Night Sirens

Sofie and Emily were just trying to survive the zombie apocalypse, but they aren't going to be able to do it alone - not when One Direction and other people join in on the task.
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18. Happy Birthday

Chapter eighteen.. Kyla's currently one year old!



"Happy birthday to you-" one of the youngest dogs, Shep, woofed. "Happy birthday dear Kyla... happy birthday to you!" The group sung to the little girl. Her curly brown hair was now surprisingly down to her shoulders, and her green eyes seemed alert.

Shep walked over to Kyla, and gave her face a lick. Kyla giggled, and stumbled back. It was Kyla Styles birthday today - she was turning one year old.

Everybody in the whole 'zombie' protection thing was here. It turns out, that the boys family was here. It was a happy time, indeed.

Sofie laughed as Kyla toddled over to Daisy, and tried to jump on her back. The black and white dog turned around and licked Kyla's hand. Kyla fell off, her curly hair falling in her face as she did so. Today, Kyla had on a pretty white dress with a yellow bow and yellow dots all over it. Her hair had a yellow bow, safely securing a bun on her forehead. She had on cute little white socks, along with yellow flats.

"Present time, Ky." Harry said, picking up his daughter. "Da-da," she said, licking his nose. "I Sep." She tried to say Shep. Everybody burst into laughter, but not for Harry. He just smiled. "You are not Shep." He whipped the saliva off of his face and then sat her down on his beautiful girlfriend, Emily's lap.

She smiled. Kyla picked up a bag that had little presents. She had lots of them, too.

The first one was from the boys. It read:

Dear Kyla,

I know you can't read yet, so I made this letter short. Happy birthday princess! You look just like your Daddy, and your Mommy, a bit. Just kidding - a lot!

Love the boys.

Inside the wrapped present, there was a Dora chair along with a cute pink bunny. Instantly, Kyla sat in the chair, hugged the bunny, and then tore at the wrapping paper.

Harry got her a cute play pony, which she named 'Boo' and a 'stick pony'. Sofie got her a couple of bows for her hair, and a doll which she named "Sarah" surprisingly. Kayla made her a picture of a kitten with help from her friends and got her a small, but still cute, plush kitten. Emily got her a little musical book, which every time you turned the page, it made a cute sound. She also got her a blue pillow that had purple and pink hearts all over it. There were lots of other presents, but those are just a few.


Omg guys! Sad to say that chapter twenty will be the LAST chapter! Until then, everything will be written in 3rd-Person! I hope that you liked this book!





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