Night Sirens

Sofie and Emily were just trying to survive the zombie apocalypse, but they aren't going to be able to do it alone - not when One Direction and other people join in on the task.
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3. Saved

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Sofie Davidson - Chapter Three

      "So first were going to secure this house. We'll go out on a food raid because we don't have enough for the seven of us. Only eat food that will not save right now, because then we can use the non-perishable foods later." I said, then looked over at Emily. The boys were nodding. "Then we'll go over to all of your flats later, since I'm assuming they are all within a half hour from here?" I asked. They nodded. "Get food, get water, get any weapons of some sorts, get dogs, and if you do get clothes, only two changes please." I said. "Then we'll set up a camp in this storage room, and we'll call it 'camp' obviously. We will sleep in my room, but a lot of the times in this room too." 

                That was only the first part of my explaining. Basically, right now we are going to secure the house. I'll just say everything as it goes on.

                    I could see Emily and Harry looking at each other like they were in love. I wanted to snort, but I knew that Emily may actually like this boy. But we are no longer in a protected world, where there were no mythical creatures, but a world filled with anger and zombies.

                   I just wanted to protect Emily - she was so close to me. But in Harry's eyes I could see that he wanted to protect her too. I sighed. "You guys stay in here, okay? Just for a second. I need to talk to Em about some stuff, okay?" I asked, looking at the boys. They were all looking down except for Louis and Harry which were eyeing Em and I. "Take a picture, it'll last longer," I said, smirking at Lou. He bit his lip and then looked up at me. "There may be no cameras soon." He teased. I raised my eyebrows, then gave him a smile. "I'll give you credit for that." I said, before pulling Em into my room.

                       "So, what do you want to talk to me about?" Emily asked. "Em, do you like Harry?" I asked, raising my eyebrows again. "Yes, but they are One Direction Sofie! And I think Louis likes you. Do you like him?" Emily asked. "Ooh! You like Harry!" I said, ignoring the Louis thing. "Do you?" Em demanded. "I don't know?" I said sheepishly. "So you do?" Emily asked. "My god, I may soon! But not right now! I don't even know them! Maybe I will later on." I said. "Or maybe I'll like another one." I continued the rant. "I don't like him. I haven't felt anything." I said.

                       Emily looked at me. "Okay, okay!" She put her hands up. "But you will soon, I can see it in your eyes!" She said, walking out and leaving me standing there. I didn't feel anything around him - except maybe a bit queasy in the stomach. But that doesn't mean anything, does it?

                  Suddenly, a zombie groaned and bumped into the side of the house. "Shut the fuck up!" I yelled outside. It looked up and suddenly a big group of zombies came out of the bushes behind it. "Oh no..." I groaned. The boys and Em burst through the door. "Sof..." Em groaned, face-palming herself. "I'm sorry." I said sighing. Everybody got their weapons ready while Gummy began to bark. "Shh Gum," I said, patting him. He wagged his tail and hopped into the closet and began to chew on one of my old slippers.

                              I looked outside on the balcony and then at the stairs leading up to the house next to me. My eyes widened. They could get over here since the balconies were joined together! I whipped my hammer out of my pocket. "Guys, they can get in here!" I whispered, face-palming myself. Why didn't we board up the upstairs windows!

                                          A zombie reached for shoulder and I almost screamed, hitting it with my hammer. It fell off but got back up. More kept coming towards me. "Guys, get out here!" I hissed. Everybody got out and started hitting zombies out of no where. "Abandon the house, okay?" I yelled over the smashing of zombies. Suddenly, I felt something grab my legs. I screamed until I heard the sound of a baseball bat smashing against the creature.

            I turned around to see Louis holding a bloody bat. He bit his lip and nodded. "Thank you Lou." I said, not realizing I had just called him a nickname. He smirked, raised an eyebrow, but didn't say anything. He turned sideways and then smashed a zombie in it's head.

                                   Gasping for air, I grabbed Gummy and everybody jumped off the balcony. Gummy jumped out and I screamed. "Gummy!" He turned around and jumped on a zombie and ripped it's head off. I patted his head and then our group ran to the neighbors car, dodging zombies as we did so. I looked around for the key, knowing that the Jackals' had only took one car - they were on holidays.

              I looked under the rug to see their house key, car key, shed key and storage room key.

          Pulling the car key off the ring, I put it in the ignition once everybody was inside. We sped away from the group of zombies and then in ten minutes stopped where there were only a couple of zombies.

                   "What is that?" was the first thing that I heard. Louis reached for a weird pack of something but instead met my hand. It shocked me - but in the 'love' kind of way. I pulled away and he did the same. 

      "A pack of rotten skittles," I declared, still thinking about the shock. "Ew," Em said. "Yeah," I paused. We began talking about what was back there and afterwards Emily began to speak. "You know, Louis saved Sofie back there." 

                       My cheeks began to redden and I bit my lip again. I'd think it would be bleeding by now - but it wasn't. "Someone got a crush, Lou?" Harry asked, smirking. "Look who's talking! And what would you do? Just let the zombie bite her?" Louis asked. Harry blushed and instantly Em and him looked at each other.

                      "Can I just say Gummy has a pretty good jaw? He's a mean, lean, killin' machine!" Niall said, smiling. We burst out laughing. "Okay, okay," Zayn said. "We should be getting to Liam's house."  He said. I nodded. Liam told me the directions and in no time we were there.

           We could hear barking inside and I saw Liam began to tear up. "He's alive, don't worry," I soothed. He nodded and Gummy got out, barking until Loki got out, followed by two other dogs.

               "Who are they?" I asked Liam as the dogs got inside of the car. "I don't - oh! Wait! They are the neighbour's dogs. Callie and Leah. They are both girls - two years old and a half." The border collies bounced up and down. "Loki's 3 years old and a month." Liam explained. "Gummy just turned 3 years old today." I said, looking at Zayn as he hit a zombie with his crowbar.  

|A/N: I'm changing Loki's age. You would of thought Gummy was a puppy, but he was a dog.|

"Nice," I complimented.

                   "Thanks." Zayn laughed at the zombie who looked like it was having a seizure. It was funny. The dogs were now in the trunk and I could hear one - or two - of the border collies yelping. There was then some banging. "Are they fighting?" Em asked in worry. "I'll check." Harry volunteered. "Okay," I said, trying to see in the rear-view mirror. Louis was in the front beside me, Zayn, Liam, Louis, Niall and Emily in the back. The car was the size of a van and had the seats of a van - it just didn't look like one. It looked like a car.

"They are making love!" Harry exclaimed. "What?!" I burst out laughing.

                                 "Really," Niall said, peering back. "Loki, you naughty, naughty boy!" Liam said in his accent. "Oh my god," I said, bursting out in a fit of laughter. "Gummy - I thought you were innocent!" I said, grinning.

                               "Me too," Em said, before looking at me and giving me a smile.


That was kind of awkward at the end. Anyways, I hope you liked Chapter Three! It was very fun to write :) So what do you think? Do you ship Emarry or Harily? Do you ship Lofie or Souis? Ohhh I like Souis! Sou-Ee! Sou-Eeeee! So-So-Souis! Yeah okay I'm officially on #teamweird ftw.

So comment, like, add to favourites and yeah! That helps me out a lot. Every fan motivates me to write. So fan it up btw! Chapters will come quicker! :)

Anyways, have a nice day! Bye!







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