A Crack in Her Plans

This story is about a girl named Emma traveling through different worlds. She does this because the lives of her family members rely on her. Along the theoretical road, Emma meets some unlikely characters that she thought were only stories...


3. The Journey Begins

As Emma drives home, she thinks over what she had heard. The party was due to start any minute now. She comes to a stop light and slams on the breaks, cursing as objects fly all over the car floor. She sighs, running a hand through her hair. Emma still had to find a gift.


Once the red light turned green Emma drove into a stores parking lot. She parks, locks the doors, before she runs inside. She finds a few things before paying and running back outside. When she approaches her car she spots a few people around it.


"Ahh, my baby!" Dean yells, patting the hood of the car. Emma rolls her eyes.


"If you idiots don't get away from my car I will call the cops." Emma yells, walking up. Sam looks at her before smiling.


"Hey, it's been like, what, thirty minutes since we last saw each other? I missed you!" Sam says sarcastically. Emma gives him a look before walking over to the drivers seat and getting into her car.


"Hey, hold up." Dean says, walking over to the door. "I have a question-"


Emma cuts him off, "I'm 5'7, 22, Taurus, I like strawberry ice cream, and sleeping." She fake smiles at dean before starting up the car and driving off. Dean watches as she goes. He grins, "I like her." Cas gives him a look before shaking his head. The three head back to the Café.


Emma arrives back at her home, walking inside and quickly wrapping the gifts. The party passes by slowly, hugs are shared, kisses are given, and Emma just stands off to the side watching it all pan out. She was sitting on the couch about an hour in when a man and a woman catch her attention.


"What a lovely house. It's not as big as the TARDIS though." The Doctor was standing with Clara, looking around. Emma sighs, shaking her head before just watching them. Clara spots Emma and goes to sit down next to the girl.


"Sorry for just barging in like this." Clara says, smiling at Emma. Emma shrugs, not really caring. The two sit there, watching the Doctor socialize with everyone. "He's very talkative. He doesn't know how to be quiet half the time."


Clara begins to ramble and Emma just listens. "You, you're from London. You're parents are no longer alive, you have been through a lot with this man, and you have been splattered. You are not yourself." Emma cuts Clara off mid-sentence, staring at the Doctor. Clara sighs and smiles.


"You sound like Sherlock." Clara says quietly, before looking at the Doctor. The two intruders stayed till the party ended and Emma began to show them out. When the three reached the door there was a crash from the kitchen. Emma looks around before running into the kitchen and looking around. There was a crack in the wall that was closing up.


"Oh no." The Doctor says, looking at Emma then back at the wall. "This is not good, not good!" He says, rushing into the living room. Emma stares at him, chasing him.


"What the HELL is going on?!?!" Emma screams. "Arthur?! Merlin?!?!?" Emma shouts, calling out for the twins. "Aunt Janet?!?! Uncle Jensen?!?!" She searches through all of the house, not finding a trace of them.


"Doctor!!! Where the hell is my family?!!!" She shouts, running down stairs and grabbing him by the bow tie. He throws up his hands, "they were taken! I don't know by who but I think we may be able to find them!" Emma releases him, "you better get my fucking family back or else your head will be hanging on my wall!" She hisses.


The Doctor nods, "come along then. I need your help to get to the next world." The Doctor holds out his hand but Emma just walks past him. "Let's go you idiot." Emma says, walking to her car. She opens the doors and the two travelers get in the back seats.


Emma drives back to the cafe, parking and then getting out. The two follow and Emma walks straight into the cafe.


She looks at the strangers in the room, examining their faces. "I want my family back. You all, are going to make this happen." Emma looks around at them all.


The Doctor walks in, "alright, Emma. I have no idea what to do so I'm just going to let my TARDIS do all the work!" the Doctor leads everyone outside and into the police box. Emma looks around and everyone watches her.


"Hmm, very nice, I love the design." She says simply.


The Doctor grins, "she loves the design!" He says to the others. Sherlock rolls his eyes and John just shakes his head. "Alright, so, Emma, put your hands on the dash and let's see what happens!" The Doctor says.


Emma does as she is told and looks around. She freezes before her body begins to move on its own. She pulls levers and twists knobs before the TARDIS lurches forward into motion and twirls off into space. "And away we go!!!!" the Doctor yells, grinning.

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