A Crack in Her Plans

This story is about a girl named Emma traveling through different worlds. She does this because the lives of her family members rely on her. Along the theoretical road, Emma meets some unlikely characters that she thought were only stories...


4. A Little Dirt Never Hurt (Part 1)

"Damn, that hurt." Dean groans. It had felt like forever before the TARDIS had finally shuddered to a stop. Everyone was laying on the floor, either groaning in pain or from the jostling of the TARDIS. Well, almost everyone. The Doctor and Castiel where standing. Castiel was just staring at everyone strangely, and the Doctor was hopping around excitedly.


"Come along everyone! Let's go see where we have landed!" The Doctor squeals, his eyes sparkling like a little kid in a candy shop. Emma stares at him, sitting on the floor. She shakes her head before noticing a hand beside her. She looks up seeing Sam standing there.


He smiles down at her, "Well? Are you going to take it or am I just going to have to stand here all day?" He questions, raising an eyebrow. Emma takes his hand, standing, and smoothing out the wrinkles in her sweater.


"Thank you." Emma replies blandly, glancing at him before looking at the Doctor who was opening the door to the outside world. Sam nods slightly, watching her before looking up at his brother who had walked over and clasped him on the shoulder. Dean smirks at Sam slightly before following everyone outside.


"Hmm, well, it looks like earth." The Doctor looks around, Clara at his side and looking around with him.


"How long will we be here this time?" She asks and the Doctor shrugs.


"I'll figure that out later... But for now! Let's explore!" The Doctor grins, beginning to walk away. Clara sighs before directing her attention to everyone else.


"Alright! So! Everyone, meet back here at-" She checks her watch, "7 o'clock! It is currently 8 in the morning so you all should know to come back later tonight. Please be punctual and stay in groups." Clara gives the orders in her thick English accent before following quickly after the Doctor. Emma sighs, looking around. She hears the boys behind her chatting about so she decides to go over to join them. They continue to talk, not really noticing her.


Emma was beginning to get annoyed before something caught her attention. To her left there seemed to be a little dust tornado, type, thing. She believed they called them 'dust devils' or something like that. It blew off down a road to her left, seeming to compel her to follow. The boys, seemingly unable to stop jabbering, kept on what they were doing and not even noticing that she had wondered off.


Sherlock was the first to notice, him being the quieter one out of the 5 of them. His light blue eyes wondered around before spotting her. Sherlock glanced back at the men before slipping off and falling into step beside her.


"Are you following that?" Sherlock asks, already knowing the answer but wanting to make conversation.


Emma glances at him, not at all surprised that he had been the first one to notice her absence. She returns her attention to the little dust could before shrugging, "Why should I give you an answer when you most obviously know it?" Emma didn't really care how a supposedly 'fictional' character felt about her, she just wanted to find her family and return home.


Sherlock didn't answer, but instead he flipped up his coat collar and shoved his hands into his pockets. They continued to follow the little dust cloud for a few minutes, slowly losing sight of the TARDIS and the others. The Road they where walking down was a simple dirt road, trees lining the sides, and tire indention's in the dirt.

"Well we know one thing..." Emma states after a seemingly never ending moment of silence.


Sherlock looks at her, raising an eyebrow, "And what would that be?"


"This place is populated." Emma points at the tire tracks in the ground and the clear road. "If it wasn't there wouldn't be tire tracks nor a road. This road is man made, not just some random, clear pathway we 'happened' to find while wondering around."


Sherlock nods slightly. The girl was beginning to annoy him. He was usually annoyed by simpletons and, well, annoying people. But, this girl, she was intelligent, but blunt and a horrible companion to accompany on a walk. Emma glances at him, seeming to read his mind before shrugging. Sherlock looks away quickly, scolding himself for staring at the girl too long.


The dirt devil stops and Emma stops along with it. Sherlock raises an eyebrow when he sees the girl begin backing up. He turns his head towards where the dirt devil was, not seeing anything. The wind was picking up and Sherlock could see the wind was picking up dirt with it.


"Sherlock... We should run." Emma says, backing up more. He raises an eyebrow before she grabs his arm and shouts, "I said run!"


Emma takes off running dragging Sherlock behind her. He glances back, trying to figure out what she was running from, only to see a tornado swirling behind them!

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