Night Sirens

Sofie and Emily were just trying to survive the zombie apocalypse, but they aren't going to be able to do it alone - not when One Direction and other people join in on the task.
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4. Two Old Friends

Sorry for not uploading. I'll have info in the longer author's note.

                   Emily Lee - Chapter Four



                    Nothing could be heard except for the growls of zombies outside. Everybody was taking a moment to remember what life was before this mess happened. Would we survive? That was on everybody's mind as we pulled into Harry's flat.

                        "This is it," he said, stretching as he opened the door and got out. "Home sweet home..." He muttered, opening the door for me. I raised my eyebrow at him and he gave me a grin. "What's the matter, Em?" He asked. I blushed when he said my nickname.

              My eyes widened as I saw a zombie began to ease it's way up to Harry. I whipped my knife at it, sailing over Harry's shoulder and into the zombie's forehead.

                       "Woah, thanks." Harry said, giving me a smile. "Your welcome," I said, smiling like a goofball and reaching for his extended hand. "Enough lovey-dovey stuff," Sofie announced. "But good throw, Em!" She said, grinning.

                             Suddenly, we heard screams and more screams. They were human, all right. It sounded like it was the house beside Harry's. "What is that?" I whispered. "Humans - duh..." Niall said, trailing off. "I'm going in." Sofie said. "What! You can't! You will get hurt!" Louis whisper-shouted. "Who cares if I do?" Sofie said, rolling her eyes. "I do!" Louis said, then covered up his mouth. "I do too," I said. "Me tooo!" Niall said, jumping into her arms. "Holy shit Niall!" Sofie groaned. Everybody else said. "I do," or "Me too," or something like that.

                            Sofie sighed. "Wait out here, I'll be back in a minute, okay?" She asked. We all looked at each other. "At least let me go in with you," I said. Sofie's eyes wandered over to the house, then back at me, then the house. "Fine," she sighed. I grinned. "Yay!" I said, watching Zayn and Liam attack four zombies. Sofie and I nodded and then ran over to the house.

                     "You like Harry, don't ya?" She said, as we peered inside the door, only to find a zombie growling and reaching to bite my arm. "Shit!" Sofie said, kicking the zombie away and then killing it by taking her weapon to it's head. The hammer bashed into the zombie's skull, before dropping to the ground. Sofie grabbed her hammer. We looked around the room, and there we saw on the stairs - a gun. It looked like it was a shotgun. Sofie knew how to fire a shotgun, but I didn't. Sofie grabbed the gun, and checked it for ammo. "Thirty one bullets." She announced, looking on the ground at the un-fired bullets.

                             We looked around again after I asked Sofie "who would leave a gun laying around, especially in a zombie apocalypse?" her answer was just a simple "I don't know".

                          In the living room, we gasped at the sight. Four zombies, one of which had no legs and was crawling on the floor. Sofie attacked the 'crawler' with her hammer while I smashed the rest of them. "Nice," Sofie complemented. "You too," I replied as we went into the kitchen. There was no zombies, but the place looked raided. Everything was a mess - a rotted, half-ate apple on the counter, the fridge door open, only stinky milk inside. Cupboard doors were open, flies buzzing all around.

                                   "Upstairs..." Sofie gulped. "Yeah." I said, following her to the staircase where we found the shotgun.

                         "It's another one of those things..." we heard a tiny voice say. "Yeah," a stronger, but still tiny, voice replied to the person. Sofie and I looked at each other, and then nodded. "We aren't one of those things - which are a zombie!" I shouted. "Are you bitten by them?" The tiny voice squeaked. "No. We cleared out the bottom part of your house by the way." Sofie said. I looked behind us to make sure there were none. Nothing was there.

                      Then, we heard footsteps, and in the shadows, we saw a little girl around ten and another girl who was around our age - we instantly recognized her

                              "Sarah!" We exclaimed. Sarah's eyes widened and we ran to give her a hug. The little girl was Kayla, Sarah's younger sister. Sarah's red hair flapped against her back as she pulled away. As we studied her and Kayla, we saw that Sarah was wearing camo pants, a white long sleeved shirt, leg warmers, combat boots, with her blue eyes sparkling at the sight of us. Kayla's dirty blonde hair flowed to her belly-button. Her blue eyes were made of fear, but at the same time happiness. She was wearing a plain black shirt, comfortable leggings that had grey hearts on them, black rubber boots and a jean jacket along with high top converse shoes that went up halfway up to her knees.

                       Kayla gave Sofie and I a hug. "Mom died." Sarah said. "And Dad died of cancer before this thing started," Sarah said, sighing, a tear threatening to spill out of her eyes. "Shh, don't worry." Sofie soothed. "They are in a better place now Sarah. Who would want to live like this?" Kayla asked. The little girl was so tough. She was always smart and comforting.

                     "Kayla's right," I said. Sarah looked up, then nodded, whipping her tears away. We explained everything, and then asked the two if they would like to come. Sarah was practically bouncing in joy - she loved One Direction. Kayla was so-so, she liked them, but not obsessed like Sarah was.

                 They had both agreed, and gotten their weapons. Sarah had a sniper, a crowbar, while her little sister carried a pistol and a pocket knife which was tucked in the pocket of the jean jacket.

                   Kayla took off the jean jacket and took the pocket knife out of it. Inside, there was also a pack of gum. Sarah and Kayla both carried two water bottles each, a granola bar, and six cans of soup in a small bag. Also inside was a photograph of a family, and a journal, labeled, "Survival in the Apocalypse" in white letters.

                              "Can we read that when were in the car?" I asked as Kayla reloaded her pistol. "What about that shotgun?" Sofie asked. "Yes, and I'll explain it in the car." Sarah said, tying her hair into a braid.

                I nodded, and then the four of us headed back out there. You see, Sarah had been our friend in middle school and high school. In grade four, which is when middle school starts for us, Sarah was in a different class than us. It was valentine day and all three of us had baked something. We had not known of each other, except for Sofie and I. Sofie had baked heart shaped cookies with making a smaller pink heart, and chocolate chips out lining the pink heart. I had baked brownies with red and pink icing zig-zagging over it. Sarah had made cupcakes that were covered in pink icing, followed by pink dots all over it. Sarah had made one less and did not get a cupcake. I had made an extra brownie, as did Sarah. So we both gave away are extra brownie to Sarah who had given the last cupcake to a girl in our class. It may be weird, but that's how we became friends. We then became the three musketeers until Grade Eight. In high school, we were still close, but then Sarah and Sofie got into a little fight and we drifted apart. But then in Grade Ten, we were back to closer then ever. In Grade Eleven, I had been beaten up and the two of them saved me and beat up the boy who had tried to pretty much kill me. Or was it in Grade Twelve, more recently? I can't remember. Point is, we are very close.

                 The boys eyes' widened as they saw the addition. We explained everything, exchanged names, and Sarah, who was literally screaming, tripped over a rock in the process of getting to the car, and was about to face-plant on the ground, was caught by Niall.

                 As we got in the car, Kayla got out the bag and handed us the book. "You can have it now," she said, smiling. "Thank you!" I said, as Sofie and I opened up to page one.

                "So, I guess the Zombie Apocalypse is here. My name's Kayla and my older sister Sarah is helping me write this. We are trying to survive but we just saw Mummy get eaten by one of those things. That was really hard. We have no family left and we are very sad. But Mummy and Daddy are in a better place now. Guess what?! A zombie almost ate Sarah but I saved her. I'm going to write this until I die and then maybe people in the future, if there is a future, will see it and get information about the zombies. Right now we are just grabbing all the food we can and heading upstairs. We have a gate up there which we used for when I was a little girl so I didn't have to get upstairs. The zombies are very pale and try to eat you. You can kill them in an instant by smashing something in there head. If a zombie bites you, you will turn into one of those things. There may be a solution to the bite later. I hope so. We took Daddy's guns from when he was alive and now we are shooting zombies. Before Daddy died of cancer, he taught Kayla and I how to shoot zombies. It was really fun. I'm going to probably cry now so I'm going to stop. I miss Mummy and Daddy."

                          Sofie and I gulped, practically in tears. I guess they were documenting our journey. I saw Kayla smile and then reach for the journal. We handed it to her and we saw her scribble something else down. "Great news! Two nice ladies that Sarah and I know saved us! Sofie Davidson and Emily Lee. They are both pretty and funny! We also met One Direction! I'm really excited. Maybe we will survive!"

                 Smiling at her note, we all turned to Sarah. "The shotgun had been our Mom's - she had her gun already out and was polishing it. A bullet got stuck and as we tried to save her, a zombie bit her in the shoulder and Mom said to shoot her. We shot the thing and then said our last words before Mom turned. We shot her, because we didn't want to keep her struggling." Sarah said, sighing and fiddling with her thumbs. "Oh.. sorry," Sofie said, touching her shoulders.

                       It was silent for a while before Liam broke the silence. "Well, off to Zayn and Niall's we go!"


Okay, okay, please do not kill me for not updating. I have been so, so, busy and recently I just got the Sims 3 so I've been playing it and downloading content. There will be more updates soon, I promise! Also, I just bought a JB poster! No, I hate Justin Bieber, it's for throwing darts at him. If you like the guy though I'm sorry, and I mean no harm. Did u see this? This lawyer I'm assuming was talking about money, and 'The Biebs' lit some money on fire. Then when it was near the end, he gave the guy the middle finger with both hands. God, I'm sorry.

I'm also really freaked out after I just saw an Alien Invasion movie which was creepy as hell and I know it's not real, but I'm dying here of thinking I'm gonna die. Gas Pedal Remix..... oh my good god!!


Okay bye.



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