Night Sirens

Sofie and Emily were just trying to survive the zombie apocalypse, but they aren't going to be able to do it alone - not when One Direction and other people join in on the task.
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8. The Hospital

Another chapter today. Stay tuned for the ending authors note please <3

Emily Lee - Chapter Eight

"And were here..." we all sighed, piling out of the car with our weapons. We weren't going to take our stuff in until we made sure that the area wasn't full of zombies - not humans.

There was a long wire fence surrounding the hospital, poking out of a cement wall. There was a sigh above a cement door that had a weird code thingy on it.

I took my time to read the sign. "If you are alive and not bitten, please press 1-2-4-3 and the door will clear to a window. A guard will see if you are a zombie and not a human and take you inside."  Sofie read aloud. Niall pushed back his blonde hair, sighing. "Really?" He asked, turning around in time to punch a zombie in the back of it's head. Sarah stomped on its head, squirting out blood as we turned back towards the sign. Zayn punched in the code, and sure enough, a guard appeared through a clear window-like thing. "Hey." The man said. "Not bitten?" He asked, opening the door. I shook my head. "We are not." Sofie said. A couple of men came out, checked us over and nodded. "No supplies or nothin'? Just those weapons ya got there?" The one said. I read a name tag beside his heart which read 'Joe.' and then began to speak.

"Actually, yeah." I said. "In that bus. We have some dogs too, which are pregnant." Liam said, pointing a thumb to the bus behind us.

"Okay." The man said, smiling. "We'll wait here." He said. Sofie spinned around, shooting a zombie that was about to attack one of the men - his nametag read Carl.

"Thank you." Carl said, smiling. "You guys are welcome here anytime. You are going to be might useful, we can use you for getting a lot of stuff." He said. My eyes widened. "Oh no, lady." A man named Jack explained. "What he means is-" shooting a glare at Carl, said "you are one of the few fellas' that can actually defend themselves. You can go out on supply raids and stuff." He said. I nodded.

We went to the bus, got everything, including the dogs, and piled back. A woman stood there to greet us. She was around thirty, was a tad overweight, and had on a blonde bun. She adorned a white long sleeved shirt, striped work pants, and boots which the pants were tucked into. "Hello." The woman said, inviting us inside. "I'm Jean Ray, I run this place here. We have one room that can fit all of you guys, if that's okay." She asked. "Um, can we have two rooms, if that's okay?" Harry asked, playing with his curls. "And I believe that our family was shipped to another safe spot, I think it was called The Hudson Hospital. Could you check and see if they are okay?" Harry named the list of the boys family members.

"Sure." The woman said, grabbing a knife from her pocket. My eyes widened in fear as the woman stepped towards us. Luckily, she passed us and went over to the door. "I thought I heard - oh there it is." She climbed up a ladder and reached down over the wall, poking a zombie in his head and stabbing it multiple times.

All of us stifled a laugh. "I will guide you to your rooms." A sudden woman appeared. She looked to be around twenty-five at the most, twenty-two at the least. She had jet black hair pulled into a braided bun, some of it falling into her face, and greeny-blue eyes. She had pale skin and wore black striped skinny jeans, a white tank top, and a cut off jean jacket that only covered her shoulders. She had on a pair of dark combat boots. She smiled at us. "Finally!" She grinned. "Hey, your One Direction, aren't you?" She asked. The boys nodded. "Nice. I'm Alex." She said, showing a smile of white teeth.

She began to walk up a flight of stairs, past many people. Finally, we came to a room marked '406'. She pinned a white sheet of paper on the door, and scribbled down 'taken' and then opened it up with a key. She handed keys to us. "Room-keys." She explained. "The rooms are linked together." She said, pointing to a door. "We have three beds in this room, and four mattresses. In the next room is two king beds." She explained. Everybody kept nodding.

"There is a bathroom just across from your room, luckies." She said, sitting onto a single bed. "Closet..." she pointed to a walk in closet. "You'll figure everything out. If you need help, there's a guide on the dresser there." She said, smiling before walking out.



Hey guys just wanted to update again because I looked at the amount of reads, favourites, likes and literally fainted. Thank you so much. If this gets up to 200 reads I'll die. Although I don't have many comments, thank you for the ones that I have, I'm not complaining! I have the sweetest fans ever guys and I just wanted to let you know I love you guys. Thanks and bye! <3




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