Kiss me meanwhile

Maia is a fourteen year old teenager that soon will be brainwashed. Supremes have in my mind how to create love and Maia will be the key that changes every prediction. Who will help Maia on her adventurous journey?


8. Superstar me


The next morning, Saturday I didn´t do much thing. I was the whole day doing homework and studying. I just received and phone call and for my sadness it wasn´t David. I don´t know how to explain it but i´m wishing to speak with him. I feel a sensation of bleakness. I need to hear his voice. His voice is like music to my ears. Without noticing it the Saturday went quickly enough so when I realized it was already night. I decided to go for a walk and for my surprise the same man of my dreams was near me. He was as before dressed in purple. He took a picture and got from his pocket a red block that had a button on one side. He pressed the button and a big shiny light shined. When I opened my eyes and looked at him he wasn´t there anymore. As in my dreams he disappeared in matter of seconds. I decided to return home again as a strange mystical object had made the purple man to disappear and I was in a way frightened.  I was going to return when I saw a paper right where he was. Had the paper fallen from his pocket or had he left it there at purpose? I picked it up and one side was white. The other side had something written in but it wasn´t in our language. The paper was signed. The firm was from someone called Cesar. The paper had also a small image. Concentrating on the image I got to the conclusion that it was something from space. It was black and seemed as a big hurricane of space. You could also distinguish some stars on the background. I wasn´t sure of what it was so I folded the paper on half and returned home.


At home I eat a sandwich for dinner and watched some TV. I putted Channel 4 as I wanted to know the actual gossiping of this week. Firstly they spoke about Susan and the pregnancy rumors.  Then about Bob and that he had apparently finished the relationship with the mystery girl. I was glad to hear that when the said that they had a great big new of her. What new could they have of me? They went into adverts and ten minutes after they returned.


“As you all know our dear Luke Jones is starting to film a movie and today he announced that probably that mysterious girl will be the main character of his film.”


When they said that, I was surprised. Why had Mr. Jones decided to tell that without even waiting until Monday to my rehearsal? I was really surprised he had told the whole of Bubble that the mysterious girl will probably appear as a main character.  Channel 4 was very excited with the positive new. They finished with the exclusive advising that they´ll be paying attention for the mysterious girl. The next rumor that I was really interested on was that Supremes had been some weeks collecting Earth books to check if any false information has been published. Jake came into my head. I remember when he said me that Supremes where collecting their books. On channel 4 they questioned the reasoning for collecting to the books and slowly changed the idea of false information into destroying pure history. When a whole 1 hour of gossiping was talked in Channel´s 4 studio they changed their program to a special Christmas edition. Bolly´s favorite presenter appeared in it, Jessica Liveryman. I was listening to her Christmas speech when I decided to look at my horoscope.


Bolly´s Zodiac Symbol is the same as in every planet. I was born the seventh of February so I’m Aquarius. My horoscope was pretty good. It suggested that I was going to be given a good new in two days. It also said that I would need to make a great effort to maintain a friendship. A new person would enter in my life with positive effects on it. The last thing on my horoscope was that I had the possibilities to escape from a horrible natural thing but only if I made the correct decisions. The advice of the week: Be happy. Colour red. Compatibility Sagittarius. Incompatibility Cancer. Number 6.


I´ve never really believed in the horoscope but as this week’s one was positive I decided to believe on it.  When I realized it was already late so I turned off TV and slept on the sofa.


Awaking with a baby’s laughter’s is a nice way of awaking. What´s not so nice is that it´s not day and still three more hours of sleeping. The new arrival, Lauren´s baby, Mel, cries at night. Lauren lives on the floor on top of my flat therefore I here everything. Every sound gets to be heard by me. The baby is only living here for about four days but she already seems to bother me, or at least at night. Lauren has dismissed Mel and she keeps saying that the Mel is too young, that she isn´t comfortable yet at her new home. I don´t want to be mean or either have neighborhood problems so I’m not going to complain about Mel for the moment. Also, I’m thinking that well… if finally I get to appear on the film I’ll be able to move to a glamorous building were no babies cry.


When the silent night was again present just two hours more of sleeping. In those two hours I slept best than ever. I finally awoke for myself and as it was Sunday and I was too lazy to make breakfast I was going to get a chocolate at the Coffee Grain. Since I’ve appeared on Channel 4 I have the feeling that when the waiter comes to my table she wants me to tell her something about Bob or any kind of rumor. I was going to get out of my flat when Dylan phoned me.


“Remember I´ll phone you, are you busy for breakfast?”


Dylan was just the person that I thought that I wasn´t going to receive a phone call from. Since I saw him on his bike with Susan I haven´t seen him again. As I didn´t have a great breakfast plan I answered him with no dude of chilling out with him.


“I suppose now yes, would you like at Coffee Grain in two minutes?”


“Actually, I’m at your entrance door.”


“Okay, see you in thirty seconds.”


Thirty seconds after I was already with Dylan. I think he was impressed with the way I was looking but not in a good way I must say. The way Dylan met me was in a perfect climax and when we saw us again I was good dressed with nice hairstyle. Now, I’m with a puffy tail to avoid messing up my hair with the wind. I´m wearing also long grey jeans and a light pink shirt. I´m also wearing a grey cardigan for the cold and a nice pink cotton hat. It seems strange but I’m also wearing big sun classes for avoiding the journalists on my way recognizing me. I´m dressed in a chic but homely style. When Dylan looked at me he started straightly to speak.


“Nice outfit mysterious girl.”


“Nice outfit future daddy.”


“Just rumors, nor baby around me.”


“Just rumors, I’m pretty boring.”


We both laughed and hugged each other. Dylan was starting to be a friend, a unique friend. He was also dressed in a normal homely outfit to avoid journalists but, unlike me he wore a blue hat enabling to see his eyes. We both started our journey to Grain´s and our conversation fluently developed including lot´s of laughing. At the Grains we both started to solve our dudes about the scattered rumors about us.


“How´s that I’m going to become a daddy?”


“Susan pregnancy rumors.”


“No further imagination, just thinking about us all day.”


“Dylan, think that in the previous acts Susan wore broad shirts and dresses and that is a possible style of pregnancy woman.”


“I know.”


“Then why do you have a concerned face?”


“She is pregnant.”


Dylan changed his tone to a serious concerned one.


“Oh, so it´s true, congratulations daddy!”


“It´s not mine.”


“What do you mean it´s not yours?”


“I’m not the father.”


“You´re not the, what? Why wouldn´t you be the father?!”


“I’m not having any thing with her further than public interviews.”


“Who´s the father then?”


“I don´t know, it´s just not me.”


“Are you sure?”               


“I´m not really intelligent but I would certainly not forget about a baby.”


“And what are you going to do about it?”


“I’m not sure, if my father, the President get´s to know the truth… he´ll do something really bad to her and the baby.”


“Don´t worry, everything will be alright.”


When the waiter came around she already identified me and I saw her trying to look at Dylan´s eyes to get to know who it was. It was just until Dylan ordered what he wanted that the lady didn´t realized of who it was. Dylan´s timber was recognizable. Then the lady went quickly enough to tell the cooker and the clients on the bar to inform of our presence. Dylan and I realized when a great wave of murmurs started to create a great noise and therefore no one heard it our conversation. I wasn´t sure of how to advice Dylan. I was capable of understanding his situation and what´s worse the danger William supposed to Susan. As Susan was his best allied he might forgive her, but not the baby. William couldn´t afford to treat the baby as a grandchild or to permit him/ her to reach power. This entire situation was dangerous. Anyone that knew it might be killed because the McCallister´s family couldn´t permit to be damage by one baby of one member of them. Daughter/son of one of their best members; Susan, the perfect Susan. The Susan that spoke really well on public and knew how to act or what to wear on every occasion. The Susan that apparently was the perfect wife. But, that Susan has also a dark side and I’m seeing it right now. For my surprise Dylan told me that it was better to change conversation and so I did.


“Is it true you´re appearing in Jones film?”


“I’m not really sure, I’m doing the casting tomorrow morning; but just to please him.”


“You´re being forced to do it?”


“Weird, I know.”


“I know Sir Jones, his friend of Ortensia, my mother.”


“The thing is he personally phoned me to convince me that I was the star he was looking for.”


“Sincerely… if he told you that, you can consider yourself part of his new project.”


“Seems so perfect, seems unreal.”


“Maia, you´re special.”


“You´re more special than I am.”


“Listen, you are famous for yourself, the first week without meeting with Bob journalists would have stopped looking for you.”


“Well, their reaction was the opposite way, Channel 4 had all day long some journalists at my house to take pictures, ask neighbors and to annoy me.”


“In Bubble, fame is really important and having a mysterious girl on a film could be the key for success.”


“You were not intelligent?”


“Pure business, my mother taught me how Sir Jones succeeds.”


“So, having me on the film is the key for success.”


“Yes, think that everybody wants to know who you are, everybody wants pictures of you, and everybody wants to speak with you, so, what actress would he choose to appear on his film, well you.”


“Me, me, I guess I can consider myself really famous.”



“But, what if the brainwash stops this adventure.”


“How many weeks until you´re brainwashed?”


“Exactly two weeks and three days.”


“Well, you must sign in as the actress of his film before that date.”




“If your personality changes or gets strange in comparison to what they want you´ll not be able do the film.”


“But, personality doesn´t really change, does it?”


“Maybe not a lot but you´ll certainly will like what they introduce in your brain to do so. And you´ll have a family from the computer´s system election. It can vary a lot your life depending on the family you are putted too.”


“So, basically what you´re telling me is that I just can pray for luck, as my new family will be the key to be an actress?”


“Basically what I’m telling you is that a family can change decisions.”


“What type of family will I be putted to?”


“I don´t really know. These things are leaved to chance. The computer selects a man and women with compatibility above seventy percent and then they add to them the daughters and sons.”


“I have it black.”


“Well, there are worse things in life.”


Speaking with Dylan was like asking for advice to the most wise of all. It seems really obvious to realize that Dylan is different to Bob. Bob just get´s on my nerves and Dylan just keeps me calmed and makes me realize that I’m not the only one with problems in my life.


“I’m thinking the best for my family would be to divorce from Susan.”


As I didn´t really know enough about consequences, laws and Bubbles MaCallister´s secret issues I decided to be honest.


“Dylan, as a friend I don´t dare to advice you what´s better to do. It should be better that you consult it with someone that knows about those problems in details.”


“Thanks for being my friend.”


“Thanks to you.”


The uncomfortable silence appeared and it gave me the impression that Dylan was a person that might seem happy but in fact that he wasn´t. Dylan was sad. Dylan was really heartbroken. Although, I need to find out if he is actually in love with Susan. Dylan finally broke the silence.


“The first thing that Bob advice me was to not get near you.”


“With what reasoning?”


“A simple one.”


“Then tell me.”


“He told me that you were wonderful.”


“That´s the most stupid reason I’ve heard to not approach to somebody.”


“He told me that he had fallen in love with you.”


“In love? With me?”


“He told me that you had make him feel what any other girl didn´t.”


“And that´s why you shouldn´t approach to me? Seriously?!”


“He just told me that it was no good to be with you because you kept making distance when somebody was too near to you.”


“I don´t get that.”


“Maia, he wanted something with you.”


“Well, I’m sorry but I didn’t´!”


“You don´t need to shout at me.”


“I’m sorry it´s just so annoying. I was in a good mood but being honest Bob was of one the worst persons I’ve met in life and I keep forgetting that he´s your brother.”


“I just wanted to tell you that he was right, you´re a wonderful friend.”


“Sorry, I can´t carry on this conversation I feel like if I was speaking with Bob and I don´t want to see him ever in my life, ever.”


“You´re my friend, not his one.”


“You´re speaking about him and I can´t listen to it anymore; they nearly kill me for his fault.”


“Kill you?”


“Yes, you should ask him about it and let´s see what he replies you.”


“Maia I don´t want to get mad with you, so don´t you get mad at me, please.”


When Dylan and I just finished with breakfast he paid and we both came out of the Grains smiling, ready for pictures to be taken. For my surprise there were more journalists than ever. I counted like seven and he counted another five. As we had decided too we both got into his bike and went direction to a lake nearby. Santa Columbus Lake is really famous on Bolly. This lake is all the year opened to everyone and you can pass the day there and eat in a bar next to it. Santa Columbus has always been free to access to it but, as many tourists from Venus and Ceres like to visit it now, you need to pay to be able to approach near it. Supremes said that to maintain and keep healthy the Lake they need it money. The faster the bike went the more freedom I could feel. I could feel the wind on my cheeks hitting it so hard that I could feel them freezing. I grabbed Dylan by his back. The faster he went the greater I grabbed him. It was like flying. We were escaping from everything. Nothing could stop us. Anyone stopped us. I could see the journalists through the rearview mirror. They kept moving and taking pictures. Dylan was laughing. It was like a persecution. It seemed as if we were criminals and the journalists the police. When we finally got out of the journalists zone we were finally near the lake. Or I thought so. When Dylan stopped the bike near a big house.


The house was surrounded by six big dragon blood trees. It smelled really nice due to some wild flowers that grew all over the fenced house and ground. The house seemed as a dream house. It was made of wood with a whole glass wall on one side. It shocked me that so near to Lake Santa Columbus a cute unknown house was located. Someone lived there, an important person. I saw two armed guardsman standing at the door looking right at us.


The sun was shining as never before. My sun glasses were just perfect. Dylan told me to get off his bike. I did so and so he did. He looked to the horizon. His perfect smile didn´t express anything. Straight lips. When then I asked him where we were. He answered that he need it a favor.


“Where are we Dylan?”


“Susan lives here.”


“Why have you brought me here?”


“I would be really grateful if you spoke with her.”


“Dylan, I’m your friend, you should be the one that speaks with her about your problem, not me.”


“Maia, I don´t dare to look at her.”


“Dylan you haven´t done anything wrong you can´t feel sullen.”


“I don ´t dare to look at her because she breached the covenant.”


“What covenant?”


“We both agreed to stay at night with whomever as long as it all stayed as a secret and nothing greater carried on.”


“Nothing greater?”


“I mean, a baby.”


“Is the covenant legally agreed and signed?”


“Sort of.”


“What do you want me to speak with her about?”


“I need you to convince her to abort before the rumor formalizes.”


“Maia, listen. The covenant includes that if one knows from the other that they created something greater by their own we shall tell the President. The President will make Susan declare that she´s going to another Planet to encourage the Supremes spirit and don´t leave anything to chance. But what it will happen is…”


“He´ll kill her.”


“Yes, he will for my sadness.”


“And if it was the other way round?”


“He will just pay off that girl the enough money to make her shut up and if not kill her. Publicly he would deny every rumor. He has enough power to hide it.”


“Dylan, you´re asking me to tell her to kill her own baby.”


“For her goodness!”


“It´s her baby…”


“Maia, please I don´t want her to be killed.”


“Do you love her?”


“I was introduced Susan into my mind. I love her as far as my mind does not more or even less.”


“Will you kill your own child?”


“I would not commit the error of having it first of all.”


“Dylan, I’ve asked you a question.”


“And I’ve answered it.”


“Will you kill you own child?”


“Don´t make me feel as a criminal. Just speak with her try to convince her; if the President gets to know I would not be capable of doing anything for her.”


“Why don´t you want to speak with her?”


“Maia, she´s going to be killed for the covenant I made up for myself.”


“That´s not a reason to avoid speaking with her.”


“Okay, do you prefer the truth?”




“I feel devastated. I´ve never went with another girl although the covenant allowed me to do so. I respected her. I though she respected me. I thought that she did the same as I did. And now, she gets pregnant. She will be killed. I can´t look at her. The fear I have is superior to what I would do without it.”


“I understand you.”


 “You don´t really do so. Do you know how much hurts that the person you love is going to be killed because of a silly none existing yet baby.”


“I´ve suffered in my own way.”


“They will kill her. I don´t want to presence how she´s killed for my covenant!”


“I’ve heard enough; you´re torturing yourself too much. I´m going to speak with her.”


“I will wait for you at the living room.”


Dylan hold my hand and started to walk to the house entrance. I wasn´t sure why he did so. Was he so scared he had to grab my hand, as Jake does every time when we watch a scary film? Was he holding to me to make sure they let me enter to the house? Well, whatever the reason was for it I grabbed his hand and smiled at him. I´m sure I was more scared than he was. I felt I had a lot of pressure in my hands. It was in my hands to be able to convince Susan about Dylan´s thoughts. I was starting to practice a mind conversation of how to start and at the same time of how to be really persuasive.


“Hi sir, who´s her?” the guard analyzed me and as Dylan told him that I was Susan´s friend he checked I wasn´t armed and let me enter. The house had a double entrance. It seemed the house was designed to be as protective as possible. To finally get into the house you need it to cross along a small patio and a veranda was there stopping you to get into the house.


The veranda was all along the front side of the house. A lady told us to seat there and to wait. There were two impermeable sofas and a little decoration table were the lady left some fries and two cups filled of water.


“Don´t drink the water?” Dylan enforced me to do so with his looking.


“Why shouldn´t I?”


“It´s poisoned with the truth spell.”


“What are you saying Dylan?”


“It´s a security method that all Supremes or relatives use before hand to make sure the person they´re meeting will not trick them.”


“I will not trick her, you know.”


“Neither would I, but it´s a securitymethod.”


Without thinking it twice I said to Dylan: “I’m going to drink it, therefore Susan will belief me and know that I do want to help her.”


“Maia, she could ask you anything and you won´t be able to deny the question.”


“I don´t have anything to be shy off.”


When I dranked the water suddenly the lady came out and told me that Susan was waiting me at her room. The lady looked at Dylan´s cup, and, as it was full she told him to drink it. Dylan told her that only I was going to speak with Susan. I think the lady thought I knew where the room was because she just went off without coming with me. I tried to analyze all the possible doors to her room. I decided to try with a big pink door that had a finger print scanner next to the door. I was going to put my finger on it when the door opened and Susan appeared behind it.


“I don´t recommend you to try it, it only opens with Dylan´s and my fingerprint. Your fingerprint would automatically be saved as a possible danger, some Supremes would follow you to make sure you didn´t want to act against me.”


When she finished with her welcoming speech I was a hundred percent sure that her house had been designed by intelligent architects to make it as safe as possible. I find it normal, as she would be the futures President wife. Therefore, I imagine one of those doors will be a panic safety room and probably it also has secret ways of escaping in case of emergency. How did she know I was at her door? I imagine there´s also cameras watching at all times. Therefore, surely there´s another room with someone watching all the cameras. If I start to think about it this house is a mansion. Plenty of rooms, but I haven´t seen so much workers, and what if they are hiding?


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