This is about Lacey and how she had to change her life because of what happens to her parents dose she have to hide for ever find out.


1. the past

Five years ago I witnessed my parents murder. The guy saw me standing in the corner. He started walking to me he kept getting closer I saw the shinny knife he just stabbed my parents with. I was still in Shock from what just happened I could not move. he was right in front of me. Than he stabs me in leg I fell to the floor and screamed in pain. he went to stab me again I moved out of the way then got off the floor and ran to the closest way out of the house I was running as fast as I could. But my leg hurt so bad and I felt like it was going to fall off. Just as I stared to walk I heard foot steps they sounded like they where right behind me so i ran a few more house down and ran up the steps and started banging on there door it seamed like a hour before someone answered i run in and says I say I'm coming in. The gut with very cute curly hair just stairs at my leg. " what happened to your leg" he asked I just stared at it and started crying "I'm am taking you to the hospital now"he said "NO he is going to find me" i did not want him to find me "ok? We'll how about you start by telling me you name"he said "ok I am Lacey and you are "i said still crying over my leg "I'm Harry! I think I go get rap so we can fix your leg I'll be back " I was still processing what just happened when he finally came back with the things to rap up my leg

*10mins later*

(We where now sitting on Harry's couch)"I was just wondering why you barged in my house"

"The person who stabbed my leg was following me and he was right behind me so I went to the closest house"

Then we heard the guy out side "I will find you someday and finished what I started"the guy yelled like he knew where I was

I told Harry I need to leave his house and thanks for every thing

That he did and hopefully I could see him again

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