A Crack in Her Plans

This story is about a girl named Emma traveling through different worlds. She does this because the lives of her family members rely on her. Along the theoretical road, Emma meets some unlikely characters that she thought were only stories...


8. A Little Dirt Never Hurt (Part 5)

They all begin to trudge on, going as fast as they could, and struggling against the wind. Emma was about to blow over, but Dean catches her before pushing her forward.

"This is some full metal Alchemist crap!" Dean yells, talking to Emma as he shields his eyes from some floating débris. She looks at him before laughing. Dean looks confused, "what are you laughing at?! This is serious!"

"I know! I just find it funny that you made such a geeky otaku answer!" Emma yells back, yelping and ducking down as a large tree branch is flung at her head. The large group began to approach the clearing where the light was coming from. Above their heads, Sam could see the harpies circling around the light, like they where trying to cause some sort of whirlwind. A little ways away Bobby could see all the people, standing there mindlessly as they wait.

The person who was casting the spell wasn't noticeably anywhere, but they had to find out who it was.

"One way to stop this is to mess up the magic circle! Another way is to get the person who is saying the incantation to stop!" Sam yells, glancing at Emma. She nods in agreement, her face grave.

"This shit is annoying." Emma mutters, barely audible above the wind. Sherlock and John where standing a ways back. The Doctor and Clara where ready to help as they stood there. Castiel was standing off to the side, looking around. He notices someone before motioning to them and pointing.

"There." Cas says, pointing at a man clad in a black robe. His (or hers) face was unable to be seen very clearly. "We need to stop him. Sam, Dean, you two need to make a distraction. Emma, you help them." Cas gives the orders before disappearing.

"Well then!" Emma yells, thoroughly annoyed. "Come in you two, I have a plan!" Emma begins to jog, well, it was the speed of a walk because of the wind, but she was trying.

"Well what's this plan?!" Dean asks, following her. Sam gives some directions to the others before following as well.

"We need to shoot down those harpies!" Emma looks around for something.

Dean pulls out a shot gun, "will this do?!" He asks and Emma looks at him. She takes the shot gun, checking for the bullets before cocking the gun and aiming it at the closest harpy before firing. Dean blinks, "Why would you do that so suddenly?!" Dean yells, looking at her like she was crazy.

There was a loud screech and down comes a harpy, a home clearly in it's wing. The other two harpies that where circling stopped and looked at their fallen sister before looking at Emma. She makes a 'come a get me' hand signal before taking off running. "Good luck!" She yells at the two guys before sprinting off into the woods.

Sam's mouth hung open, and Dean looked like he was in shock. The two love harpies flew after her, screeching angrily. The two brothers snap out of it before look at the spell caster. He was watching them, temporarily stopping the spell.

Sam and Dean stare back, beginning to head down the hill and through the moat. They where back in that empty, lifeless town. They begin to approach the man cladded in black. The man watches the two brothers approach.

"You need to stop this! You're wasting innocent lives!" Dean yells, watching as the man visibly sighs.

"You two are complete bafoons." The man removes his hood, revealing a familiar jackass. "Hello, boys." Crowley smirks at them and their jaws drop open.

"Crowley! Are you insane? Why are you doing this?!" Sam yells, glaring at the king of hell like he stole Sam's jello.

Crowley chuckles, "You can say I missed you boys. Or you can say I was bored without Rocky and Bullwinkle." Crowley smirks and waves a hand. All the people disappear and the harpies appear over head, Emma clasped in their claws.

"Holy sweet baby Jesus!!" She yells, squirming. The harpies drop her right in front of Sam and Dean. Emma groans and looks up as the harpies disappear.

"So, what do you want Crowley? You were going to sacrifice hundreds of people just to find us, and I want to know why." Sam was pissed and he glared at Crowley.

"Well, for one thing, those weren't even people. Another thing, I need your help. Someone or something is trying to crack purgatory wide open." Crowley looks at Sam and Dean then down at Emma who was just laying there, watching them. Crowley shakes his head, "who is this girl anyway?" He points at Emma who stands up, brushing herself off.

"I'm Emma." She says simply, "and I want to leave." She looks at Sam and Dean, annoyed. They nod, agreeing with her.

"Well then, get rid of all this and maybe we can talk." Dean says, lightly pushing Emma and tugging on Sam to come on. They didn't know where Cas went, or if he even knew about all of this.


Later on, actually a few days later, the TARDIS was all charged up and ready to go. Sam, Dean, Cas, Bobby, and Crowley had discussed what was going on. Emma didn't really care, however. She just wanted to find her family and get home.

Sherlock and John where just as anti-social as Emma had expected. The Doctor was talkative and Clara just stood out of the way, hanging hot with Emma every now and then.

"I feel like this was extremely invigorating," Clara starts, sitting down next to Emma, "and then it all just stopped and now it's reached the calm point, where nothing's happening and we are about to head home." Clara says, glancing at Emma as she nods her head in agreement to what the British girl said.

The Doctor looks around at everyone before standing, "well, we are about to head out. If you three want to stay you can... But we need to find our worlds." He looks around at the brothers and Cas. They look at each other before nodding.

Dean stands up, shaking hands with everybody who wasn't staying. When he got to Emma he gave her a hug, "it was nice meeting you. I hope you find your family." Dean releases her, smiling slightly. Sam comes around and does the same thing except he shakes hands with Emma.

"I dislike how tall you three are." Emma says, looking at Sam, Dean, and Cas, "but, it was nice meeting you three." She smiles and they smile back. Everyone had taken up residence in Bobby's small little house. Now, everyone was headed back to the TARDIS to load up.

John and Sherlock waited in the TARDIS while the others say their good byes. The Doctor smiles at Sam, Dean, and Cas, "It was fun while it lasted boys." The Doctor shakes their hands, "till another time." He walks into the TARDIS, Clara following behind, and leaving Emma outside.

"Well boys, is was nice while it lasted, as bow tie just said. I'll come and visit... Maybe." Emma smirks and hugs them all before climbing into the TARDIS. She closes the door and the Doctor grins at Emma.

"Let's get going." The Doctor grins and Emma nods. This time, she knew what to do. She pulls a few knobs, twists some more knobs before pulling a lever and setting the ship in motion, onto the next world.

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