Kiss me meanwhile

Maia is a fourteen year old teenager that soon will be brainwashed. Supremes have in my mind how to create love and Maia will be the key that changes every prediction. Who will help Maia on her adventurous journey?


6. The Nightmare


I was actually dreaming a nightmare. All the things I read in books got into the dream. In it I saw how the Supremes destroyed Earth. It all seemed real. Supremes arrived at a peace keeper planet and started to infiltrate in it. With one aim. Discovering the way they kept peace and love in a combination. Countries in Earth didn´t fight against each other. They all had a religious belief about the “God” they wanted too and opposed to fight against the new arrivals, Supremes when the extinction started. Supremes didn´t want to accept it. They belief that the only possible God is William the President.

At Earth, when enough Supremes were infiltrated they destroyed it. They thought that all was possible due to the planet. They though the Earth had powerful land with magic that aloud it peace and love in a natural way. At the nightmare I saw two sisters. One of them was surrounded by fire, the other was trying to safe her but she couldn´t. It all was dramatic and sad. The older sister, the one outside the fire saw her sister shouting for her help. She died catching fire without any possible way of getting safe. Another part of the nightmare was the story of a little girl that had fear to darkness. Supremes locked her in a dark room and when they opened the door she visualized them as evil and demons. When they tried to get her out of the room she had a heart attack and died. The third story I dreamed that night was the adventure of a mother giving its baby to a Supreme woman to take care of it.  The last nightmare was the most exciting one. In it you could feel the evilness of the Supremes as a group but the kindness of one Supreme as an individual. The Supreme woman first instinct was to kill the baby, as she was ordered but when she realized of that tiny little human that couldn´t do anything in his protection she decided to keep it as an Earth reminder.  She killed the mother but promised her she would protect the new born, Cesar. The Supreme woman hided Cesar on one of the spaceship. When the Earth was finally destroyed and no Earth citizen was left, but Cesar; new buildings were built. The Supremes Government started to rule there. When the spaceship arrived to Bolly´s planet Cesar started to be treated and cuddled by her new adoptive mum, the Supreme Woman.


The nightmare was the combination of stories with true historical Earth facts I’ve read in books. The nightmare was so clear when I awoke that I even thought if all what I dreamed was true and I had been there experiencing it.


I didn´t dressed myself because I hadn´t even change to my pajamas’ last night. I just washed my face, tired my hair up got a pair of sunglasses and a cap.  The cap wasn´t for the sun´s protection. The cup was for avoiding being recognized by journalists. I didn´t want to appear at TV or magazines and it would be probably that I would if they took pictures of me. I putted channel 4 on the living room and I was grateful that I didn´t appear. For not my surprise Susan appeared on TV. She was giving a conference with Dylan about how they were preparing for when they´ll reach power. Dylan was less creative and let Susan speak. She had the important role. He was just with her and anything more. As they didn´t say any new thing that I didn´t already knew I turned off TV and went off to school.


To my way to school I received various text messages. One from the history teacher thanking me for my excellent piece of essay homework. Another one from Jake. He asked me if I had already the Earth book. The third one was from Rebecca asking me if I wanted to go shopping on Saturday. I was too lazy to answer to the messages so I just answered to Jake because I care about him and he really wanted an answer. I informed him with the message that I had already the book and that I invited him to hang out with me today after school to go to the library and to draw on the trip having dinner at Hamburgers Day together. One minute after I send it the message he answered with a: “Great! Pick me up at my school back door”. I was impressed. Jake was an amazing little friend that really appreciated the way I was. He never created me problems or uncomfortable situations. When I arrived at school everything was normal. Each couple to their thing. Each teacher with their favorite student. Everyone was in their own mood. Nobody bothered about me. And for once in life I felt happy, really happy about it.  My happiness lasted a few minutes. At my locker Rebecca started to accuse me of not replying to her messages. I behaved mad and pretend it I hadn´t read them. Then I told her that it would be fun to go shopping and she calmed down. Then she started to convince me to subscribe to Luke Jones Stars searching.

Although she didn´t convince me I need to admit that Rebecca can be really persuasive and knows to get what she wants too. Therefore I don´t doubt she´ll succeed on the cast to be one of the five stars. When she finished her script practice with me she told me: “aren´t I a star?!” I knew what she wanted as an answer so I full of energy replied her with: “the best one of all times, the star…

Rebecca!” She really was pleased with the cajolery and told me that I was her best friend and then she went off to find Darcy because apparently he had something important to tell her. Important for Darcy can be anything so I didn´t bothered much about that thing. 


When I finished at my locker I went off to my first class. Peter was surprised to see me. He came a bit late to class, when we were all sat down therefore his entrance and the hug he gave where enough to the class to start to laugh and make annoying jokes of our friendship. I ignored the whole class. So did Peter but I saw through the corner of my left eye he in fact laughed and gave the impression of admitting nonsense things about us. For the activity we did at PSC we need it a partner so I went with him. I didn´t wanted him to worry about the incident with the President so I told him…a little lie. That when I was on court they realized it was a misunderstood and that they left me go away that night. But, as it was late I didn´t send him a message because I forgot too as it wasn´t important. I don´t think Peter believed me in fact but he appeared and tried to believe everything I told him. When I finally told him the whole lie story he told me: “Bob. I don´t want you to be near him. He brings problems.”I though the same as he did and told him: “Bob doesn´t exist anymore to me.” He putted a satisfaction face and concluded. “When ever you´re ready I can listen to the story”.


“Talking about stories, today Jake is hanging up with me to the library and then to the Hamburger´s Day. I invited him. Tomorrow it´s Saturday and we don´t have school!” I said it in the most manipulative way. I changed conversation without him even realizing. It was a perfect way of distracting him from what he wanted to know, involving Jake in the conversation.


“I guess Jasper and I could go with you two” he replied.


“I guess so, but, In fact it´s an Earth investigating afternoon and dinner. So… you´re not invited…”


“Okay, so you´re not invited to watch a movie with popcorns tonight…” He told me in an inquisitive way.


“Perfect, we all have plans. Jake will stay over tonight at mine´s.” I replied him in a way of finishing the conversation.


I knew that that wasn´t the answer he wanted. When PSC had finished I went to my next class, chemistry. Atoms, electrons, charges and the periodic table. Too much to learn in one lesson. Chemistry is a subject that requires full attention at all moments. If you get distracted easily you´ll struggle. Due to my level concentration I didn´t realize everybody was packing away to go straight outside for break. I was sitting there drawing ions in my own world. The teacher was in fact the one that returned me to real life and told me that I could go that I wasn´t punished. Three students need it to stay to finish off the class work they hadn´t bothered to do and Darcy stayed punished for his behavior.  It seems stupid that only in one month and two weeks we´ll all be brainwashed. It seems stupid that Darcy and others haven´t matured yet. Darcy in concrete says: “I want to behave the most random way ever before becoming in another Darcy”. Nobody understands fully what he says but we all get the basic idea. He wants to behave badly because when they´ll brainwash him and he might not want to get into trouble anymore. Thing I doubt.


When all the classes had finished, when all the auditions had finished Rebecca came to me and we spoke a while. She related me how badly did one judge treat everyone including her. She also told me that that judge was Luke Jones eyes and that the impression she got of her was really important. Rebecca was nervous. She wasn´t sure of what impression she had gave. I told her to not worry that other judges like some teachers also gave their opinions. She explained me that the theatre had been covered in black, purple and white paper with: “will it be you?” on the walls. She told me that the first question they asked her was: “will it be you?” she answered: “It will be me not you”. Then she told me what they told her to say, to put faces off. A whole range of activities in less than ten minutes due to all the students. She told me that they had organized an assembly explaining them that Mr. Jones would come to see personally the 50 semi-finalists. Rebecca explained all the process of selection. She started by telling me that from the seventy-two boys and a hundred and fifty girls twenty five of each would be selected. She explained me that the secret from all this competition was that Mr. Jones was around school keeping an eye in all the students to make sure he didn´t left any star without him making them shine. Therefore another ten students would be personally contacted my him. These ten would go directly to the final round. It was a bit strange to feel that he could be observing me in any second.


When Rebecca finished relating her experience I told her I was late to the library. I know she would come with me. But, well, she doesn´t like libraries.


When I arrived at the back door there was Jake. Another boy was with him speaking. When Jake saw me he came running and hugged him.  We got the bus route 34 and in fifteen minutes we were at the library. At the library lots of people seemed to be at the modern, fiction books. Jake and I started to read together the book I got last week out. He actually loved it. He said: “wow, amazing”. Every twenty seconds. When we finished commenting the book I told him about my dream. I started by telling him how had the Earth been destroyed. When I told him the whole story except the stories about the concrete sisters, baby, Supreme Woman and little girl because I didn´t want him to make him feel sad he putted a satisfaction face.


“What a dream?!” Jake started to be jealous about my dream. He started to tell me that he wished he could dream the same. That that dream could be the whole explanation of the Earth´s past and that I need it to explain him all the little details for him to understand it perfectly. I started to explain him the story when he told me: “stop. You need to tell me the story as if we both were there.” So we both closed our eyes and fluent words started to came out of my mouth in the most fascinating and peaceful way.


“The spacecraft is arriving. I can see through the window how buildings are starting to explode and catch fire. The Great Supreme; that´s at the piloting capsule is telling others to the Supremes though the megaphone. “When we arrive at Earth don´t leave anything to chance. Remember this mission is bigger than all of you”. He repeated twice every two minutes. I´m coming out of the Spacecraft. It´s like if I’m invisible. I can move as freely as I want. Nobody stops me from doing so. I´m not living on Earth but I’m not a Supreme. I can see how much devastation Supremes are created. I´m afraid of being part of Bolly´s Planet. Supremes represent Bolly and they are destroying every single Earth trace they see. Earth´s citizens are defending themselves. Some are getting through underground tunnels. Supremes are blocking the exits to trap them. Other Earthians are just running and screaming with no possibilities of surviving. I can see what the scientists are doing. They are taking samples of Earth´s ground, soil and rocks.  They are also taking some prisoners to chairs were they connect wires to their heads to take clear information. They are starting to ask them questions of at what age they were brainwashed. Nobody knows what to answer. Nobody understands what they are asking. I can see one man that has answered with a: “we are happy the way we are, without brainwashes.” The scientist that´s asking him has said something in a strange language that Supremes talk between them. The man isn´t there anymore. I can´t see him. I don´t know what’s happen to him. I´m walking through one road and… what´s that?”

“What is…what?” Jake interrupted me.

“Shhhhhh let me continue.”

“As I was telling you; I can see something. I can see someone. I can see a body figure dressed in purple. It´s not a Supreme or either an Earth´s citizen. I´m not able to see his face. His face is covered in a veil. Who is that? I´m approaching to him and that person is starting to run. But. Jake, Jake, that person can see me.  Who is it? My dream finished here.”


“Yes, who is it?” Jake interrupted finally.


When I had finished telling Jake the dream; omitting the personal stories of individuals I was with no saliva left. I had been again dreaming at Earth. I had change place. My mind had gone to planet Earth. I had been an hour again at Earth. But, this time Jake had come with me. We both had sheared the experience. Jake told me that I had told him really good the story and that he had been able to follow it through without problems. That he had been able to imagine every second as a clear image on his head. It wasn´t late but it also wasn´t soon. Jake told me he was going to get another book from the history section therefore I told him that meanwhile I was going to return the Earth book. There was a large queue. I needed to wait for about five minutes. When I returned to the table we were at Jake was reading quietly. I sat down with him. I stared at him. I stared how he winkled his eyelashes. Jake had long thin beautiful eyelashes. I was using my time to examine how he moved his chest whilst breathing. I was staring at little details; like how he moved his fingers through a book page. How he shake his hair towards one side. How he glanced his sight at each word of the book. He must had really like that book because I think he hadn´t even notice I was already with him. As he didn´t show any kind of reaction when I sat down I took out the phone and called Rebecca to know at what time we were hanging out for shopping. She didn´t answered the call at first. She answered after the third call. She told me she was sorry but that she finally couldn´t come to do some shopping because she was practicing for incase they got her for the second auditions. I told her it was alright and that I had also plans for Saturday, tomorrow. When I finished the call Jake was still carrying on reading so I went to a shelf and grabbed a book. I didn´t really cared about the book I had got. I was just going to appear that I was reading it and in fact I was going to the pass pages quickly enough to not get bored. As Jake noticed I wasn´t doing great thing he told me: “I finish this page and promise we speak about Earth.”


When he was just about to finish it I saw a guy older than me that was staring at us between some books. At first I thought it was just an error but he kept watching. Since the President´s meeting I am a bit scenically and can´t avoid feeling observed. I wasn´t sure of what that guy really wanted. I did as nothing and told Jake to carry on reading as I need it to convince myself that it was just a brain fantasy. When I looked again to the shelf he wasn´t there anymore. I relaxed and actually started to read the book to appear that I was doing something interesting. I looked at one side. That guy was seating in the table besides me. He didn´t seem to pay attention at Jake or me. He was looking at his book. “In a library people read, there´s nothing to worry about”. I constantly kept telling that to myself until the guy stood up passed through my side and said: “good morning”. Then he kept walking without waiting for an answer and disappeared when turned the corner. Jake finished the book. We actually started to debate my dream and the identity of the purple dressed man. Jake insinuated the fact that the purple man; as we called him could be another person dreaming the same dream as I was. It was a crazy idea but dreams are crazy by themselves. Then we thought that the purple man might be an Earth police that was escaping from Supremes and that had a special power to see me. We finally concluded that he was a superhero that reached Earth too late to defeat the Supremes and that when he saw me he got frightened and runned away. It was another crazy idea to think he was a super hero but it was the least crazy idea of all´s suggested. Jake and I were too exposed to Earth´s problems. So, as we were also a bit tired of speaking of the same topic all the afternoon for so many hours we decided to have dinner at the Hamburgers Day.


They have us a small table at a window with nice views at day. At night you couldn´t see nothing due to the darkness of the streets. Although the library was in a nice commercial centre with good illumination and some nice fountains with shops all over the place and lots of people the surroundings were really dark. The restaurants, all located at the first floor had different food from the whole Bolly. You could find from a vegetarian restaurant, an insect specialized restaurant to an Italian or meat restaurant.  All the restaurants had their entrances in the inside of the commercial centre, BF. BF is a short way of saying Beyond Fashion Centre. The BF has four floors. On the first one the restaurants. The second one is mainly for kids. It has a play area, two parks and sweet shops. The children actually love the great sweet shop. It has lots of different types of sweets from spicy to really sweet ones; I usually buy sweets there for Jake. The third floor has fashion shops including Mars Boutique or Merengue. This floor has mainly more woman than men that spend hours to decide on what finally buy. The fourth floor includes a cinema, the library and inter pool for winter. I actually love BF it’s really amusing. You can spend hours doing lots of things without realizing.


“Try fries with cheese sauce, it´s delicious.” Jake insisted. I did so, he was right. I wasn´t sure of what to speak about with Jake. I didn´t wanted to speak to him about Dylan or Bob. I also couldn´t tell him about Peter and how strangely he behaved with me almost at all times. I also didn´t wanted to tell him about the President’s meeting because he might tell Peter about it so and I was bored of the Earth´s topic. Maybe it wasn´t a bad idea to have dinner with Peter and Jasper. When I was going to tell him a really funny story of how he had behave long time ago he started a conversation that an enjoyable conversation. We started to speak about what girls enjoyed of boys. As Jake really embarrassed told me. There was a girl in his life that caused him to feel nervous and to feel happy every time she spoke to him.  Jake started to tell me his story and I was in fact interested on his sentimental life because it just seemed so cute. He told me that he had been in the same school that her but had never actually spoke to her. It was the first year they went to the same class; it was a bit strange because they didn´t know each other. As he told me in a business trip they were in the same group and started to speak. That day he asked her her phone number. His friends and her friends were seating together at lunch time and had a really good time together. Whilst eating he was watching her so much that she finally asked him: “Why are you staring at me?” Jake answered her that he was just watching her.


“You silly banana, you should had answered her in a romantic way”. I told him.


He continued telling me that at lunch time although they were two meters apart he send it her a text message to caught her attention. Jake was confused. He though that the girl was in love with his best friend. The girl tried to behave as normal as possible. That afternoon Jake spoke with his best friend and they created a messaging group to speak. Another friend of Anelis, Jake´s love was also added. The four started to speak a lot through the group until late at night and became friends. For Jake the friendship increased to a step further. He also started to speak to Anelis through the private chat. One month passed and as Jake told me he was type of flirting with her until one day she told him: “I like you”. He didn´t expected that answer. That night they stopped the conversation. Jake wasn´t sure of how to behave because he thought that Anelis was in love with his best friend, Lucas. He told Anelis that he knew that she was in love with Lucas. She refused to accept it but Jake didn´t believed her. Although they had tension between them whilst speaking they respected each other. As Jake wanted to make sure that Anelis wasn´t in love with Lucas he told her a second and third time that he knew she was in love with Lucas. They end it their conversation when Jake told her: “you deserve someone better than me”. She didn´t answered back anymore. Jake didn´t knew why exactly. It wasn´t until two days after that Anelis answered him with “I didn´t know what to answer you that´s why I didn´t replied”. Jake continued speaking to her and she to him. Without flirting too much and just speaking about nonsense and funny things. One day she stopped answering his messages and as it was holidays and they weren´t going to see each other for some days she ignored his messages.  She stopped opening all the text messages. Including the group´s one. Her last connection was days ago. And, as Jake told me he hadn´t spoken to her since two days ago.


When Jake finished with his story I wasn´t sure of what was the best answer. If she had stopped replying him she should had reasoning for that. And maybe he should ask her why. As I feared, Jake wanted me to give him advice. I told him that if he really loved her he should maintain their friendship as long as he could. Maybe a friendship was better than a relationship. When I told Jake what I would do he told me that he was really scared. He told me that he had never faced a challenge with Anelis of this sort. He told me that he liked her but he didn´t knew how to tell it to her.


“I think that a friendship is better than nothing so keep it like that and until you´re sure of what to tell her.”


Jake stared at me breathing hardly enough to be able to hear him from my seat. We finished eating and meanwhile laughing about the way the waiter moved through the restaurant and about his blue colored hair. When I had paid we went straight grab the bus route 34.


When we reached my flat some journalists took pictures of us. Jake stopped to greet them but I told him to shut up and carry on moving towards my flat. I knew he felt famous. I could see his look. He had a huge smile and even showed his tongue. Jake behaved as a clown. Even some of the journalists laughed and took more pictures of him that of me. When we arrived to my flat and were inside the living room Jake asked me: “are journalists here for Bob?”


“I think so.”


“Cool, I have one famous friend.”


Jake always knew how to make me laugh. I did the popcorns and then putted a film that the library had rent me. It was a Christmas film. Jake wanted the film to be a scary one but due to that it was Christmas I thought it was a really good reason to watch Rudolph. When we were half way in the film Carla, my neighbor started to shout at her house. Jake got a bit scared and me too. I told him there was nothing to be frightened off. I called Carla through the phone to avoid getting out of my house.


“I heard you screaming, are you fine?”I tried to ask her in the most normal tone possible to not seem worried.


“Yes darling I’m alright. It’s just… that… I’ve seen too many, I´ve had enough of them all.” Then she changed her scared tone to an angry one. As she started explaining me that she was going to complain from all those journalists that also tried to speak to her about me I told her that I had things to do. I need it to finish with the film and also to explain to Jake the reasoning for the shouts.


When Rudolph finished Jake was asleep. I send it Peter a message telling him that Jake was already asleep. He didn´t answer so he might also be already asleep.


Jake and I slept the entire night hugged one to each other. 

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