Night Sirens

Sofie and Emily were just trying to survive the zombie apocalypse, but they aren't going to be able to do it alone - not when One Direction and other people join in on the task.
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15. Good or Bad News?

Chapter fifteen's just around the corner ;) Good or Bad News?


Emily Lee - Chapter Fifteen


As the girls and I walked out of the little room, I gulped. I could feel the baby. Right now, I was wearing a baggy black 'Treasure Island' long-sleeved shirt with gray jogging pants. My feet adorned some pink converse.

The boys looked at us. "Guys, we have some great news." Sarah spoke. I gulped again. This could not be happening. No, no, no, no. I was going to have a baby? In a zombie apocalypse? Not now... but soon.

"What is it?" Niall asked, shooting her a grin. God, they are very lovey-dovey. Harry and I used to be, but not much anymore. I hope he still loves me... if he ever did.

Harry's eyes flickered and met with mine, and I felt like I could read his mind. His eyes were widened, and a hand was clasped over his mouth.

A tear went down my face. "Uhh, if it's good news, why is she crying?" Zayn asked. The girls looked over to me. "I don't think that she thinks its good." Sofie said. "Anyways, Em's pregnant!" Sofie cheered. "Oh my god!" Liam said, a grin on his face. "And if we figure out a way," Harry said, a harsh frown on his face, "we are aborting the damn thing." 

"Thing? Harry, it's a baby. Why are you so pissed? You are the father! The only negative about this is it's in a zombie apocalypse. But we are pretty safe right now!" Louis said angrily. "Yeah, mate, you are not aborting the baby. It's up to Em, since you obviously hate the baby." Niall said. 

I bit my lip and began to cry. "Stop fighting, please. I'm keeping the baby, and Harry, if you didn't want to be a father, you could of said so." I said, running into my room and sliding the lock over it.

Despite everybody's cries and knocks on the door, I just sat there, sobbing my heart out. 

Maybe I'm just not good enough. Or maybe this is a dream. A never ending nightmare.

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