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Maia is a fourteen year old teenager that soon will be brainwashed. Supremes have in my mind how to create love and Maia will be the key that changes every prediction. Who will help Maia on her adventurous journey?


3. The cyclist and the raindrop

It was raining, I didn´t care much about the rain drops at all. Raining was wonderful. Rain helps to think and put in order your life. But, I didn´t have an umbrella and I didn´t want to get wet. My house isn´t far away from Peters but it is at least twenty minutes walking at a slow paste, my paste. I was calm, in my own world, I was crossing the road. When it happened….

A bike tripped over me and the cyclist and I felt to the floor in a disordered way. We both landed leaning against each other. It was the first time I saw him; he was young but bigger than me. Therefore, he had already been brainwashed. I looked at him but the rain disabled me to obserb clearly his face. He was blooding, his lips were blooding, from those thin light lips blood came out. We both stood up, I with more difficulties because I had twisted my left foot. We both were absolutely wet, my coat was dripping and so did his trousers. My feet were frozen. I started to sneeze. He laughed. He was checking he was okay and released a shy giggle. When he realized his lips were blooding he stopped laughing. I was sorry for him, but inside me I felt he was the guilty one for the accident. He should have stopped the bike because I was crossing the road. Well, I had also my part of fault. I had crossed the road without looking, stupid me. My conscious felt guilty. I tried to walk away but my foot unable me to do so. I really wanted to disappear of that accident but I couldn´t. He asked me with the sweatiest voice I had ever heard it: “Are you okay, I think I’m the only injured here, thank goodness.” In fact he was the only one with blood but I was injured in my inside.

Me: “Well, you´re thinking wrong. I twisted my left foot and hurts a lot.”

Cyclist: “Sorry… I didn´t mean to hurt you, the rain stopped me from seeing you."

Me: “what did you say your name was?”

Cyclist: “I haven´t told you.”

Me: “In case you´re asking yourself my name, I’m the clumsy girl.”

Cyclist: “I´m Bob, nice to meet you. Who are you?”

Me: “The clumsy girl, have you forgotten?”

Bob: “I mean your name”.

Me: “Irrelevant. I´m a stranger. I don´t like this situation. I´m wet, ten minutes from home walking, hungry, thousand questions with no answer and I’ll be brainwashed in about two months and two weeks. Do you think I need another friend? Or time to spend with…you, Bob.”

Bob: “I just wanted to be handsome.”

Me: I just want to reach home.

Bob: “You´ll be brainwashed?”

Me: “yes; like everyone else is by that… Supremes.”

Bob: “don´t you like them?”

Me: “like them?! I don´t have family thanks to them; and the three most important people of all my life will disappear of my mind. I will forget about them. How am I supposed to like the Supremes? They will take away everything that matters to me. I would also forget about you, Bob.”

Bob:  “Supremes do it for our good.”

Me: “Do you really belief them?”

Bob: “No.”

Me: “Then?”

Bob: “I just belief in what my father says it’s the best for our Planet, Planet Bolly. My father never lies to me, he´s the president and is a fair and nice person.”

Me: “Wait a minute, you´re Bob Callister? Dylan´s brother?”

Bob:” Yes I am.”

Me: “It was just an opinion from nobody. It doesn´t matter. I´m not against you´re father or any member of the USAPTL. You need to belief me, please, don´t...”

Bob: “I will not harm you, but you should be careful with whom you share your opinions. You could end up being in trouble.”

Me: “thanks, we should leave, i´m freezing.”

Bob: “Bye.”

Me: “Are you in a hurry?”

Bob: “no, what´s the matter?”

Me: “remember my foot, I can´t walk alone, it hurts too much. Can you help me back home, please?”

Bob: “The faster we go the sooner we´ll arrive.”

We didn´t say nothing. Nobody hanged around due to the rain. We were alone, I couldn´t even see his guardsmen’. I wished I hadn´t exploited and haven´t speak to him so freely. He was the president´s son. Which means in the future he will be the boss of the Supremes; my boss also.  I think he likes me in a sort of way. If not I would have a queue of Supremes arresting me for conspiring against the government of Bolly. Bolly is in danger, Supremes think they´ll suffer an attack due to the offensive messages received from Jupiter. So now, they are taking safety precautions.  Bob was the contradicting idea of what I thought a son of the president should be. He was smart and polite. He was also good mannered. The problem was that he hadn´t show any argument about my opinion. He didn´t even tell me off. Judging is one of the horrible things you can do. Although I tend to do it usually with people I don´t know. Bob, he didn´t knew  me for anything and he was polite and respected my opinion; and I had behaved like a child. What type of person am I? I kept asking myself to the way home.

We finally reached home. I live in the second floor of a modern and elegant building. Each floor has two flats. My neighbor is an old lady and she and her cat live alone. Carla tends to wake me up, accidently by turning on the oven on Saturdays Mondays, then she invites me to eat with her breakfast and I politely accept. She´s alone, I understand her. I know that feeling.
We were waiting for the elevator to pick us up. I looked and Bob and suddenly realized we had forgotten his bike. I told him and he changed dramatically his attitude. He started to tell me to don´t worry that his guardsmen’s had already picked it up. He started to speak like a rich, spoiled boy. I was quite disappointed, I felted I wasn´t from his world, from his environment. I realized he was a family member of the Callister, he surely was being watched for protection, safety reasons and political ideas. I felted observed. And what if the guardsmen´s had heard our conversation? What if they were going to tell the Supremes and I’ll be arrested. Or even worse, what if Bob got into trouble for not reporting me. I started to feel nervous so I decided to pretend I was ill and didn´t knew what I was talking about, to give the impression I was sort of mad. I suddenly told him: “I’m okay; you and your followers can leave.” He answered me seriously: “you don´t need to pretend you´re alright, let me help you until we reach your house door:” I couldn´t argue with him. He was right, I couldn´t walk alone. The elevator at last picked us up. We reached the second floor in a sigh.  When I was at my door I removed my keys from by pocket and was so nervous that I couldn´t open the door. I felt so pathetic I started to laugh. At last I opened the door and started to speak to Bob inviting him so stay for some time with me. I don´t really know why I told him that. I wasn´t speaking, my inner voice was. My inner voice knew that Bob had treat me really politely and I didn´t want to create in his mind the image of an ungrateful person. He deserved some sort of kindness.

It was nine in the night. He told me if I had something to him to prepare dinner. I felt like if we were friends or something that went beyond it. He told me that he wouldn´t leave me injured without anyone to take care of me. I felt special and replied him with a: “Carla, my neighbor can help me”. He answered me with: “I’m here, she´s not.” I guess he wanted to stay with me. I´m not really sure why, because I’ve been quite aggressive speaking and have criticized the Supremes.

We spend it one hour eating and talking about funny things and adventures we had lived. He mentioned me difficult situations he had lived with the journalists and I told him how Jake behaved pretending he was a Supreme. When we stopped talking he told me: “You´re Maia, you´re bell had your name and Maia, I promise you that if you forget this conversation we will repeat it again. I will not permit you forget about my secret adventures.” He told me that, and I was kind of surprised I wasn´t sure how to answer back so I just told him I was tired. Thirty minutes after when he had already gone I agreed to hang up with him in two days. But, this time he would come to pick me up from Bubble School and we would go to one of his houses by one of his cars, in concrete a limousine.

I went to sleep and the last thought I thought was me falling in love with Bob, strange thing to think about because I only know him for some hours. Peter also appeared in my thoughts. He was a Supreme. Peter was trying to separate me from Bob. I Stopped thinking; I was too tired to even understand my thoughts and felt in the most wonderful dream ever.

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