Night Sirens

Sofie and Emily were just trying to survive the zombie apocalypse, but they aren't going to be able to do it alone - not when One Direction and other people join in on the task.
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12. Lost or Found?

Chapter twelve my pickles! (Sorry, but that isn't changing ;) That's my nickname for y'all!)


Sofie Davidson - Chapter Twelve


After we hugged each other, I explained what had happened.

"The door had gotten opened by some stupid guard and a bunch of zombies began hoarding in. We locked the doors, but it's not safe here anymore. A lot of people already got mauled, but some didn't, and they are the lucky, brave and smart ones." I told them. "Are we?" Kayla squeaked. Liam nodded. "We sure are."

I pulled out one of the guns that the 'receptionist' had given me. I sighed in relief. It wasn't that good - only a pistol - but it was better than nothing, and one of the few guns I knew how to use.

I looked around the dull room, and saw that everybody had a weapon, except for the children who only had scalpels. That was okay though, we could take care of it.

The only sound that I heard was the pat of feet as everybody followed me. I guess I was kind of like a leader, but not really. Everybody just seems to follow me, and it's better that way then have some douche lead it. There aren't any in this group, so I guess were okay, but... yeah.

I opened up the door to the room where the kids had once found each other, (the girl kids, at least) and heard some breathing. "It's okay, we aren't bitten." I heard Harry say as we shut the door. "Thank god." The familiar voice said. My eyes widened. "Mommy!" Brianna screamed, running to the figure who had emerged with a man and a small little girl. She was sucking her thumb. "Anna!" the little girl screamed happily. She ran for her sister and the four of them hugged each other. The little girl had very light brown hair, almost dark brown and green eyes. She had her sister's face. I smiled at the little family.

The man, who I'm assuming was their father, had light brown hair ad green eyes. Looking at us, he gave us a curt nod. "Thanks for taking care of our Brianna," he said, with a small smile. "We have to get out of here, but first we need to find Ray's family. Mother, father, and two twins along with a little boy around Bailey's age." He pointed to the girl that was squealing with joy.

Feeling a smile creep up on my face, I blushed. "It was no problem. Only a few minutes." I said, my eyes flickering to Britney's. I then heard a pound on the door. "Zombies." I whispered, taking one small look at Britney's wet face that was overflowing with tears; both happy and sad.

Britney reached in her pocket. "Just a sec." She said.

"Got it." She pulled out a long hammer. "My gun's over there; it's just a double-barrel shotgun." She motioned to a table with a gun over on it. Zayn reached for it, and gave it to the lady. They gave each other a small smile.

The man dug in the closet for a minute or two. "My name's John, if your wondering." He said, after pulling out a long crowbar. We exchanged names and then told the kids to get back. "But I can help." Rachel said. "I'm sure you can, honey, but right now it's only the adults." Britney said softly, opening the door up once the kids were far away. Luke gulped as he pushed the girls back.

"Three." "Two." "One." I spoke, opening the door. A zombie staggered in, and grabbed John's leg. He screamed, and smashed the crowbar to it's head. The zombie moaned as blood spurted out of it's head. I finished it off by stepping on it.

I heard the bang of my pistol go off as I shot two zombies in the forehead. Niall pushed a zombie back, hitting it with a hammer. It cracked the weak skull, and the zombie fell to the hard floor.

Louis wrapped my arms around me as he shot three zombies. I kissed his cheek before shooting another one. Britney double-barreled two zombies that were close together. Harry threw one to the floor, charging in victory past Em and smashing it threw the forehead like a caveman. I giggled. Sarah then disabled a zombies legs - her signature move - and sliced it's neck off with a knife. The rest of us finished the zombies off, with no one getting hurt.

Luke spoke up. "You guys are awesome!" He said, wiping his half-bloody hands on his jeans. "Thanks." I said, a smile on my face.

Now all we had to do was find Rachel's parents... can we?


Hey guys! I hope that my uploads are doing alright :) I'm just a bit busy, but things are getting a bit calmer. So sit back and enjoy this chapter my loves, because there will be LOTS of drama soon. :) Enjoy the calmness while you can.

If there is any.

Bye! ~Cady



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