A Crack in Her Plans

This story is about a girl named Emma traveling through different worlds. She does this because the lives of her family members rely on her. Along the theoretical road, Emma meets some unlikely characters that she thought were only stories...


5. A Little Dirt Never Hurt (Part 2)

The tornado whirled after the two who were trying desperately to get away. Emma looked for an area like a ditch or a depression in the ground. After a few minutes of frantic running, Emma finally realizes that the wind had stopped. She slows down before turning and looking behind her. The tornado was gone and there was nothing to prove that it was even there.

"Damn..." She mutters, looking around. It was completely clear, nothing strange in sight. Sherlock just stood slightly behind her, watching her closely.

"Ms. Rose... I do believe that the thing we just saw was never really there." Sherlock states blandly, watching her with his cold blue eyes. Emma glances at him.

"I'm 22 years old... There's no need to add the Ms to my name." Emma states, just as blandly as Sherlock. He just states at her, wanting to find a comeback but drawing a blank. "Come on, let's return to the group." Emma walks past him, striding down the dirt path. Everything was calm, eerily calm.

Once they returned they saw that the others had already left. Emma shrugs checking the time. It had only been 30 minutes and they had about 10 hours before they had to meet up again. She needed to tell them about what happened. Fast.


The brothers where walking around an abandoned town, Cas following not far behind. The shacks where randomly placed around the town. Sam had made a promise to John that the two groups would meet up on the edge of the town in a few hours. The group consisted of Sam, Dean, and Cas. While the other group consisted of the Doctor, Clara, and John.

Currently, the town was just a jumble of wood and dirt mixed in together. A moat surrounds the town, seeming to be keeping something out. What that something was the boys couldn't tell. Sam thought the town looked familiar. He couldn't tell why. Dean was a little ways away with Cas who was following the eldest around like a lost puppy.

"Hey Sam?" Dean calls, snapping Sam out of his daze. "Doesn't this place look familiar to you?" Dean calls, looking at Sam. Before Sam can reply a wind picks up and the sky above darkens to a almost black color. A funnel cloud begins to open up above, coming down a few hundred feet away from them. Dean stares before grabbing Cas by the coat collar and dragging him to the moat before jumping in and landing in the shallow water that pooled at the bottom of the moat.

Sam runs over to the moat, the wind from the landing tornado whipped his hair around and tugged at his clothes. He jumps into the moat, landing in the water, and putting his back against the wall of the moat. He can see the trees being whipped around and sticks flying around. Suddenly everything gets calm and the sky goes back to being a bright blue. Sam stays there for a few more moments before he stands and looks around. His eyes just barely peered over the edge of the moat.

The tornado was no longer there. It was gone as quickly as it came. The only evidence that it was actually there was the destroyed house it had landed on in the corner of the town.

"What the hell was that? That was no Tasmanian devil!" Dean yells, his hair a tousled mess. Sam just shakes his head, having no idea what that was.

"Well, I at least know where we are now..." Sam climbs out of the moat, before brushing himself off and helping Dean and Cas out. Once they were all out of the moat and brushed off Sam looks at Dean. "Welcome home, Dean."

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