Kiss me meanwhile

Maia is a fourteen year old teenager that soon will be brainwashed. Supremes have in my mind how to create love and Maia will be the key that changes every prediction. Who will help Maia on her adventurous journey?


10. Think. Listen. Reply


As soon as I reached home I eat some chips and then went to Carla´s door and knocked it as hard as I could until she opened it. The black cat meowed at me severe times and even tried to punch me lucky me Carla stopped him with her leg and told him off loudly enough to him to notice he had been a “bad cat”. The cat sat in a sofa and closed his eyes whilst licking his paw over and over until it was so wet it dripped of saliva. Carla was curious about the persistence of knocking the door so many times and started to speak to me in a sweet tone.


“Relax Maia, tell me, what´s wrong?”


“Hi Carla, well, nothing´s going especially wrong.”


“What´s the matter then sweetheart?”


“Carla, you´re one of my best friends, I trust you.”


“Oouu Maia, I also trust you darling, are you in problems?”


“Listen Carla somebody needs you.”


“Who will need an old grouchy lady?”


“It´s not a joke. If you help us they´ll pay you a really good amount of money.”


“Help us? Who? I don´t need money.”


“An amount of money and houses that surely you haven´t seen in your life.”


“If it has such a big reward the risk will be high, am I right?”


“Not if we´re careful.”


“Tell me exactly in what consists your problem and who needs it to be solved.”


“Do you know Susan Callister?”


“Oh, yes, that elegant friendly lady in a sort of way part of Supremes.”


“She needs you.”


“Me; why would she need me?”


“I can´t explain it in here; a car will picks us late in the night and will take us to one of her residential nearby here.”


“I’m not sure that I want to help Supremes.”


“If you do it you will help yourself, me and my friend Susan.”


“Is she your friend?”




In fact Susan isn´t at all my friend, she is my friend´s wife and Dylan needs me therefore; I must tell a little white lie to convince Carla and help Susan and her baby. It wasn´t still too late to think about getting too sleep. I wasn´t sure but it gave the impression that Carla was just curious for the great amount of money I had suggested. I decided to not reveal any more information until in Susan´s house.


“You should be careful with Supremes, seriously.”


 Carla interrupted my thoughts.


“I’m careful, but Susan and Dylan are different.”


“Everybody is different until we look at Supremes and we realize they´re the odd ones. Supremes are unnatural Maia, heartless, fearful, rabbles; they´re all like that even if they hide it they all end up showing their real monster being.”


“You speak like if you knew them well enough.”


“I know them really good; I was in love with one of them.”


I wasn´t sure if it was the best moment to listen a surely long love dramatic and adventurous story so I acted as if I hadn´t listened to that part and then continued speaking.


“Carla, I’ll come at mid night to pick you up.”


“Until then; don´t worry dear I´ll try to help Susan as I can because she was a normal girl, like I was before all happened.”


“Will you be alright?”


“The worst part wasn´t losing him…it was losing me.”


Difficult to avoid answering so I turned around and said: “See you later dear neighbor.”


I got out of her flat and went straight to mine´s. When I reached the front door I saw a purple rectangular paper glued to the door. I looked at it and my first intention was to scream. It reminded me to the purple man. What was that paper? Who had leaved it there? Where was that person now? I slowly opened the door. I had the feeling that anybody could have entered without me noticing and now that person could be waiting for me. And what if they were going for me? Did somebody want to kill me?


Before entering I got the paper and examined it carefully. The paper was really simple. Purple. Just purple. I was lost. I didn´t know what to think about it, it was all really weird. But suddenly I turned it around and in black ink a phone number was written in it.  The phone number was a twelve digit one and was written in really small handwriting. Beside to it the word: CALL.  I entered and closed the door. Maybe someone had entered whilst I was at Carla´s. I examined the corridor and behind the sofa and other furniture expecting anyone to come out suddenly. I couldn´t find anybody. No signal was present showing somebody had entered.


Three minutes later I received a phone call from Peter. In conclusion he told me that he would not come tomorrow to school as he need it to stay at home to take care of Jasper as he was ill. Also he reminded me that I would attempt at the auditions and good luck for them.


I had forgotten completely about the auditions! I would do them tomorrow. I haven´t prepared anything for them, I haven´t receive any script so I guess that´s my kind of my excuse. This entire means that tomorrow I will meet personally Mr. Luke Jones or at least they´ll tell me his opinion. I´m not really nervous. But, well what it puts me off about this television movie theme its fame problems. I kind of know fame consequences. And, if I was just a mysterious girl and wasn´t famous for myself and everybody was interested on who I was. Wow, if everybody wanted to know about me thanks to Bob and Dylan Callister if I get to do the movie; people will like to know about me for myself. They´ll be even more interested. Journalists will increase at all times. The fame I have accumulated added to the one earned for Mr. Luke Jones advertising finally added to my own makes me crazy. I´m going to be a really famous person at Bolly planet. I think if everything continues at this paste I’ll need to move home and live in another planet where I can live in a calm and peaceful place surrounded by people not knowing my identity. Well, first of all, before thinking of what will happen I need to be brainwashed. The stupid brainwash.


Everything will change from that moment onwards. The brainwash will affect me in a way that I can´t even imagine it. Everybody says it´s a magnificent act Supremes commit against our brain. That it has a so great magnitude that until you suffer it you aren´t capable of understand it fully. It´s like giving birth from Carla´s point of view. You know its suffering but as at the end you get a beautiful baby you go through the process hoping everything goes alright. The problem is that I’m not capable of knowing how much it hurts giving birth so how am I supposed to understand if it hurts and the effect of the brainwash on myself?


When I calmed down I grabbed my mobile phone and marked the number on the purple rectangular paper. Two seconds later someone grabbed the call. Before anyone spoke I felt an intrepidous sensation of who was I going to speak with. As neither of us said anything I said:


“I´m Maia Salinas.”


A brief silence was made and until they replied I got a bit nervous again.


Suddenly a tiny soft voice replied: “I’m Susan, the car will pick you up at 1:00a.m next to your street.”


“Perfect, but, Susan, my neighbor doesn´t know yet the entire story.”


“Maia it’s not safe and best moment to speak through phones, we´ll talk later.”


After it she didn´t say anything more and she ended the call. I started to assimilate all the things I had lived that day. Everything make kind of sense but the purple paper with the number confused me. Why Susan would send the paper with the number? Why hadn´t she hang me personally the paper? It was purple. Purple! Is now every strange thing purple, as the man in my dreams and real life?


Purple is a type of bipolar colour from my point of view. Purple can mean love, happiness or even illness. But this purple is different. It’s a dark purple that gives the sensation of strength and union. Union as in a team. All working in an invisible way but grouped together.


The strange thing that makes me feel doubtful about the phone number is how it starts. It starts with a symbol that some months ago were introduced in all new keyboards. Supremes explained that only phone numbers originally from other planets or emergency services or members of the USAPTL will contain the symbol in their phone numbers. So, why did Susan use that strange number to communicate with me? From where did she get that number? Who gave it to her? They only sell this type of phone numbers if you can prove you have family in other planets. The symbol has a different meaning depending the times you press it. By pulsing three times the symbol and then a two emergency services are supposed to answer the call. The USAPTL has ensured that anyone will make funny jokes as you need to pay 10euros per call. Also, if you call and the joke goes too far from emergency services point of view they can report the income phone number to Supremes and they will punish you in any kind of way for your fault.


Although it’s true that the USAPTL are not especially good or sympathetic with anyone the Supremes are making Planet Bolly really organized with high technology and security methods.


I can understand that the President William has a phone number with that symbol in it but why would Susan need one? Also, to get the phone number with that symbol you need to pay lots of money. If she uses the number to speak with people from Bolly it doesn´t make sense that she pays more money that I pay for example. I think Susan needs to speak with somebody from another planet but with who and why?  Her brainwashed family live near and her friends and actual family; the Callister also live here, at Bolly.


I laid on the sofa. I feel really tired. And I can´t take away from my mind David. I´m really curious in what film he´ll be appearing in, if it´s true that his is appearing in one. Can you imagine it? Suddenly the mysterious girl is also friend of David Siddle, the famous gentleman from all Bolly. Again, the mysterious girl, me; being the centre of attention. It seems a joke. I would love to see again David. Although he was in a type of way really strange mannered when he started to speak with me he told me that I was pretty. That I was pretty. That´s a good new to receive. Normally, my friend Rebecca is the pretty one. I´m the good friend from all´s point of view but nothing else more. Or at least they don´t say anything more. I want to see David again. I know him for little but I feel as if we were friends of all life. In conclusion, I need to find the way of getting to see again David, the easiest way… returning to the bench and wait. Wait. Waiting is a long action but at least maybe I get to see him again. I like his blue eyes. They´re so beautiful. And his curly hair is also really cute. As I was a bit bored I decided to put Channel 4 and listen to all the celebrities’ news.


“Channel 4 has been days following and researching the best moments of this week for you to see them. In a second you´ll see them. First we connect in live with Sandra Bane. Sandra what´s app?”


“Hello Channel 4, as you can see, we´re at Lake Santa Columbus and Dylan Callister is about to get out and speak with us. He´s been nearly all the day here with a girl you all want to know about, Maia, the mysterious girl, soon we´ll speak with him and if we´re lucky also with her.”


“Thanks Sandra, in some minutes will connect again.”


If they think that I’m at the Lake they´re wrong and if they think I would to speak with them in any interview they´re thinking wrong. But what´s Dylan doing at the Lake now? I don´t remember him telling anything about returning to the Lake. I hope Sandra doesn´t ask him anything about me. Really uncomfortable situation even though I’m at home alone.


“Well, dear public of Channel 4 I feel proud to inform you all that we already have the name of the future Mr. Jones film and actors and actresses that will appear in it. The film as Mr. Jones has confirmed in a news conference will be called ^Hell´s Guardians^ and will be recorded in some unknown parts of Bolly and other planets including Venus and Crystalisis. The actors sharing include Kimberly South and Derek Moseby. Although we know these name we don´t know the main characters yet and Mr. Jones hasn´t truly confirmed that the mysterious girl will appear in it but we will inform you as we get to know more.


This week we´ve followed Susan Callister and we´ve discovered new fashions that teenagers are starting to dress thanks to her new looks. An example is wearing long huddy         jumpers combined with pirate trousers. She´s also starting to wear wide dresses in pale colors that add sweetness to yourself. Firstly we though her new style was due to pregnancy but she and Dylan deny any rumors therefore we´ll need to belief that she´s just gain weight.


As an initiative a new cooking program will soon start to be edited by Channel 4.


Another curious thing Channel 4 has discovered this recently days is that Bob Callister is missing. We don´t know anything about him for too many days. Anybody has seen him. His family omits to answer questions and the USAPTL don´t consider themselves as the ones who should give his parallel. Where is him? Is Bob living a romantic adventure? Is he travelling due to work?  Help us to find him! The best picture we receive from him with the address in it; the fortunate person will receive an exclusive Mars Boutique jumper and two free tickets to Bolly´s Zoo. A great gift to receive, isn´t it? What are you waiting for? Get up the sofa and start to look for him!”


Bob, why do they miss Bob, why don´t miss Susan that she´s not attempting at any acts for her personal reasons. Bob´s so irritating. Why doesn´t everybody see it as clear as I do?


I really hope that Carla accepts taking care of a baby because if not, otherwise Susan will need to take a really difficult decision. I also hope that Dylan never gets to know about the baby´s parallel if everything goes as planned.


00:10a.m and the streets are starting to be completely silent. I´m only able to hear Mel crying and Lauren calming her down. I wonder if Mr. Jones will be present at the auditions. I’m going to eat some chips, I’m nervous. I can´t be still. My mind is constantly thinking in all sorts of ideas with Susan in them.


00:25a.m. No sound present. I´m starting to fall asleep the best thing I should do is drink a fizzy drink.


00:30a.m. Text message received.


Who will it be at these hours?


^Hi it’s Peter, can´t sleep. Are you awake? ^


My reply: “I confess I’m not sleeping yet.”


Peter: “You know you should be sleeping, it’s late.”


Me: “Also you should, and you aren´t”


Peter: “I have a really good excuse.”


Me: “i´ll decide if it’s a good excuse, tell me.”


Peter: “I’m lost in the middle of the sea.”


Me: “you know, I could sail the world to find you.”


Peter: “and what if you get also lost?”


Me: “I’ll try not to, where´s the sea you´re talking about?”


Peter: “it´s really dark I advice you.”


Me: “I’ll take a torch but where are you?”


Peter: “so, you´re coming?”


Me: “you can count on me.”


Peter: “I know I can count on you.”


Me: “we´re friends.”


Peter: “more than that.”


Me: “best friends.”


Peter: “I mean more than that.”


Me: “mega best friends.”


Peter: “you know what I mean.”


Me: “No, I do not know what you mean.”


Peter: “Even if the brainwash changes me, you´ll always mean more than a friend to me.”


Me: “I appreciate you. You´ll always be my best friend, the best one in the whole planet.”


Peter: “I know you don´t see me as more than a friend.”


Me: “I see you as my big brother.”


Peter: “why can´t you see me as anything else?”


Me: “Peter, having a brother is wonderful.”


Peter: “I have Jake and Jasper and I love them as brothers not as another thing.”


Me: “I can tell you anything, we always solve problems even though if we fight, you treat me special, I feel protected when I’m with you.”


Peter: “Sounds cursi, you´re embarrassing me.”


Me: “Don´t be childish. That´s a great description of your behavior as the type of brother I’ve never had.”



Peter: “Well, let’s talk about another thing. How was your day?”


Me: “Type of interesting.”


Peter: “Don´t take it as a bad thing but, you´re always with any Callister.”


Me: “You´re kidding.”


Peter: “No, I’m not.”


Me: “why do you think that?”


Peter: “Maia, since you met Bob you always appear on Channel 4 with them; even Jake thinks you´ve changed.”


Me: “I haven´t changed.”


Peter: “Yes you have, or at least your friends have.”


Me: “I’m the same as before, I know to distinguish between friends and strangers.”


Peter: “if you´re the same as before why do you hang out with them so much?”


Me: “Peter are you jealous?”


Peter: “No, I’m not.”


Me: “Sure.”


Peter: “Certainly sure.”


Me: “Then why do you mind if I’m friends with the Callister´s family.”


Peter: “You´re admitting they´re your friends?”



Me: “Peter don´t take everything as say as it sounds, I meant that I don´t understand if you´re not jealous why are you type of cross with the fact that sometimes I hang out with some Callister´s members.”


Peter: “Because I take care of you.”


Me: “I’m fine, you shouldn´t worry.”


Peter: “don´t tell me to not worry because the last time you ended up missing for Bob´s fault and you haven´t dared to tell me the truth.”


Me: “I already told you that nothing happened that it was all an error.”


Peter: “I’m not stupid you know.”


Me: “You´re free to think whatever you want. Bye, I’m getting off to sleep.”


Peter: “Good night mega best friend.”


Me: “good night you silly.”


00:50a.m Time to get going to the street with Carla Willow, my neighbor.


I grabbed a jacket and dressed it in top of the shoulders; as it was late I tried to not make any sound that could awake any neighbor or Mel, the baby.


“Carla, it´s me, open the door.”


Five seconds after an unrecognizable Carla came out. She was dressed in jeans and a blue T-shirt, then a purple sweater in the hand and a pair of blue high hills on those curiously good treated feet with purple nail polish. Her grey long hair was tied in a pony tail and she kept smiling. She had make up all over the face that unable me to see her wrinkles. In addition to her new stylyrous look. By the way, stylyrous is the word I’ve created that is synonym to glamorous. It is the word that includes style and glam in a girl’s life in just a word.  As I was saying; her makeup included a bright pink lip gloss that added to her brightness. Carla was just looking great. But, why had she decided to dress and to put herself so pretty for just going to speak with Susan?


“How do I look?”


“Great in comparison to me.”


“I don´t remember the last time I used makeup, I had forgotten how wonderful you look with it.”


“Makeup is useful but the best one is the one you don´t realize that´s there.”


“Where are we exactly going to?”


“You´ll see but hurry it´s already time to be by the street.”


“It’s been long time since I´ve walked with high heels.”


“Understood slowly; slow as turtles.”


“No, I still remember how to walk darling.”


“Fine then.”


When we came out of the doorway I couldn´t see anyone following us so I leaded Carla to the meeting point. We reached. The street was really dark and some inquisitive cat eyes stared at us from the corners. We just waited for five minutes and finally a car arrived. The car was black and had a slogan on the side: ^USAPTL VEHICLE KEEP APART^. It´s not the first time I´ve seen this type of vehicle. I´ve seen in some conferences this cars being used by important Supremes or even by the President William. The car quickly approached and yaw to park by our side. The back door opened and firstly Carla came in and then me. I could recognize the driver because I remember seeing him at Susan´s house; therefore he´s one of his workers. We were only three in the vehicle. When we were seating down I could slowly analize all the small details of the advanced technological car form it´s inside. This USAPTL vehicle is supposed to be really safe because it always transports important people. The vehicle is quite comfortable. It doesn´t have seat belts but it does have another safety precaution. Instead of the belt it has a seating magnet absorption method. This method consists on you seating down and the cuddy platform absorbs any objects seating in it towards the gravity point centre. Therefore it´s really powerful and you aren´t able of moving so easily. The vehicle also has behind the driver´s seat a compartment with some magazines and a water bottle. The car´s ceiling is glassed and as we´re at night I’m only capable of seeing darkness from the outside trying to get in.


The vehicle speed it up and just when turning through the corner of the dark street I saw a pair  of flickering eyes looking, staring glanced at me. The man was apparently ambling up the street but his green eyes were permanently staring at me. Just when we left the street behind us he was illuminated by the back lights of the vehicle and I realized he was dressed in purple. I started to feel that everything in my life was turning purple. Was I obsessed with purple; or was purple at purpose in my life?


As it was 01:10a.m everybody was at their homes and we had no problem with the traffic. The car speed it up and Carla started to react in a nervous way. She started to move her hands touching her legs up, down and vice versa until she whispered me:


 “Maia, how´s long left?”


“Not long.”


“I don´t feel comfortable seating in these weird seats.”


“They´re sort of strange it´s true but keep in mind they protect us.”


“I want to return back home.”


“No Carla, we shall follow onwards.”


“Maia, I trust you but Supremes are dangerous.”


“Think in beautiful things.”


“I’ll try to.”


We reached the street that had two possible ways; the woods or Lake Santa Columbus. The vehicle took the woods one and as I remembered we reached Susan´s house in less than five minutes.


The car didn´t park where Dylan had parked his bike. The USAPTL vehicle surrounded the house and I hadn´t notice but it has a huge metallic vehicles door. As I imagined the USAPTL vehicle was firstly checked before entering and then they opened the underground parking door.


In comparison to other parking’s I had been too it didn´t smell rank. The parking was different to the expected model one. It was luminous and had grabbled floor. When the vehicle parked the engine made a thud and instantly stopped. The driver told us to get down and the three of us; including him, came out. I knew Carla was nervous but as she looked simply great in appearance she showed a confidence that she probably didn´t have. Carla looked at me and smiled. I wasn´t sure of what to tell her to keep her calm down so as a doubtful reaction I giggled.


Then an unexpected thing happened. The driver asked us politely to bend our eyes with elastic black scarves. He told us that it was for safety reasons. I did not opposite to the idea that in fact was an order. At first I thought Carla wasn´t going to admit it but she looked at the driver and said: “I hope I don´t trip on you because it´s difficult to walk with high heels if you´re blinded.”


The driver giggled and answered her: “Well, if you don´t say anything I can make an exception and you may not wear the elastic scurf.”


“Can I not wear it also?”






“Well, seriously don´t tell anyone about it.”


Instantly after our conversation two small sized Supremes appeared. They seemed to be protecting somebody. The Supremes were dressed as others but without an identification card on the left size of their jacket. The Supremes moved a side and a woman stepped forward. The woman was blonde and tall. It was Sally. Her defined chin and red gross lips defined her. What was Sally doing here? Did this mean that William the President was near?  She looked at me and smiled whilst she spoke another language. This reminded me to the situation we had lived some weeks ago when she gave orders to Supremes in their own special language. When she finished speaking the Supremes looked at the driver and then to Sally. The four of them exchanged looking’s. Sally looked at The Supremes; they looked at the driver; the driver looked at Sally, this cycle until Carla said: “Sally, what do you want?”


This meant that Carla already knew Sally from before as I hadn´t present them. Sally ignored Carla and started to speak with me.


“Ohh, Maia, what a pleasure to reunite us. The last time we met you hadn´t gotten into trouble, but, this time, I’m afraid your situation has changed. You case has finally developed and I´m not sure if I’m going to be still the one in charge of it or a better paid person will take care of it.”


What did she mean with ^your case has finally developed^. I hadn´t misbehaved from any perspective point. The only suspicious thing was trying to help Dylan and Susan by hiding that she had broken the Covenant. But if Dylan didn´t know anything; and Carla didn´t know how she was going to help Susan anybody could have told Sally about it. Of course, Susan knew all but obviously she wasn´t going to be so stupid to tell her. I had kept it as a secret. It didn´t make sense. I decided to behave as crazy as possible to not make her doubt about my visit with Carla and the real reasoning.


“Sally! What a surprise what are you doing here, are you also invited?


Carla stared at me and I looked at her with an obvious looking that didn´t need it an explanation. I lifted slightly my eyebrows and also used a softer kind tone to speak with Sally. I also opened my eyes and winked the left one to make clear enough that she didn´t need it to speak, that it was better that I spoke.


“No, I’m not invited but I do not need an invitation.”


The driver interrupted us and said: “Ladies, you should continue the conversation at the hall; follow me.”


Sally didn´t opposite and The Supremes followed her. Both Carla and me grabbed each other’s hand and continued walking behind them. We laid the scarves on the USAPTL vehicle and continued. Whilst we were walking Sally started to speak loudly expecting all of us to listen her. “Well, you know I didn´t expect any picking up and this time of the night with a USAPTL vehicle. I control everything. How did you expect me to ignore the fact that a USAPTL vehicle stops near your address and is coming towards a Callister´s house, Susan´s house. Something weird is being cooked here and I’m going to find out. The President is really curious of what you both are doing here at this time of the night. He insists that he wants to know what type of friendship you have to come at 01:40a.m to her house.”


“Paola please advice Mrs. Susan that the visitors have arrived and add that for our surprise Sally Dionne is here; alone.”


“Yes sir.”


I peered at the driver between the bodies of the two Supremes but I couldn´t see anybody next to him. The driver was speaking via ear phone. Sally kept close her ears to the driver’s ones surely to not miss any possible whistleblower answer. When the driver realized he speed it up the paste. We were walking through a large corridor painted in a brownie colour. It was wide and comfortable. The corridor was illuminated by the small but numerous wall laps. We finally reached the steps and I helped Carla to get up with her high heels meanwhile Sally got out a red lipstick and applied it. When we got up we were in the hall.


The hall was small sized if we compared it to the Blue Scales Mansion, the Presidents house one. The hall was divided by the steps into two sides. Susan´s hall had a large desk at one side where a teenager sat. Her identification identified her as Paola Spencer. Surely that Paola was the Paola the driver had been talking to. On the desk she had a computer and next to it a thick pile of recycled papers apparently all marked with a `Susan Callister approves it’ stamp. Then, next to the pile all over the desk some pens and pencils occupied the desk. Paola was serious and smiled only when exchanged looking with the driver. The driver smiled back. As the driver was also young my sixth sense told me that they surely had a more intense relationship than just a co-workers one. On the other side of the room a seating area. Three small sofas all of them against the three walls with a little table on the middle. The walls were painted in pale pink and had four different doors with the fingerprint security on the side to open them. As always this house has high security methods. The room only had two small windows which were next to Paola´s desk. The windows led to a small garden illuminated by big streetlights; that I didn´t know it existed. The garden was full of plenty of poppies and small bushes. The hall had also two purple carpets.


The Supremes in charge of protecting Sally sat at two sofas and Sally reminded standing up. Paola invited us all to take place whilst waiting. Carla and I seated in front of the Supremes and Sally kept standing up. The driver spoke with Paola, kissed her on her cheeks and then went off down the steps. Sally couldn´t stop moving up and down the room. It wasn´t until Sally was really nervous and finally sat down that a lady came to speak with us.


“Good night, can I help you with something?”


“Yes you should.” Sally replied


“What can I do for you all?”


“I´m Sally Dionne and I’m expecting Susan Callister to meet up with me right now.”


“Lady Susan has a tight agenda and wasn´t expecting you; so, I’m afraid you´ll need to ask for a meeting at Paola´s desk.”


“I’m not leaving here until I meet with Susan!”


“Accept it. Maia Salinas and Carla Willow here?”




Sally stood up and started to flick her hair whilst got out a phone. Suddenly the both Supremes that were all the time with her stood up also and went to Paola´s desk. They hadn´t spoken between them but they both seemed to be sure of what to do. I couldn’t understand what they were telling her but surely it wasn´t in our language. They were using the Supremes language. Sally was serious and looked straight into the lady´s brown eyes. Carla was observing all in detail. She kept her face with no reaction and therefore I wasn´t sure of what she felt. I wasn´t sure of what to act like.


I knew I couldn´t act aggressively as Sally was in charge of my case, I need it to be careful with every movement, with every word I said, with every looking I made, with every thought I thought off. The way I was about to react to the situation was a key point to keep in William´s friends made list. I couldn´t forget about the fact that Sally was working along with William and that anything I said in front of her would probably end up being heard by William. I didn´t wanted to be part of the Supremes enemies but in that moment I felt really uncomfortable. What was I going to tell Sally to justify our visit? Or maybe I could just not tell her anything. I kept telling to myself “better no words than a miserable lie.”


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