled at me and I can see that he was really drunk. He didn’t know what he was saying and what he was doing.


Me: Harry! You are completely drunk!
Harry: So you’ll feel nothing?


I didn’t want to answer.


Harry: You don’t want to answer. You don’t know the answer? Maybe if we try you’ll know.
Me: What? Harry... 


I barely had time to react he had put his lips to mine. I was surprised at first and do nothing. I start to like the feeling of his lips on mine and I kissed him back. He took off his lips and immediately kissed me. We repeat that several time. Our kisses began to be intense and none of us dared to stop. Until I do. I remove my lips from him and looked into his eyes a long time. None of us have something to say. Finally I spoke after a moment.


Me: You see... I feel nothing. 


I went upstairs and go in my room where I passed the rest of the night. When Eleanor had joined me a few minutes later I pretended to sleep and she felt asleep in her turn.

*End of Flashback*


It was fresh in my head and I couldn’t think about anything else. Anything else than his lips.

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