Night Sirens

Sofie and Emily were just trying to survive the zombie apocalypse, but they aren't going to be able to do it alone - not when One Direction and other people join in on the task.
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10. Morning

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Kayla Miller - Chapter Ten

I was up really late last night. In the room next to us I think that Harry and Emily were eating some yummy food. Or something like that. Because they were moaning a lot! It was also very loud, I hears some screams. I thought they had found zombies or something but everybody said don't look in there, while laughing. They wanted them to die? I had shook the feeling of zombies off in the morning.

I was woken up from my daydream by Sofie. "Good morning." She said, smiling. I noticed in her hand she held a water bottle and a plate with bacon, eggs and toast.

"That looks yummy." I said, licking my lips. Sofie smiled. "Everybody's still getting the food. Since I was first, I picked up your food. I didn't know what you got, but it's a good thing you think it looks yummy, because I got you the same!" She said, the smile still on her face as she handed me a plate. 

My eyes widened, and I hugged her. "Thanks Sofie." I began to eat my food as she sat down next to me, crossed-legged on the floor. "Your welcome." She said after chewing a piece of bacon. "Harry and Em are aright, by the way." Sofie told me.

"Kind of boring, huh?" Sofie said, flipping her brown hair behind her shoulder. I agreed then I gobbled the rest of my food up. "Can I go play with my friends Sof?" I asked. She grinned. "Yeah. Sarah said that whenever you want you can. Bye Kay." Sofie said, before standing up and placing her now empty plate on the dresser.

I walked over to my suitcase and grabbed a clean outfit. I slipped it on - white shirt with a rainbow heart, and some skinny jeans along with my favourite colour ever! My lime green converse! Along with my undergarments - of course.

Sofie was looking at the guide book when I peered back to say one last goodbye. "Bye Sofie, I'm going now." I told her, slipping a hand in my pocket. "Alright." She said, looking up and then back to the page. 

Opening the secured door with one of the keys, I headed out in the hallway and to Brianna's room first. She greeted me with a smile as she came out of the door. Her curly brown hair was in a ponytail, and she had on a purple shirt with a dog on it and white jeans. "Hey! I have dogs. They are downstairs in a locked room. Wanna play with them?" I asked. Brianna grinned happily and squealed. "Are you kidding me? Y-E-S! Yes! Let's get Rachel first, though." She said, grabbing my hand and pulling me to Rachel's room, which wasn't too far.

"Hey guys." Rachel grinned. Her red hair was in a braid that came over her shoulder, and she had on a pair of black yoga pants and a black hoodie that had a cool R on it. I looked down and saw that we all had converse shoes, just different colours; Rachel had blue ones, and Brianna had red ones. 

We explained about the dogs and soon enough, were downstairs. We laughed and played.

"That one's cute. Are they going to have puppies?" Rachel asked, pointing to Callie. "Yeah." I said, petting Gummy and Loki as Brianna swooned over Leah. "Oh! Can I have one?" She asked. Brianna then said "Me too! Me too!" excitedly.

I looked at their happy faces. "Sure." I told them. "But you have to keep them safe from zombies." I said. Brianna sighed. "I miss my dad. He went out to get supplies yesterday. He's coming back tomorrow." She said. My throat was clogged with spit as I felt steamy tears threaten to spill out of my blue eyes. "My parents are still alive, what about you Kay?" Rachel said, turning over to me. "My mom and dad are dead." I said quietly, a tear spilling out of my eye. "Oh! Kaylee! I'm sorry." Brianna and Rachel hugged me.

"It's okay guys." I said, wiping my tears.

Before anything else could be said, there was a scream.

 Chapter ten guys! Hope ya'll enjoy, sorry for the 2-day wait, I'm trying to update alot more. There will be more uploads tonight, probably.

Here is a picture of the girls!

Kayla (But with blue eyes):



Bye! :) 


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