Kiss me meanwhile

Maia is a fourteen year old teenager that soon will be brainwashed. Supremes have in my mind how to create love and Maia will be the key that changes every prediction. Who will help Maia on her adventurous journey?


18. Walls


Bip bip. Bip. Bip bip.


I open my eyes. I´m laying in a hospital bed with next to me a small machine that has attached some wires that link my nose to them. Probably I´m wearing an oxygen mask. I incorporate to end up seating in the bed with the legs crossed. I’m wearing a long purple dress that has a patch on the shoulder that says: Purples propriety. I look at my wounded arms and then at my hands. They´re clean with some plasters on four fingers. I look at my left pinky. I don’t have my nail, it’s gone. I don’t start to wonder how´s that. I just feel surprise that it doesn´t hurt. I touch my finger. Will it grow again? I ask myself.


I start to look around the room. It’s not a usual hospital room. The brightness coming in from the large enormous window distracts me. How long have I been sleeping for? My bed is surrounded by the table and another bed. This bed is empty, without sheets, blankets or pillows. I continue to observe the large walls hovering me. They are pale, smooth, white and perfectly cleaned with no spots. There aren´t pictures of references around to locate myself on Bolly. I decide to stand up, to reach the door not really far from my bed. Before doing so I look once more at the empty bed, expecting to see him, to see Bob. He isn´t there.


Struggling though I remove the oxygen mask, I feel dizzy; I’m I´m not feeling…


Bip bip. Bip. Bip bip.


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