Night Sirens

Sofie and Emily were just trying to survive the zombie apocalypse, but they aren't going to be able to do it alone - not when One Direction and other people join in on the task.
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11. Some Things Never End

Chapter Eleven's coming :D enjoy it!


Previously on Night Sirens:

"My mom and dad are dead." I said quietly, a tear spilling out of my eye. "Oh! Kaylee! I'm sorry." Brianna and Rachel hugged me. "It's okay guys." I said, wiping my tears. Before anything else could be said, there was a scream.


Kayla reached for Brianna and Rachel's hand as he eyes widened in fear. Her pale face was still wet from the tears that had just spilled a second ago. Another scream made the girls run upstairs. "What's happening?" Brianna asked, crying as the girls hid in a closet. "I'm not sure, but we need to make sure that everybody we know, including ourselves, are safe." Kayla replied. Rachel shook in fear. Her red hair bounced against her back. "O-okay. L-let's go to Brianna and I's parents first, please?" She asked. Kayla blinked a couple of times, her blue eyes flickering. "Uh -" She gulped, and then seeing the girls worried and teary faces, nodded. "Thank you!" Brianna said, hugging her.

The girls held hands. "Wait." Kayla whispered, and then reached for a piece of metal that she thought was called a scalpel, or something like that. There was four other ones beside it. "Take one, it may not do much, but..." She trailed off as she heard a thump. "Help me, please. It's chasing me!" A male voice screamed. Kayla whipped around to see a boy - which she thought was cute - running towards them. "It's okay!" Kayla said, kicking the creature that was a step away from him to the floor. She stepped on it's legs and; disabling them, smashed the scalpel into it's head multiple times. The rotting flesh began to tear.

"Thanks. I'm Luke. I'm ten. I came from a foster home, I never met my parents." He said, pausing. "Your name?" He asked.

Kayla gulped. "O-oh, hi Luke. I'm Kayla. I was going to be ten a week before this happened. So I might be ten, maybe?" She asked, shrugging. The boy smiled and pushed his soft, autumn colored hair out of his face. His brown eyes sparkled as he turned to Brianna. "You?" He asked. "Oh, my name's Brianna." She giggled, and twirling a piece of hair around her, said, "I'm ten. The same age as you. Older than Kayla. Maybe we could -" Kayla stopped her by gulping loudly.

Luke's eyebrows raised and Kayla felt a little mad at Brianna, it felt like she didn't want to be her friend anymore if she could date Luke. But they were only kids! That wouldn't work.

Kayla began to think, but she couldn't when Rachel began to talk. "Rachel, nice to meet you. Eleven, and uh, don't mind Brianna." She turned to Kayla when she said that. "We need to find our parents. Wanna help?"

Luke nodded slowly. "I'm all ears for helping." He said, smiling. "We better look now." He said, turning to Kayla who he thought, looked beautiful. 

They headed down the stairs and then saw Niall. He was furiously looking around. Rachel noticed a girl peeping from out behind him. "Is that your sister? Sarah?" She asked. "IT IS!" Kayla screamed and jumped into Niall's arms. Sarah, Niall and Kayla hugged silently as they began to talk. "Once we get more of our group, since they have weapons, we will look for your mothers and fathers and any body else, okay?" Sarah asked softly. They nodded.

Looking into a closet, they thought they saw something move. "Is there someone in there? The walls are sound proof so..." Luke asked, feeling the walls. Niall gulped. He opened up the door with a pale, finger, and grinned. It was the rest of the group!

"I thought we'd never find you!" Kayla screamed, running and hugging everybody. They laughed happily.

Now, it was Brianna and Rachel's turn. But will there family members be found?

Find out in Chapter Twelve!


Chapter Eleven, hope you like the twist I did there. I'll try to update guys, and thank you for the many reads! :) I'm very busy with my brother's hockey games, they are going to the finals and since they have a really good chance of winning, I want to be there and video tape it with my new camera :D. We just got back from a hockey tournament (They won all twenty games!) so it was hard to update, I'd just thought that I'd let you guys know. At chapter 15 there will be a contest by the way! So all you have to do to enter is write your name / or a name you like down! It will end when I get chapter 15 up, which will probably soon. I worked hard on this chapter, so you little cupcakes better enjoy. Love you all! xoxo ~Cady



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