A Crack in Her Plans

This story is about a girl named Emma traveling through different worlds. She does this because the lives of her family members rely on her. Along the theoretical road, Emma meets some unlikely characters that she thought were only stories...


10. Spiders Aren't Supposed To Wear Latex (Part 2)

Emma walks into the TARDIS, looking around. Clara was back but Sherlock and John where still out. Clara and the Doctor where chatting, not paying any attention to the green eyed girl. She looks down at her dirty jacket before taking it off and tossing it over a railing.

She then looks over at the two chatting before calling over to them, "I'm gonna go shop for some clothes!" Clara waves her off and Emma walks outside and looks around. She had on jeans and a tank-top. She knew that people would probably stare or call her indecent, but she didn't really care.

The streets were busy, people walking to work, normal traffic in the street. Across the road were a few shops, but Emma decided to walk down the street a bit. A little ways down was a clothing store, Clothes & Things. She hurriedly crosses the street, people beeping at her as she crosses. Once she gets inside she sees clothes all over the place. It was full of cheep clothes, like Plato's Closet cheap.

She was looking around when she hears a familiar voice. "Come on, Aunt May. Why do you want to shop here?" She looks up, seeing Peter Parker with a older woman, apparently Aunt May.

"Oh hush now! I needed advice on clothes." She waves him off and Peter sighs looking around. Emma ignores them, continuing to shop for clothes. Peter notices her as she pulls out a light pink hang off the shoulder sweater. She didn't really care for pink, but it was cute. Peter says something to his aunt before walking over to Emma.

"Hey, you're... Emmaline right?" He asks and Emma glances at him before dropping the sweater over her arm.

"Just call me Emma." She picks a pair of shorts off the rack before walking to a different rack, Peter following behind.

"Alright, Emma." He watches her pick out some more clothes. She then walks over to the changing room to try stuff on.

"Do you have some questions for me, Peter?" She asks, calling out to him while she changes. He stands there when she comes out, wearing the sweater and the shorts, modeling in the mirror. Emma shrugs, not really caring.

"Um, kinda. Like, how do you know who I am? More or less what I am." Emma tosses out the sweater and he catches it while she decides on how to answer.

"Well, there are many ways I know you." She tosses the shorts out, "I've seen you in the paper, your body type is similar with his, you're also an idiot." Emma comes out dressed in her own clothes. "Your vocal signatures are the same as the 'amazing' Spidey." She takes the clothes from him before waking to the register and checking out.

"Those papers where out two years ago..." Peter says, watching her closely.

Emma looks back at him, "wait, that wasn't his first time fighting the Rhino?" There was no way.

"No, there have been several occasions that they have fought." Peter follows her out of the store. They stop on the street, letting people pass by as they stood there. Peter pushed up his glasses, running his right hand through his hair and shoving his other hand in his pocket.

Emma does the mental math, "then right now you are twenty-one." She smirks, "let's go get a drink and we can talk some more." Emma spins on her heel, walking towards a pub. It was about 5 in the afternoon so she should be fine drinking.

They walk inside, not many people where in there. A guy was in the corner with some of his friends and a man was at the counter sipping on a beer. Emma walks up to the counter and sits in the tall chair before ordering, "coke and whiskey on the rocks." The bartender nods before beginning to mix her drink.

"I'm gonna need to see your ID." The bartender says. Emma shows it to him and he nods, handing it back to her, "anything for you?" He asks Peter and Peter shakes his head. The bartender nods before going back to making Emma's drink.

"So, she's been gone for two years already?" Emma asks, the bartender sliding her her drink. She catches it and picks it up, sipping on the drink. Peter nods, staying quiet. She sighs, "she was a cool chara- person, cool person." She corrects herself, making Peter look at her strangely.

Peter sighs, ordering a beer, "she was amazing."

Emma nods, sighing, "this got depressing real quick." She mutters and Peter laughs softly, agreeing. "So, has the goblin got out yet?"

Peter nods, "yeah, he got out because he appeased to the court and they found him mentally sound." Peter scoffs, "he was my best friend... Now he's my greatest enemy." Peter had a look of anger mixed with hurt in his expression that made Emma want to hug him and tell him everything would be alright but she refrained.

Emma finishes off her drink and orders a water, "well, I'm trying to find my family. I'm not having much luck." She admits, sighing. Her eyes have a sad look in them but her face stayed neutral.

Emma and Peter just sit there in silence. They stayed that way for about ten minutes until a couple of people walk in. Emma glances over, seeing a face she should recognize but at the same time doesn't. Peter glances over before hiding his face with his arm. Emma looks at him and he mouths 'Harry'.

Emma looks over and stares, not really caring if he notices. Emma looks over at the people with him, noticing another familiar face.

Uncle Jensen.

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