Night Sirens

Sofie and Emily were just trying to survive the zombie apocalypse, but they aren't going to be able to do it alone - not when One Direction and other people join in on the task.
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6. Problems

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Emily Lee - Chapter Six

I yawned when we got back into the hotel. Everybody met up in the biggest room there was, and decided that we switch this to our room, and everybody sleep in it so we are more safe.

Kayla was scribbling in her journal before she ate supper - cold, canned soup. Sure, it wasn't the best thing, but it was better than nothing, right?

We passed the can around. Everybody stuck a plastic spoon in, took a bite, and then passed it to the person beside them. Harry got 3 bites, I got 3, Louis got 4, Niall got 4, Sofie got 4, Liam got 3, Kayla got 5, Sarah got 4 and Zayn got 3.

After that, a lot of us were still hungry, so we broke the granola bar Kayla and Sarah had so that the people that were still hungry got a bar. It still did not satisfy the hunger, but we knew it would have to do. It was going to be hard to find more food, and harder to find some that will last.

"Can I have a drink of water?" Kayla asked, quietly. "We all should." Niall said in his thick irish accent, his eyes flickering to Sarah who was looking at her lap. "Agreed." Zayn said. Sarah looked up, nodded, and took a water bottle out. We passed it around, everybody getting a sip of water. Sofie stood up. "Okay, guys, listen up. We have some problems." She said, before we decided to sleep for the night. Everybody looked up at Sofie.

Liam paused. "What kind of problems?" He asked, patting Loki who was sat beside him. "Food for the dogs." Sofie said, motioning to the skinny dogs - Callie and Leah were pregnant now, so we had to get them a lot of food. "Gas." She said, opening a window and pointing to the parking lot. "Food." She said, picking up the empty can and throwing it out the window. "Water." She said, pointing to the water bottle which was now half full. "Weapons." She said, motioning to her gun. "And, of course, love." She spat, sighing as she sat down. "Love?" Harry asked, his eyes snapping to meet mine. "Yes. I can tell, Harry, I'm not blind. You and Emily like each other... Sarah and Niall like each other..." she paused, and everybody began to blush. "And... Louis and I..." Louis looked at her. "Like each other." He finished, his lips twitching into a grin.

Everybody blushed again. "Okay, seriously though," Sofie said, pausing for a couple of seconds. "When we get out there. We will get dog food, gas, food, water, weapons and other needs. Okay? I also think we should get out of here. The zombies may not see very well, may not be that fast, but they are deadly. I also heard of bombs on the telly before we left. I didn't tell you guys though." Sofie sighed. "And this is near one of the places they are going to bomb. There is a safe spot though, St. Mary's Hospital. We are going to go there after we get everything we need." Sofie said, laying her head onto a pillow that lay on a blanket on the floor.

Everybody agreed and then we all went to sleep. Soon after it was morning and we woke up to empty stomachs.

"I'm starving." Niall said, patting his stomach. "Me too." I agreed, as we all sat up. Harry gave me a peck on the cheek and I grinned. "You missed." I told him. "I missed what?" Harry asked, confused. I tapped my lips. He smirked and pressed them against mine.

"Get a room," Sofie said. "Sofie!" Sarah hissed, pointing at Kayla. "Oh, sorry." She said, gulping.

I pulled away, my cheeks red with embarrassment. "Eat another can. This time, you get what you get." Sofie tossed two cans out of it. Instantly, Niall and Kayla grabbed one. Everybody tackled Niall except for the girls who went over to help Kayla open it. I used a knife to open it. All of the girls got 7 bites well the boys were still trying to open it. "Need help?" Sofie asked, grabbing the hand from Harry. She jabbed a knife onto the top and cut the metal off. She grasped the metal, which sliced her finger slightly. "Crap." She said, reaching in her pocket and grabbing a Band-Aid. After she got one, she put it over her thumb. "You okay?" Louis asked. "Yup." Sofie said, throwing the can to Louis. He quickly put the plastic spoon in and gulped it up. "Share!" Niall said, grabbing it. I grinned and then turned to the girls. Callie was whining and Leah was asleep. Loki and Gummy were sniffing around the hotel room.

"Woof!" Gummy barked at the door. "What is it?" I asked, getting up.


Hey guys, um sorry for it being short but I barely got a turn. I have to go now or I will get in trouble. Bye ~Cady.


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