Night Sirens

Sofie and Emily were just trying to survive the zombie apocalypse, but they aren't going to be able to do it alone - not when One Direction and other people join in on the task.
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13. Secrets

Chapter Thirteen my lovelies ;) By the way, check out my new movella! 'Misplaced' is the name. ;)

Emily Lee - Chapter Thirteen

I knew I was pregnant. I knew it.

But how can I tell the others? Right now we are supposed to be finding Rachel's family - so now's not the time. 

Later. Later's the right time.


My best friends won't believe I've kept a secret hidden like this to them. We've always been so open to each other, it's unreal. This is the first day, first time, first person, to ever not tell another one a secret. I'm the guilty one.

"Emily? Emily? You in there?" I heard Harry ask. I gulped. "Yeah, uh, I am." He smiled, and gave me a quick kiss. Even though it was just a couple of seconds long, it sent sparks flying everywhere.

"My parents should be in their room. That's where they told me to meet them." Rachel said quietly. "Do you have a scrunchie?" She asked me. I nodded. "Can you put my hair up in a bun? It keeps falling in my face." She asked. "Sure." I replied, trying to be cheerful. I tied it up into a bun. "Thanks a bunch." She said, hugging me before running over to Kayla.

Zayn sighed, and pushed a piece of tangled hair back into place. "I need a hairbrush!" He groaned. "You'll fine one soon." Liam grinned, patting my back. "I need food, that's a bigger problem, obviously." Niall pretended to be sassy.

"Guys, be serious." Louis snapped. "Yeah." Sofie said. "We need to find Rachel's parents. I mean-" she lowered her voice, and continued "what if they are dead?" She hissed.

Everybody bit their lip, except for the kids who were playing around in a corner. "Let's go to their room. We'll find her family, I bet." I said. "I guess so." Sarah said.

I hated lying to her and Sofie.

Rachel came over to us after Sofie called her. "Yeah?" She asked. "Show us your room." Sofie said. "Okay! Guys!" She called to her friends, who followed her. We all followed her up a couple of flights of stairs, to a room.

She opened it, without a key. "They might be in here." She asked.

We searched all over, but they weren't there. Rachel swallowed a sob. "T-they could of been k-killed!" She stuttered, letting a tear escape her eyes. "They are alright." I patted her back. "D-do you think so?" She asked, wiping a tear. "We are positive." Louis said.

We all walked down the hallway. "Stop!" Rachel hissed. "Mommy's scarf!" She pointed to a maroon scarf that was teared on the ground. "Mommy was here!" She said excitedly.

"Let's look here, then." I paused, and then we began to look over the hallway. "S-stop!" I heard a familiar voice shout. "D-don't kill us!" A male voice said. "MOMMY! DADDY! IT'S US!" Rachel screamed. "Rachel?" The voice asked.

I saw Lily and and a man appear. He had medium brown hair, and brown eyes. "Rach!" A couple of kids shouted, running out and hugging her.

"Well." I said. "We've found them."


Sorry for this being so short. I have to go now, but I'll talk to you guys all later :) You guys should totally check out my new fanfiction. It's called 'Misplaced'. Tell me your opinions on it, I love 'em. ;)))

Also @[KayCee K] When I read this lovely girls bio, I noticed a very cool quote. Let me read it for you. *clears throat* "AHEM!"

' "Writers block is just a wall, so be like Miley Cyrus and brake it like a wrecking ball!" '

Enjoy that little extra right there. :) See y'all later!


ALSO: Stay tuned for a contest - it will appear in my 'mumbles'. #swerve.

Shanks :D


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