Night Sirens

Sofie and Emily were just trying to survive the zombie apocalypse, but they aren't going to be able to do it alone - not when One Direction and other people join in on the task.
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2. One Direction

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Emily Lee - Chapter Two

   "A-are you... One Direction?" I managed to choke out. I had forgotten about the zombie world outside, so I just stood there in shock. Meanwhile, Sofie didn't seem to care. "Whatever, I mean five people?" She rolled her eyes. "One Direction, Sofie," I said softly, walking forward. Harry bit his lip. "You aren't zombies right? Or... going to be." He said them softer than I had, but with more fear. I came back to the world, and then shook my heads. "We were close to though," Sofie said, locking the doors and looking for something. "Hammer, nails, wood, can you look for that? Then we can go up to my room and chit-chat." Sofie said in a confused voice.

               Liam looked at the rest of the boys. They were looking down. "Where are they?" Zayn asked, suddenly snapping to attention. "Probably in the basement. Here's a bat. Clear any zombies out." Sofie said boredly, handing Louis and Niall a bat. "Okay...?" Niall said, eyeing it suspiciously. "It won't kill you, ya know." Sofie said sarcastically. We heard moaning and banging on the door. "Hurry!" Sofie hissed. I took the back door and Sofie took the front. "Why are you so mean to them, Sof?" I asked. Sofie glared at me. "Emily, who cares about them? If they were five freakin' boys from our school, you wouldn't give a damn. Yes, okay, I may care for them later on, but right now I don't even know shit about them!" Sofie's words stung me.

                  "Okay then." I mumbled, opening the door to push a zombies hand out of the way. "Emily!" Sofie screamed, glancing at her door and then running to mine and holding it. I ran to the front door since there were less zombies on it, and Sofie was stronger.

                I whipped my brown hair out of my face. It was straight, and even though it was up in a bun, it was falling into my face. Sofie, on the other hand, had curly hair. Naturally curled, though.  

             Soon the boys came back. Sofie groaned. "Thank god!" She said. "Start patching up the windows and me and Emily we get these doors." She instructed. We evened out the supplies and then soon the windows and doors were boarded up. We grabbed food, water, and all the other useful supplies in the living room and kitchen, then went upstairs. We had forgotten about Sofie's dog! The poor thing was still locked up in Sofie's room! I hoped he was okay! The little German Shepherd, Gummy, was very cute! He was a boy with a spunky personality.

                      As Sofie and I seemed to think the same thing, we held our breath as we traveled into her room. We let are breath out in relief to see Gummy playing with a chew toy like nothing ever happened. He looked at us, wagged our tail, then sniffed the boys hands. "Who's this?" Liam asked. "Gummy," Sofie and I replied. We all pet Gummy quickly and organized weapons for each other. Louis and Niall had the baseball bats Sofie the hammer, Liam and Zayn had a crowbar, and Harry and I had a butcher knife.

                        Liam broke the silence by saying. "I have a dog." Quietly, he took his iPod out of the pocket of his jeans. "Loki, a husky," he said quietly. "H-he is still at my house - in my bedroom. I'm going back there if we can," he said. "We are." Sofie said strictly. "No animal gets left behind. Or human, in any matter. I love animals." She said. I agreed.

So we broke out telling facts about each other and all of that stuff. Louis said that they had been chased by zombies to Sofie's house, and that their families are safe. They had been evacuated but they couldn't fit Louis, Niall, Harry, Liam or Zayn on any of the planes.

  We told them OUR story and they thought it was interesting.

                           The zombies had seemed to have bugged off to somewhere else so I said to the boys quietly - "Can you get out of here for a second, please? Sofie and I have to change." I said politely. They nodded. "Umm, I have another room just around the corner. We can't stay here too long, we'll stay here for a week, starting today, and that will be the room you sleep in. There are 1 long stretch of mattresses on one side of the room. Sofie and I would stay in there for sleepovers and bounce around and stuff. It was fun. And there is a TV, books, laptop... charge the laptop though so that if the power goes out it will be charged for a little time." Sofie said. The boys nodded and went out.

         Sofie and I began to change into more suitable clothes. I, into a pair of comfortable black stretchy 'yoga' leggings, a grey 'You Obviously Love Oreos' shirt and pulled my hair back in a ponytail. I changed into warm, fuzzy socks, grabbed a sweater and then looked at Sofie. She had changed into black sweatpants, a black shirt that said in black letters 'FTW' on it.

"You ready?" I asked as Sofie grabbed a black sweater. "Yeah, let's set everything up... we better get set up for the night." Sofie said.

Nodding, we headed into the boy's room to talk to them.

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