Kiss me meanwhile

Maia is a fourteen year old teenager that soon will be brainwashed. Supremes have in my mind how to create love and Maia will be the key that changes every prediction. Who will help Maia on her adventurous journey?


11. The Surprise


Sally received a phone call and instantly looked at me and said: “The President wants to meet you.”


The lady looked at me and said: “follow me.”


I grabbed Carla´s hand and we followed the lady. As we were walking the Lady realized that Sally was also coming with us. She radically stopped and said looking straight into Sally´s eyes: “Drink the water and you´ll be able to come.”


“What water?”


She pointed at Paola´s desk and we were able to see a little grey tray with a napkin and a glass of water on top of it. Side to it a boll with some chips. I was conscious about why she wasn´t able to come with us without drinking the water. I remember that when I came with Dylan they made me drink it also to be able to speak privately with Susan. But, Sally isn´t in the same situation as I was in the first time I came here. I´m sure she perfectly knows what the water contains and its purpose. It could be some sort of dangerous if she drank it. Is she accidently revealed information to do with The President she could see herself into trouble. Sally surely knew the consequences of drinking the water as she also manages the security of the Callister´s family and is specialist on security methods.


“I’m not drinking it.”


“Fine; leave.”


“I said I´m not leaving until I meet Susan.”


“Paola, call the guards right now.”


“Do not there... Paola!”


Paola, Sally and the lady started to fight against each other. As they three were too alert of what each other said I grabbed Carla´s hand and started running. I wasn´t sure of how I dared to. The two Supremes saw us and they tried to advise Sally but she was to busy arguing to even look at them. We both got down through the steps and for not my surprise the USAPTL car wasn´t there anymore. The driver wasn´t there. We were alone. Carla told herself stupid things about if they were going to punish us. As she perfectly knew how to spread panic I didn´t listen her. Instead, I was thinking of how to reach Susan. We couldn´t go up the stairs as all the doors I remembered had the security fingerprint scanner system next to them. When I thought that escaping was impossible I looked at the garage door and saw a button next to it. Apparently it didn´t need a fingerprint and without thinking it twice I leaned towards the wall and pressed it. Seconds later the garage door opened and for my surprise anyone came to stop us getting out. Carla was starting to say things that maked no sense and I started to question myself if Carla could take care of a baby. Was an old lady the most appropriate to teach a baby, and not a common baby. Susan Callister´s only son. Carla was starting to behave as a crazy old lady. It reminded me of her story. The story that as they say made her turn crazy. Had being closer enough to Supremes turned her crazy again. Was the craziness in her inside starting to show off again?


These time I didn´t grabbed her hand. This time I was behind her pushing her up the slope. When we finally came out a cold breeze frost my hands.


“Follow me Carla, we need to find Susan.”


“I don´t think she´ll be outside.”


“What´s clear enough is that she is looking for us, we´ll find each other.”


I started to walk surrounding the house and Carla followed me. As we heard a sound we leaned towards the wooden wall house. The wood was cold but comfortable. We kept silent. Maybe the two Supremes had followed us when trying to look for us. When apparently everything was silent again a thud was heard all over the place. The thud instantly pushed our hands to meet together in that obscure night. Although the night was developing and not further away the sun will start to rise soon I could still feel the frightening night next to us.


I could control myself but Carla had more difficulties to stop her terrified face showing. She didn´t dare speaking. I didn´t dare to calm her. I tried to release my hand but she kept holding tight to it. Ten seconds after I looked around and as I couldn´t see anyone I tried to step forwards. I wasn´t able to step forwards due to that Carla had pulled me towards herself. I looked at her with an angry face. She realized I was angry. She had harmed my arm in matter of seconds. I could have fallen.


“Don´t leave me alone Maia.”


I couldn´t belief what I was listening too. I just wanted to peep around to see if I could see anyone. We couldn´t stay there all night right next to the house. Sooner or later somebody would find us. We need it to find a door to get in the house.


“I’m not leaving you; you´re coming with me.”


She didn´t stop grabbing my hand. We surrounded the entire house whilst trying to peep through some windows that gave to empty rooms or either rooms that weren´t Susan´s one. I was starting to feel thirsty. Carla seemed calmed down. And. And again. Again the thud. This time we could see a thin tall body approaching to us. It was Susan. She was wearing a red dress combined with sandals. It really wasn´t appropriate to wear it at night but, as she has an occupied agenda maybe she was dressed like that due to waiting to her next act or reunion on the morning.


“Susan!” I shouted.


“Maia; Carla isn´t it?”


Carla looked at me waiting to see what I told her.


“Susan, we´re cold, can we enter?”


“No, it´s not safe. Better out here; with anyone listening.”


“Fine then, Carla this is Susan Callister.”


“Nice to meet you Carla.”


“Same Mrs. Callister. What do you need from me?”


I decided to move aside. They need it to speak seriously. Future was in our hands, we need it to treat it carefully the situation.


“Carla Willow: my baby requires from you.”


“Your baby?”


“Ms. Willow, I know long time ago you would have wished to have your own babies with Cesar but it wasn´t possible.”


“Who´s the baby?”


“Listen please.”


“Answer my question.”


“I´m pregnant and this baby isn´t allowed living here, with me. Maia has been helping me and we got to the conclusion that it would be splendorous if you kept in charge of the baby in a safe place. With every cost payed. A new house, a new life, a new identity.”


“And what if they caught us?”


“They won´t”


“You can´t be sure of it.”


“Trust. You need to trust on me.”


“I don´t trust anyone including my own.”


“Julius needs you.”


“No, don´t tell me his name, you´re playing with my feelings!”



Although I was aside I could perfectly listen to everything said and answered. I disconnected for a while to analyze all the new information I had listened too. Cesar. That name reminds me from everything. Wow. Cesar may be the baby from my dreams, the one adopted by the Supreme Woman. Cesar could also be the Supreme that Carla fall in love long time ago. And there´s also the paper signed by Cesar.  Susan had also mentioned that she knew that Carla had wished to have babies with a man called Cesar. This meant that Susan had investigated every detail no matter her privacy.


“Carla, we would be really thankful if you helped us.”


“I will help you. But! I do it for Cesar. He taught me how to be a better person and he would encourage me to help you right now.”


Susan face illuminated instantly and she gave the brightest smile I had seen in my life. It was a honest one. It wasn´t pretended as in television.


“I’ll give birth in seven months. We need to go as soon as possible.”


“We, wasn´t just the baby and I?”


“I can´t allow anyone to check that I’m pregnant as I’ll increase size.”



We were in silence. A phone call interrupted the silence. For my surprise it was my phone ringing. I got the call although Susan indicated me with the fingers to not answer it.


“I thought you had told me you weren´t a spy.”


It was that serious tone. That elegant voice. President William. I didn´t reply or either answer. Meanwhile Susan looked at me worried about who it was the one calling. I decided to reply confident.


“William, I’m starting to think that you´re the spy.”


He replied instantly.


“Any tangible reason?”


“You´re watching me. You´re spying on me.”


“For Bolly´s safety remember it Maia.”


“I’m not the one that puts Bolly into danger.”




“Why, good question. Ask it yourself. Why spy on a fourteen teenager that we´ll be brainwashed in two weeks and isn´t a danger to anyone.”


Susan couldn´t stand with it anymore; she forced my hand and harshly grabbed the phone. Then, she pressed the red button and the call instantly finished.


“What do you think you were doing?”- Susan hesitate


I knew I shouldn´t had answered the call but I just was curious. I looked down and just avoided eye contact and answering back; as it seemed a rhetorical question.


“I really don’t understand your attitude Maia.” - She continued.


“We shall not waste time Susan, forget Maia´s small incident.” -Carla interrupted.


Susan looked at Carla and then she changed her facial expression and smiled. She didn´t seem angry anymore.


“We need to leave now.”


I didn´t comment anymore or either Carla did. We just let Susan speak.


“Listen Carla, President William is watching us, we can´t let him discover our plan therefore we need to leave now. Sally Dionne is here and that´s no good. I know I hadn´t told you anything but everything is prepared.  We´re leaving. You, me and Julius the baby. Maia, you will stay here and will pretend that you don´t know anything.”


“Perfect.”- Carla said.


“But Susan, now? Carla hasn´t prepared her baggage.”


“There are two things I hate in life. First, people that don´t listen and secondly repeating myself.”


Susan was starting to get on my nerves. Or she was too nervous or I didn´t really like her. You´re doing this for Dylan- I kept telling myself. Then I looked at her eyes and was able to see her suffering. Susan was a strong woman. She kept her feelings to herself. She was in the eye of the hurricane. Everyone including the Supremes wanted to know everything about her at all times. I understand that she keeps her problems to herself and doesn´t share them with anyone. But her eyes reflected all the hard pressure. Then I got to the conclusion that if she had said that she had all prepared it was true. Surely she hadn´t forgotten to plan something for every single detail. I tried to keep in mind that Susan was a friend not a Supreme.


“I´m sorry Susan I didn´t wanted to offend you.”


“And you did not offend me but we´re in a hurry and can´t waste any more time. Maia, a car will pick you up soon and you´ll return home. Carla, a car will move us to our new house in two minutes.”


“Susan Callister, do not dare moving.”


We turned around. Sally was there. She was holding a gun and was pointing at Susan. Sally started to speak again in the Supremes language and I couldn’t understand anything at all. Susan listened carefully and then replied in that weird language. They both started to argue and Sally started to move the gun up and down apparently threatening us. Susan showed herself confident. Sally started to sweat a lot. Sally stepped forwards and this time started to shout: “What´s happening here; who´s going where?!”


Susan didn´t reply, Carla didn´t reply and therefore I didn´t reply.


“I’ve asked once, I won´t ask a second time.”- Sally continued breathing harshly.


Sally started to shake her hands. She was really nervous. But why? She was the one holding the gun; she had the gun pointing at us. We weren´t the ones threatening her.


“To reach power you need to earn it.” – Sally exclaimed.


Sally looked at Carla and changed her facial expression of a cuddy adorable but strict woman to a fearful Supreme. She didn´t winked. She stood still. She finally extended straight forwards her arms pointing at Carla. Pulled the trigger of the gun. A quick but strong noise was made. I looked at myself and discovered I was as always. I didn´t feel pain. I looked around and discovered Carla lying on the floor. I quickly approached and leaned side to her. She had been shot. Susan looked at me and didn´t say anything. We didn´t need to speak. A single look was enough to express our sorrow. Sally looked at us and showed a little superior smile. It was that smile I hated so much. The smile Supremes tend to do when everything goes as planned. I looked again at Carla. She had covered her face in blood. Her pale old skin was now bloody and live. She had her eyes opened but didn´t show any emotion. Her eyes didn´t express anything at all. I looked at her front. She had a great whole just on the middle. Carla was dead. Her heart had stopped beating. She didn´t move. She was gone. Gone forever. 


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