A Crack in Her Plans

This story is about a girl named Emma traveling through different worlds. She does this because the lives of her family members rely on her. Along the theoretical road, Emma meets some unlikely characters that she thought were only stories...


6. A Little Dirt Never Hurt (Part 3)

A ways away, Clara was looking around and trying to figure out where she was. Even though the place they were at was obviously populated at one point in time, they had yet to find any people what so ever. After walking for what seemed like an hour (but only turned out to be thirty minutes), they finally spot a car parked in the shade. John walks over to the car and touches the hood. It was hot, but not because of the sun.


"I think someone lives here." John states, looking around. There were foot prints in the dirt leading up to a small house. John walks up to the door while Clara goes to get the Doctor who was looking around. John goes to knock on the door before it swings open, revealing a man pointing a shot gun at him. John puts up his hands, slowly backing away from the man who steps closer. The man with the shot gun had a baseball cap on, a plaid shirt over a reddish one, and jeans. He had scruff on his face and a hard look in his eyes.


"Who the hell are you?" The man asks, watching John closely. Behind the man, John could see a line  of salt bordering the door. There was actually a lot of salt, bordering the windows, and doors all around the house.


John focuses his attention back on the man, "My name is John Watson... And you are?"


The man looks over John before pulling a canister out of his back pocket. He splashes some water on John before lowing his gun, "Well, you're not one of those damned demons it seems. My names, Bobby. Bobby Singer." Bobby holds out his hand and John takes it, shaking.


"Those two over there are my friends. The girl is Clara and the man goes by the Doctor." John explains and Bobby raises his eyebrow.


"Doctor who?" The man asks, setting his shotgun down before the Doctor runs up to him.


"Just the Doctor! Nothing more, nothing less!" The Doctor and Clara shake Bobby's hand while John introduces them. Bobby invites them in, telling them not to mess up the salt or anything drawn on the ground. While they walked in, the Doctor didn't seem too worried about the strange markings on the ground so John and Clara didn't worry about it either.


"So, what's that on the ground?" Clara asks while Bobby makes coffee.


"That, little lady, is a demon trap." Bobby hands her a cup of coffee, "It traps demons so we can interrogate them or send them back to hell." Bobby passes out two more cups to the other men before sitting down with his own. "So, what brings y'all to this town?"


"Well, we are trying to get home. We are travelling with five others who are searching around for others who live here." Clara explains while the Doctor wonders around. The room they were sitting in had a couch and a chair in it, along with a TV, and books and papers scattered about the floor. Salt was layered on the window sill and in the doorway. The Doctor was in the next room over, examining some books and files. "So, what happened here? Where are all the people?" Clara asks, looking back at Bobby and sipping her coffee.


Bobby sighs, leaning back in his chair, and tries to think of a way to explain, "Well, you wont believe me if I told you." Bobby stares at Clara, letting his coffee get cold.


"Try me." She challenges, holding the coffee tightly in her palms. Bobby sighs, knowing he's not going to get out of this one. John just quietly sits there, watching them both and making sure the Doctor doesn't destroy anything.


"It was something called the Croatoan virus. It's a demonic virus that infects humans and makes them murderous zombie-like creatures. It is spread through blood-to-blood contact and afterward... Everyone who was infected disappears..." Bobby stands, walking back into the kitchen to pour out his now cold coffee.


"Like... The people who disappeared and the only clue they found was Croatoan written on a tree." Clara says, remebering some things from history class. Bobby nods, setting his cup down.


"So, who are these other five people you are with?" Bobby asks, raising an eyebrow at John who was telling the Doctor to sit down.


"Oh well, There's Sherlock, Emma, Cas, Sam, and Dean." Clare counts her fingers, making sure that she counted them all. Bobby's eyes widen.


"They're alive?" He murmurs and Clara looks confused. "Take me to your friends." Bobby demands and Clara nods, standing.


"Why? Do you know them?" Clara asks, walking out of the house, the three men following suit.


"Yeah, those idjits better be ready." Bobby says, following Clara back to the TARDIS.

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