A Crack in Her Plans

This story is about a girl named Emma traveling through different worlds. She does this because the lives of her family members rely on her. Along the theoretical road, Emma meets some unlikely characters that she thought were only stories...


2. The Middle

After awhile of shopping for things she needed for the party, Emma was searching for a present for the twins. While Emma was driving around in her '67 Chevy Impala, she noticed that one of the stores that was usually open, had its blinds pulled.

The store was called: Speedy's Sandwhich Bar & Cafe.

She parked the car before walking up to the front door. She had a strange feeling about this. The lights where obviously on but it seemed like no one was home. She sighed, the owner of the store was a friend of hers so Emma knew it would be fine if she went around back.

As Emma walked around back, she noticed a strange police box in the ally. She thought nothing of it and just kept walking. Once she came around back she tried opening the back door but it was locked.

"He should have... A key..." She murmurs to herself. As she glances around she notices a stone in the wall slightly out of place. "There."

Emma smirks before pulling the stone out of the wall and grabbing the key from inside the hole left from the wall. She replaces the stone before unlocking the door and walking inside.

She entered a small storage area before walking through a door and into a kitchen. Emma sets her bag down on the counter, brushing off her shorts and hang-off-the-shoulder sweater. She peers through the window that looks over the restaurant. When she looks she sees multiple men in there.

Three of them stood in a little group, one really tall, one short with great hair and the other with a long coat. Across from them where two men, a really tall one with black curly hair and a blue scarf warped around his neck and a short man next to him who looked like he was from the army.

The last two people in the room were a black haired girl with a cooky looking man next to her. The man wore a bow tie, suspenders, and a tired look on his face.

They were all having a heated discussion about something, so Emma tried to listen closer.

"Dean, you can't be serious." The tall lanky one in the group of three said to the short pretty eyed one named Dean, apparently.

"Listen Sammy, we need to figure out how to solve all these problems. In this universe it's all different. There isn't anything supernatural, Cas can't use his powers," Dean points at the man in the light brown over coat, "The Doctor can't fly us out of here," Dean points at the cooky bow-tie man, "and Sherlock is too stubborn to accept that we are in a parallel universe!" Dean snaps, pointing at the curly haired man.

Sam sighs, running a hand through his hair and Sherlock remains silent. The Doctor looks at the girl beside him, "So, Clara, you want to try to fly around and figure things out?" The Doctor asks and she shrugs.

"Ehh, I kinda want to stay here." Clara says smirking, "there are a bunch of good looking men here. I think we can stay here." Sherlock rolls his eyes before something catches his eye and he turns in Emma's direction. She just kinda stands there behind the counter before waving slightly.

Sherlock blinks before nudging John. They share a look before Sherlock glances back over to where Emma was. She had moved and picked up her bag which had her phone in it. She looked through the many messages from the twins and her other family members.

When she turns back around everyone was standing in the door way and she just stares at them all.

Dean was the first one to speak. "Who the hell are you?" He asks, moving his hand to his back pocket.

Emma knew that move, it was the 'going-for-my-gun' move. "Hey, careful now, your not the only one who holds a gun." She says, hoping they don't call her bluff. All she had in her bag was a shopping list, a few essentials, her keys, and a book.

Dean looks her up and down before the Doctor walks in. "Hello there, I'm the Doctor." He says, and Emma nods.

"Doctor what?" Emma asks, raising an eyebrow. The doctor grins, "I love it when they ask that question, it's so much different than who." He says, looking at the others.

"I'm Dean and this is Sam." Dean says, pointing at himself than his brother. "This is Cas." Dean points at Cas who was standing a bit behind them all. "That's Clara and those two can introduce themselves." Dean says pointing at the girl before waving at the other two.

"Now, who are you." Dean says, narrowing his eyes at Emma.

"Um, I'm Emmaline Rose. Nice to meet you all." She waves. Sherlock was looking her up and down, before glancing at John. John sighs and smiles at Emma.

"Hi, I'm John Watson, and this is Sherlock Holmes." John says, holding out a hand. Emma takes it, looking at them a bit strangely.

"Either, your parents are obsessed with Doyle or... What you were talking about is real. I highly doubt that though." Emma says waving them off. John gives her a strange look, "what do you mean? Who's Doyle?" John asks and Emma looks at him crazily.

She walks over to her bag and pulls out the book which was a Sherlock Holmes novel. She hands it to John before the Doctor snatches it away. "Listen, in this world... Things are not as they seem. Here, John you could be a story, Sherlock too. Sam, Dean, and Clara may not be alive and I may not even be a story. And one of gods angels, Cas, may have never came down to earth." The Doctor explains.

"Wait, you had me up to God's angel." Emma says, shaking her head. "God... Doesn't exist. Well, I don't think so anyway." She says confused. "Bloody hell... I'mma faint..." She says, leaning back against the counter.

"Careful now Emmaline-"

"Don't call me that!" Emma snaps, cutting John off. "No one... Is allowed to call me that... Just call me Emma..." She says, sighing and running a hand through her hair.

"Ms. Rose..." Sherlock starts, catching Emma's attention. "How old are they turning?" He asks, raising an eyebrow.

"Ten." She says simply, not even bothering to ask how. Sherlock twitches, "are you not going to ask how I made that assumption?" Sherlock asks with a straight face.

"Why should I when I already know you used the power of deduction. You probably noticed the flour on my shoe laces and the gift wrapping in my bag. It's not that hard." Emma shrugs and Sherlock stares at her. He says nothing, Sam and Dean just look at each other before John drags him back into the room.

"I have to go home. I'm sorry. I just... Have to go." Emma says, picking up her bag before running out of the back door. Sam starts after her but the Doctor stops him. "Give her some time. She will play a big role in this story." He says and Sam nods before going back into the big room Emma found them in.

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