A Crack in Her Plans

This story is about a girl named Emma traveling through different worlds. She does this because the lives of her family members rely on her. Along the theoretical road, Emma meets some unlikely characters that she thought were only stories...


14. A Murder Most Foul (Part 1)

The TARDIS stops moving, shortly after taking off. Emma had gotten used to the movements so she didn't fall this time. Sherlock and John were already at the door, probably hoping that it was their world this time. The Doctor and Clara remain in the TARDIS, tampering wit a few things while Emma follows the two men outside.


It was about the middle of the day, but it was hard to tell however due to the fact that it was raining. The streets were deserted except for a few people rushing too and fro, trying to get to where ever it is they are going. Sherlock and John were hurrying down the sidewalk, Sherlock's coat collar was pulled up against the rain and John was just, John. Emma looks around, looking at street signs.


"Baker Street." Emma smirks, "Home sweet home, right boys?!" She yells, turning around only to find the two had disappeared down the sidewalk.She sighs, following after them. Sherlock was pulling out a set of keys when she caught up to them, "Hurry up! It's pouring!" She still had on the shorts, tank-top, and blue cardigan. Those clothes were not appropriate attire for a rainy day and she was already soaked to the bone. Sherlock finally unlocked the door, letting Emma and John inside before following and closing the door behind him.


"Oh! Who could it be this time! I told you that I haven't seen the two in-" an old lady turns the corner drying off a platter. She takes one look at the three travelers before dropping the platter. "Sherlock!!!" She yells, hurriedly walking over to him, "You look like you just came out of a sewer! Oh, come in , come in! Don't want you to catch a cold when you just returned!" The old woman ushers them into the flat and up the stairs. John and Sherlock go to change and Emma just stands in the door way, not wanting to drip on the carpet.


The old woman comes up the stairs, finally seeming to notice Emma, "Oh! Heavens me! Forgive me for not noticing you before! I'm Ms. Hudson, their landlady! And you are...?" The woman, Ms. Hudson, holds out a hand which Emma takes, shaking lightly.


"Emma, it's nice to meet you." Emma removes her cardigan and Ms. Hudson takes it, "I'll bring you a towel and some clothes shortly so just wait here." The kind old woman hurries down the stairs, leaving Emma in the door way. Sherlock comes out of his room in a fresh shirt and trousers. He tosses Emma a white button up shirt, "You can wear that for now." He walks into the kitchen and Emma nods slightly, before going into their bathroom. She slips out of her wet tank-top and slips on the button up, rolling up the sleeves.


After a few minutes of trying to figure out whether or not she should remove her shorts, someone knocks on the door. "I brought you some clothes!" Ms. Hudson calls, "And a towel! Couldn't forget the towel! Just hand me your wet clothes and I shall wash and dry them for you." Emma opens the door, taking the towel and clothes Ms. Hudson offered her. The wet clothes are handed over to the landlady before Emma closes the door. Ms. Hudson had brought her a long, black skirt and a white tank-top. Emma slips on the skirt before removing Sherlock's shirt and slipping the tank-top before putting his shirt back on.


She ties the end of the shirt with a hair-bow so that it tightens around her hips. After she is dressed, Emma walks out to see John sitting in a big chair, reading the newspaper and Sherlock on his laptop. Sherlock glances up at her, before going back to his laptop. John was on the phone with someone named 'Mary'. They were having a slightly heated discussion when Emma hears someone open the door downstairs.


"Is he here?" A older mans voice could be heard down stairs.


"Yes, him and John just got back." Ms. Hudson replies quietly. Foot steps are heard coming up the stairs and Emma sees a man there, slight grey in his hair and a weary look on his face.


"Lestrade, I can't say it's nice to see you again. this means you have a case for me, correct? and judging by the way you hurried here and the mud splashed onto you pants, and grease on your hands, your car broke down. so, this must be important." Sherlock looks up, watching Lestrade.


"Lestrade, Greg Lestrade? Inspector for Scotland Yard?" Emma looks at Greg who just glances at her before turning back to Sherlock.


"There's been a murder..." Greg starts, but Emma finishes, "A murder most foul."

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