A Crack in Her Plans

This story is about a girl named Emma traveling through different worlds. She does this because the lives of her family members rely on her. Along the theoretical road, Emma meets some unlikely characters that she thought were only stories...


7. A Little Dirt Never Hurt (Part 4)

Emma and Sherlock sit outside of the TARDIS due to the fact that they don't have a key. About thirty minutes after they arrive at the TARDIS, Sam, Dean, and Cas show up yammering about some strange tornado. Emma sighs, "Yeah, I know, it happened to us too." She mutters, standing up with the help of Dean.


"Where are the others?" Dean asks, and Emma just shrugs.


"They haven't come back yet, apparently." She says, giving him a look. "I don't really know what those tornadoes were, and I don't know where we are, but maybe once the others get back we can talk about it." Emma brushes off her pants before looking at the others.


"Well, we know where we are." Sam says, walking up to her. "We are on our world."


"Well, that's good to know." Emma mutters, looking around. "But, as far as I know, we are no closer to finding my family. They are my main priority. I also need to figure out how the hell all this happened and who caused it. It was nice traveling with you while it lasted."


"Who pissed in her cornflakes." Dean mutters to Sam and Emma gives him a look of annoyance. No more conversation is shared between the five people until Clara walks through the trees.


"Good to see you all here." Clara walks over to them, three people following behind her. Bobby spots the two brothers, walking over to them.


"Sam? Dean?" Bobby looks at them before pulling the brothers into a bear hug. "I thought you two idjits were dead." Bobby wipes his eyes, pulling away.


"It's good to see you too, Bobby." Dean says, clasping the older man on the shoulder and smiling. Sam agrees, nodding and giving the older man a hug.

Emma stares at them before sighing, "I think the tornadoes could be caused by something called a harpy." She stares at the hug fest going on between the three men. Cas was just standing off to the side looking awkward even if he didn't show it.

Sam nods, rubbing his chin thoughtfully, "it's possible. I mean, they are known to make whirlwinds. They also snatch up people who Zeus has found to have done wrong doings of sorts." Sam nods and Dean looks at him like he's a geek before shaking his head and looking at Bobby.

Bobby nods, "that is definitely a possibility." The Doctor was listening quietly, for once. Clara glances at him, slightly worried.

"So, you all think, that it's a harpy? Like, the half bird half chick thing? Why would they want to cause all of this?" Dean asks, crossing his arms over his chest and giving them a 'I don't believe you' look.

The Doctor nods, "I can understand what you are saying. Harpies are known as 'the hounds of zeus', they do his bidding by punishing those who have done something wrong. But, why would they be capturing people all willy nilly like this?" He looks around at everyone before his eyes land on Emma.

Emma looks at him before sighing, "it's possible that a human has some how taken over the harpies and are now using them to kidnap people. Maybe for something bigger like..." Emma stops, beginning to think. The Doctor nods, "what do you think this many people could be used for?" He asks, and Emma looks at him, her face grave.

"There are many different spells that lives could be used for. Some call for animals... Others... They call for humans. The life of a new born, the lives of many, those types of things. There is, two things, in particular, that could however be the object that this person or being could be making." Emma looks at the Doctor, and he nods.

"Indeed, they could either be casting a huge spell, or... They could be making a philosophers stone." The Doctor looks around at everyone, only the Doctor, Sherlock, Emma, Sam, Castiel, and Bonny seems to know what that is. "The philosophers stone is used mostly in alchemy, it can brig people back to life, kill people, and the law of equivalent exchange is avoided."

"It is also known to cause immortality." Emma stares at everyone. They look at her, "I did, a research paper on it; back when I was in middle school." She shrugs, "but who would be stupid enough to actually attempt it, sacrificing so many people for such a little thing."

Everyone stood there in silence for a little bit, contemplating the possibilities. Suddenly, a bright, red light shoots up into the sky. Clouds roll in, beginning to swirl around the light. Emma curses, "Doctor! How are we going to handle this?!" Emma yells over the roar of the wind which has everyone's hair in a tizzy.

"We need to stop that spell! We can't let people die for no reason!" Sam yells, beginning to head towards the red light, hoping that he could make it in time.

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