A Crack in Her Plans

This story is about a girl named Emma traveling through different worlds. She does this because the lives of her family members rely on her. Along the theoretical road, Emma meets some unlikely characters that she thought were only stories...


13. Spiders Aren't Supposed To Wear Latex (Part 5)

For the next four days Emma works with the samples she is given. The progress was slow and Harry checked on her. She got slight results when he told her and this slowly began to work out. On the fifth day Emma hadn't showered so that's what she went to do. It was her last day she could be here and she needed to find a way out.

Emma had found a cure, it caused the white blood cells to multiply and it targeted the virus that had attacked Harry. She sighs, wondering how she should ask the guards to let her shower. Emma stands, stretching. She had barely moved in three hours and her body was stiff. Emma walks over to the door, opening it and peering out "I want a shower." She states bluntly, looking at the bulky guards. They nod, leading her down a hallway before opening the door to the bathroom. She walks inside looking around and examining the room.

It was a plain white color like everything else. There was a shower, a dresser with clothes, a sink, a toilet, and other regular stuff. After a decent length shower, she gets out, drying off and choosing some clothes from the dresser. She slips on a pair of jean shorts, a black tank-top and a light blue cardigan. Her old clothes are put into a bag before she locks the door. Somehow, someway she had to get Jensen. She spots an air-duct before crawling inside. She had heard the guards talking about what room he was in and, luckily, it was on the same floor as her.

After crawling in the ducts for what seemed like forever, she finally found a spot that was safe to get out of. She swings out if the ducts, landing in a crouch before looking around. The hallway was empty and she couldn't hear anyone coming so she sprints down the hallway, trying to find the room her Uncle was in.

It only took a few minutes before she found the room, easily hacking into the system and going inside. The room looked like a waiting room with a bed. Jensen was sitting in a chair, staring out the window. Emma coughs, drawing his attention. She puts a finger to his lips, motioning him to the door. He stands, nodding before following her out the door. It took them only moments to reach the elevator. They climb in, hitting the first floor button. The elevator made Emma's stomach drop as they go down.

The elevator was quick, luckily, and they got to the bottom floor easily. She glances around, keeping her head low as she walks out. Jensen follows, doing what she was doing. Suddenly, yells rise up and Emma takes off in a run towards the doors. Jensen follows just behind her, sprinting outside and down the street, disappearing down the street.

Back in the lab, Harry storms in, looking around. "Dammit! How could you let her get away?!" Harry shouts at the guards. He ignores them before looking at the place where Emma's lab coat was left. There was a vial and a note on the counter. He picks up the note, reading it:


This vial contains the antidote to your disease. Sorry for running out like that, maybe you can call me sometime when you're less pissed. On the vial there is the formula for the antidote and how you should take it. I wish you the best of luck, Harry Osborn.

XOXO, Emmaline Rose

Harry stares at the vial, his mouth hanging open. Her number was scrawled on the paper and he folds it up, shoving it into his pocket before taking the vial. "Call up the scientists. I want this duplicated, now!" He yells, and one guard rushes off. Harry sighs, sitting down and running a hand through his hair. He pulls out his phone, plugging in the number before sending a text. He gets back to work, letting the things go back to normal.


Emma and Jensen get back to the TARDIS, panting as they walk inside. The Doctor looks at Emma, grinning, "well, I'm glad you found him! Just in time too!" The Doctor looks at Jensen before pulling out a watch. He slips it onto Jensen's wrist before pushing a few buttons.

"This will send you home, but it only has enough juice for one trip." The Doctor explains, looking at Emma, "I'll let you two say your good byes." The Doctor begins to walk away before turning back around and adding, "for now."

Emma nods before looking at Jensen. She shrugs, "one down, three to go." She hugs Jensen, who hugs back before releasing the embrace.

"Thank you, I'm surprised you didn't leave me. I'll miss you, for now." Jensen smiles and Emma pats him on the back,

"Don't worry, it won't take too long to gather everyone together." She smiles, looking at the watch, "well, you should go. See you later, uncle." He smiles, nodding.

"See you later, shorty." Jensen adds and Emma pushes a button the watch, sending him off before looking at the Doctor. Sherlock and John, who haven't down much in the past week, where standing behind him with Clara.

"Shall we?" The Doctor says, grinning like a fool. Emma nods, pulling a lever and setting them off to another unknown world.

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