Night Sirens

Sofie and Emily were just trying to survive the zombie apocalypse, but they aren't going to be able to do it alone - not when One Direction and other people join in on the task.
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9. Rachel and Brianna

Chapter nine my lovelies...


Sofie Davidson - Chapter Nine


"That was kind of weird." I said, plopping down on one of the mattresses. "Yeah." Louis said, sitting down beside me. I smiled and closed my eyes as he brought his lips to mine.

The sun was beginning to set, and everybody agreed that they were hungry and tired. "Let's go get food first, then." Kayla said. We all nodded. "I'll look at the guide for how we get there, and how we get food." I said.

Chapter Four - Food

To get food you have to kill a zombie outside. Just one, and we need to watch. Then you get a food of your choice. To go on this 'mission' go to the 'Cafeteria' as we call it, (floor five, room 501) and proceed to a person. They will give you a guard to watch you kill a zombie. Children do not have to.

I read it aloud to the rest of our group. "Seems pretty easy," Zayn said. "I second that." Liam said, getting off of a chair he sat on. "Let's go." I said. Everybody got up and followed me to the fifth floor. There was room 501. We opened it.

There weren't too many people there. There were ten woman, two of which had girls around Kayla's age. I looked at the blonde girl and saw her blue eyes fill with happiness. Everybody looked at us with a smile. "Mommy!" a curly-brown haired girl with brown eyes said, tugging on who I assumed was her mothers sleeve. "Oh!" the woman waved us over. The other woman with the girl got up from her seat and walked over to us, taking the girl, who had dark red hair and green-hazel eyes said.

"Why hello!" The woman, who I read her name-tag and realized her name was Britney, said. She had light brown hair and chocolate-colored eyes. The little girl smiled.

"I'm Brianna." The brown haired girl said. "Rachel. My mom's name is Lily." The red-haired girl said. "Hi! I'm Kayla. Would you like to play while my friends go and get food?" She asked. "Sure!" Brianna squealed happily. "I'd love that!" Rachel said. "How old are you? I'm nine." Kayla asked. "I'm almost eleven, and Brianna's ten." Rachel said. "There is a room for us on floor six, it has lots of stuff for us to do. There are even computers." Brianna said, smiling. "You can go." Sarah said, a grin on her face. Kayla had found some friends!

The other woman said a shy greeting before the two woman turned to us. "They will have fun." She observed as the girls pounced out of the room. "Yeah. Were here because of food?" I asked. "Oh, sorry about that." Lily said. Lily had light red hair and hazel eyes.

"It's alright." Harry said. "Here's a weapon for all of you." Britney said, handing us all a hammer. "Thank you very much." Liam said politely. After they sent two guards out with us, we got to work.

I round-kicked a zombie, throwing it onto the ground. The hammer smashed into it's head. By the looks of it, the zombie HAD been a woman.

Quickly scrambling back in, I observed my friends. Louis dragged the hammer across the zombies neck, sending blood every where. He smashed it in it's head twice, and then walked in. Em had her hammer in her hands, soon smashing it into a crawler's head. Sarah stepped on a zombies head, and disabled it's leg by smashing the hammer on both of them.

That's all I could remember.

"That was good, you guys." The guard, Bill said. He was a frail old man. "Thank you." I replied. "You will be good fighters." Bill said, smiling.

"I bet you are." Zayn said. "Indeed." Bill said, walking us inside as we chose our food from the cafeteria. Everybody chose a ham sandwich. We grabbed a hotdog for Kayla.

We went upstairs to call Kayla in for dinner. "We got you a hotdog - Sarah told you it was your favourite." Niall said, handing her one. "It is! Thanks Ni." She said. I grinned as Kayla took the hotdog. She ate it quickly.

"Can I play with my friends for a bit longer?" She asked. We exchanged glances. "What time is it?" I asked stupidly. Kayla smiled. "I know what time it is! In the kids room it has a clock, and Brianna gave me a watch!" She looked at the watch. "Eight thirty." She replied. "I guess. You need to be back at quarter to ten, get ready for bed, go to the bathroom, and then get in bed at ten. Okay?" Sarah asked. "Okay." Kayla said. "You keep the watch for now - there's a clock in the kids room." She said, bouncing out the door.

Harry and Emily walked towards the second room. "We are going to sleep - don't come in here." Harry said. I raised my eyebrow suspiciously. "They are just going to sleep." Liam said. I wasn't sure if they actually were when I heard a quiet moan that only I could hear.


Hey guys, hopefully you enjoyed this chapter. I'm hungry after writing this. :( Time for lunch.

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