A Crack in Her Plans

This story is about a girl named Emma traveling through different worlds. She does this because the lives of her family members rely on her. Along the theoretical road, Emma meets some unlikely characters that she thought were only stories...


1. How It All Started

It was the day of the twins birthday. They where turning ten and Emma was currently making breakfast and trying to prepare food for the party. She was rummaging through the kitchen searching for the ingredients. It was early in the morning, around six am actually. The twins wake up early, but Emma had gotten used to it.

Emma had acquired her mothers shortness, but her fathers strong features. She had blondish-brown hair and bright green eyes. The twins on the other hand where tall and lanky, with black hair but the same green eyes as Emma. They where almost taller than 5'7, 22 year old Emma.

She had gotten out the onions and put the butter in the pan. It was melting when Jensen walked in. The twins where sitting at the table, patiently waiting for the food to be ready. Jensen sat down at the table and looked up.

"Get me a beer." He grunts, slouching in his seat. Emma could practically smell the alcohol on him. She looked at him, he had been out since 8 am the previous day. She shakes her head, an amused, kinda disgusted look on her face.

"You are a COMPLETE jerk!!!! You have no idea how to be sensitive and I'm surprised Auntie Janet even married you!" Emma yells before pouring the unions into the pan of melted butter.

"How am I not sensitive?! I'm the most sensitive person alive!!" Jensen, Emma's uncle yells.

"Sensitive?! Ha! You make me laugh! Your an ass!!" Emma yells back. The twins where used to the yelling due to how this was how it was almost every weekend. They also know that Aunt Janet would be up soon. Emma pulled out a coffee cup and made sure the coffee was brewing.

"You were out all night, the day before the twins birthday." She pours eggs and cheese in with the onions. "You have no idea how hard it is on Aunt Janet!" Emma says, quoting their grandmother.

After a few moments of silence, Aunt Janet walks through the door. Emma hands her a cup of coffee before putting the egg mixture into bowls and handing them to the twins, Aunt Janet, and Jensen. After that, Emma pulls a medicine box from inside one of the cabinets. She hands Jensen a few pills before putting it back.

"Now then, I'm going to the store to pick up a few things. Stay out of trouble, and Aunt Janet, I need you to make the cake." Emma says, and Janet just nods, waving her niece away. Emma nods before walking into the hallway and pulling a skeleton jacket off of the coat rack.

"I'm going!" She calls before slipping on her shoes and heading out.

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