Night Sirens

Sofie and Emily were just trying to survive the zombie apocalypse, but they aren't going to be able to do it alone - not when One Direction and other people join in on the task.
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7. Saved by Love

Sorry for not updating on Friday, I was doing a lot of stuff yesterday.

Sofie Davidson - Chapter Seven

"Huh?" I asked, following Emily's lead to the door where Gummy was barking at. I opened it, gasping as I saw one stray zombie reach for my head. It grabbed my skull, and pulled me onto the floor. "Sofie!" I heard Sarah scream. The boys got up, and where running over, grabbing my hammer.

I poked the swelled eye of the infected man - swatting his hands away as I tried to get up. I heard Sarah shoot a bullet, but it missed the zombie and hit the floor. "No!" Louis screamed, grabbing a weapon and smashing the guy multiple times in the head. He pulled me away in the process.

I sat down on the floor, gasping as I looked down at my clothes. They were covered in blood. I closed my eyes, and soon saw a hand extending towards me. "Is she bitten?" I heard Emma sob. "No." I said hoarsely. "I would of turned very quickly." I said, grabbing the person's hand. Seeing Louis, I wrapped him in the hug. When I turned around, nobody was there.

My eyes met Louis' as he shut the door, making sure no more zombies were coming in. "Where did they go?" I asked. Louis bit his lip. "Sofie, I love you. I think it's pretty clear that Emily and Harry liked each other, Sarah and Niall, too, I think." Louis said. My eyes sparkled. "I'd do anything for you." A tear slipped down his eye. I kissed his cheek and wiped it away. "Really?" I asked. "Anything." Louis said. "It's hard when I can't see you every second - ever since we met I felt something. That sounds really cheesy, I know. Even if you don't like me, or llove me or-" he blabbered, but was cut off by me kissing him on the lips. Louis' hands wrapped around my waist as he fell onto the bed, dragging me onto the top of him. Our lips moved in sync; perfectly. For a second I thought that zombies did not exist.

We both pulled away, to breath for a second. "I love you too, Louis." I said, smiling like a five year old. "Really?" His face lit up. "Yes!" I giggled, pecking him on his lips. "It's going to be hard to maintain a relationship in a world like this, though," I sighed. "Yeah." Louis said quietly. "But we'll do it. Especially when we get to that hospital. Then maybe, we can save this world." He winked, trying to seduce me. "Lou..." I chuckled, smiling. "Sofie..." he mimicked.

"Oh shut up." I said, throwing a pillow at them. "So Niall and Sarah are together, and Emily and Harry, right?" Louis nodded as I asked. "Okay." I said.

"Let's get going to that hospital. We can round up everybody, get what we need, and transport everything to that bus down there." Louis said, pointing out of the window at a bus. I nodded. "Let's do it." I said, grabbing his hand as we looked around for the others. They were in the room beside us, chatting about things that were completely stupid.

Emily and Sarah raised an eyebrow. I smirked and nodded. They squealed.

"We are dating now." I sing-songed. I heard the wolf-whistles of the boys. "But we need to get to a safe place." Lou said, pecking my cheek. I grinned. "Otherwise known as that hospital. So everybody needs to gather up the supplies and head out to the bus out there. Liam, you take Loki. Louis and I will take Leah and Gummy, and Sarah take Callie, okay?" I asked. Everybody nodded. "Let's go!" Zayn cheered.

The next hour was a blur - until we got out to the bus. We found that luckily, we had everything we need.

As we started the bus, we made sure all the dogs were on, everybody was on, that we had all of the supplies. We began rushing down the roads, sighing at the sights.

"It feels lonely." Niall said, wrapping an arm around Sarah who cuddled into his chest. "Very lonely." Kayla agreed, grinning at Niall. "If that place is full of zombies..." Emily raised an eyebrow. "I don't know what will happen." Harry finished for her, watching as Emily lay her head onto his lap. Harry began playing with her hair.

As always, I was driving. Louis sat in the seat behind me, zoned out in a nap. The drive was very hard - you saw millions of zombies and shops with broken glass and wrecked material. It looked very lonely and hard to survive.

"Are we there?" Zayn asked, peering out the window. "I think were close, mate." Liam replied. "Couple of blocks away." I said, checking the gas tank. "Low." I said, sighing as the engine roared. We went over a bump, causing Loki to bark.

Callie and Leah whined. "I know, girl." Sarah said, getting up and poking Emily and Kayla. They walked over to the dogs and helped them feel more comfortable by adding a few blankets over and under them. "They should be hungry. There's some dog food in the gym bag across from Louis' seat." I said, focusing on the road. "Almost forgot about that." Emily said, walking to the gym bag and heaving out the bag of dog food. They fed it to Callie, Leah, Loki and Gummy.

Soon we were there. "I don't know if this will be bad or good." I said, stopping the bus. "But we are about to find out."



Very sorry I'm not updating very often. I may only update on weekends, sometimes on weekdays if I can. It's hard to update because my brother has hockey that I sometimes have to go too, I watched a cool movie with my Mom yesterday so that's why I didn't update, also I'm playing call of duty ghosts and a lot of other games on my ps4, it's like an addiction so yeah. I'm going to try and update more. Enjoy this chapter. P.S - My brothers like the computer I have because I have a lot of games on here, so they ask my parents if they can have and most of the times its a "yes" when I'm in the middle of a chapter. :/ I know I need to update, so I go and stay on it for another ten to twenty minutes and finish it off, that's why the A/N's are so short. I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter, I spent a lot of time planning and making it.



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