Night Sirens

Sofie and Emily were just trying to survive the zombie apocalypse, but they aren't going to be able to do it alone - not when One Direction and other people join in on the task.
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5. Curse

Here's chapter five, inspired by Curse by Imagine Dragons!

Sofie Davidson - Chapter Five

As we pulled up to a house, we saw an old man and woman being eaten by one of those things along with a little toddler and a young woman, who I assume were their daughter. I wanted to cry. Some peoples say there worse day ever was when they were yelled at, but truly, this was the worth day. My eyes filled with worry as I watched Sarah hug Kayla who was on the verge of tears. Everyone piled out of the car. Zombies were all over the place, and I thought that we shouldn't of did this flat thing. It was kind of worthless, what's the point? Unless there's nothing special we really didn't have to come.

I shot a zombie in the head with the shotgun, quickly reloading it and calling everybody back into the van. Everybody shot back in like a bullet, closing there doors as fast as they got in. "It's hell out there," Sarah said, hugging Kayla tightly as the young girl shivered. "It's like a curse..." Kayla whispered. "When there's no more room-" she hesitated to say the next words. "When there's no more room in hell, the dead start walking earth." She said, gulping. No one said to stop using bad language, but what was the point? It really did feel like that. It all made sense.

"This is really bad guys, I don't think we should continue the house thing." I said, sighing. "Me neither..." Liam said, a tear rolling down his face. "This will be tough, but I promise we will make it." I said, looking at everybody and into their eyes. My throat felt clogged up as we shot through the pile of zombies. My eyes closed for a mere second and then opened again as I drove, trying to get out of this dark and cruel town. Zombies would spread everywhere. There was no place to go. We were alone.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw pretty much everybody crying. It was hopeless, why try to survive in a world that just wasn't worth it anymore? As badly as I wanted to die, I knew that we had to keep fighting through this cruel world. It seemed like everybody's world was crumbling.

"Don't cry guys! We can't give up!" I said, my voice getting louder as we finally got out of the city. As we drove by more zombies, a pained thought hit me. "Gas..." I whispered. "What was that?" Zayn asked. "Gas!" I said a little louder. "Oh no..." I heard someone whisper. My vision got blurry and I soon realize I was crying. "We can't go out there." I said, my voice just above a whisper. "Don't cry, love," I heard Louis say, patting my back. "You just told us not to cry, and now a beautiful lady like you is crying." He said, his thumb taking the tears away.

As I pulled over on the side, I sighed. "Can someone else please drive?" I asked. "I need a nap."

Soon, there was a reply from Niall. "I'll drive," he offered, climbing into the front seat. I switched into the middle of the van, between Louis and Emily. My head soon found it's way to his shoulder as my eyes closed and the van started up again.

* * *

"Wake up love, we need your help," I heard a soft voice whisper, shaking me slightly. "Louis?" I croaked, my groggy sleep voice barely audible. "Yes." Louis said. My eyes shot open and I gave him a hug to realize we were not in the car anymore. And it was night time.

My eyes wandered over the room. The only person inside was Louis. It looked like a mini room - maybe a hotel room? I looked up at Louis for an answer. "Were at a hotel. We finally managed to find a small town. There were barely any zombies except for a few in and out of the hotel." He explained. "We share a room now." He said, almost proudly.

I was going to object, but I realize that I didn't care. I yawned, stretching my arms as I sat up. I saw a mirror, a bit cracked in the corner, and looked at my reflection. Messy hair with leaves all over it, scratches, dirt and bruises covering my body. My clothes were all ripped, my bra showing a lot. I covered the spot where it was with my hands, and then looked at Louis. "Are we safe?" I asked. "Yeah, we got on one floor and boarded everybody's room up. Strange hotel, all the rooms are connected. The doors downstairs are all boarded up too. We have furniture and everything surrounding it. There is no balcony in any of the rooms that we got - like I said, weird hotel huh?" He asked.

"Sure is." I replied, trying to comb my hair with my fingers. "That's no use, love. But if you like, we can go out and raid some shops? Walmart's just across from us." Louis said. I nodded, and we opened the locked door to the others rooms, and then everybody headed out. We went out a secret exit at the top of the building, and since we were on the highest floor, it took us no time. We climbed down a ladder at a side.

As we headed into Walmart, I heard Kayla stop. "Wait, guys," she said in her tiny and sweet voice. "Shouldn't we check for zombies before we start raiding?" She asked. "Uh... yeah." I said.

We raided the shop and the only zombie anybody encountered was me. A crawler that was half dead. I smashed its brains it with the tip of the gun. No point to cause any noise, the zombies could try and attack us.

We all met up at the front of the shop and split up into groups. I decided it was time to get with the girls. We had a lot of girl shopping to do.

"Hey guys!" I said as I gave all the girls a hug. It felt like I hadn't seem them in forever. "Hey!" Emily said, returning my hug. "Girl shopping, alright?" I said. Sarah nodded her hand. I looked at Kayla for a second.

We swayed through the shops, taking necessities, like stuff for our periods, brushes, perfume, and other stuff like that. After we were done we met back at the hotel.


Okay I really gotta go now, so this will be really short. Yeah, I listened to Imagine Dragons while writing this. I'm in trouble for taking so long so bye!



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