Kiss me meanwhile

Maia is a fourteen year old teenager that soon will be brainwashed. Supremes have in my mind how to create love and Maia will be the key that changes every prediction. Who will help Maia on her adventurous journey?


16. Silent purple


Have I found it? Is this man the solution? The answers? Maybe more questions? How does he know that I’m looking for them? Yes, more questions. 


When I least expected I was covered by all sort of questions dyed in purple. That was the moment. Hurray; I would try to solve them. I would try.


“Okay, I’ll admit that it intrigues me the fact that you know I’m looking for you…but I prefer other answers.”


“Good choice.”


“Firstly, who are you?”


He breathed heavily enough to seem worried.


“I´m a Jupiter´s agent. We call ourselves the Purple´s. My name is Dorian and I’m here with the aim of saving Jupiter and…”


“And?” –Again intrigued.


“And finding the way of achieving our wants.”


“Have you find how to do so?”


“Yes, we have.”




“We are being watched. Better in a private place.”-He slowly said.


“Okay, where will I be able to find you; and when?”


“No. you won’t find me. I´ll find you as soon as everything is finally prepared.”


“Prepared for what?”


“I must go now; don´t tell anyone about me…They won´t believe you.”


“No! Don´t go first answer. Prepared for what?”


“Prepared to receive you.”


Instantly after our conversation a big light and gone. He wasn´t there anymore. It reminded me to once some time ago I saw the man dressed in purple that disappeared with the light. Maybe it was the same man. Ahhhh. Now I remember. The man left over the letter or something like that. Yes, the one with the picture of a black hole or something similar to it.


When finally Bob had finished with his fans he approached with a big smile. The smile gave permission to his nice, perfectly lined teeth to show.


“No more autographs to sign.” –He said continuing smiling.


“Well you must feel loved by so many people! You are really lucky!”-I said returning the smile.


“I guess that people admire me but the person I wished that loved me doesn´t.” –he said taking away his smile.


And silence. It was clear enough for me to think of who he was talking about.


“And how are you so sure?” –And I didn´t waited for an answer.


I got his hand and pulled of him towards me. We walked close one to each other visiting more animals. It was good to be surrounded by animals. Animals didn´t know who we were and therefore didn´t look at us expecting for something to happen.


When we finished visiting the zoo we had a quick lunch at the bar´s terrace. Some more flashes. Relax. Everything is okay. Bob kept smiling and sometimes even tried to hold my hand under the table. Bob explained me that flashes wanted news so as soon as we kept calmed and relaxed the quicker they would go.


We stood up and went towards the entry but this time not to enter, but to leave.


A fast stop at the zoo´s toilets. Make up. Smile. Doubts. And out with Bob again.


“I need to show you something, come on quickly.” –He said a bit serious.


“Okay, okay I’ll speed up.”


“And what do you think?” –He asked.


“No! It can´t be true, jajajaja. How did you know?”


“Whilst you were at the toilets I asked if they had frogs, and yes. They had.”


“Now you must feel as home Bob frog!”


“Maybe yes maybe not.”


“You deserve one…”


“Deserve one what… Frog?”


“Nope! Jajaja or maybe two…”


“But one or two what?”


“Maybe three.”


“Or maybe I just want to know what you´re talking about if the numbers don´t relate to frogs.”


“Shut up and follow me.”


“As you say so.”


“I´m looking for some trees. So do you know where we can find some?”


“Hmmm yes for sure. I think it´s this way.”


I knew why I wanted to find some trees but he didn´t. Something told me that he, Bob felt really intrigued. We finally got to the trees. Yes, perfect place-I told to myself.


“Maybe…” –I started saying.


“Another maybe, please Maia let the maybe´s apart.”-he rudely interrupted.


“Bob please let me speak.” –I calmly said.


“Okay yes?”


We stood looking one to another. I looked at what surrounded us. Trees, vegetation and the sound of the elephants. Some birds flying near but not bothering us. I looked at everything around trying to avoid his eyes. I was really nervous. My heart was beating really fast. I was really nervous; and I’m sure he perceived it. I didn´t wanted to commit any mistakes on that specific moment therefore I looked up and smiled at him.


I got closer. And he did so. Another step and he did the same. One step separating us. Or he took it or either I took it. He looked at me. I knew he wanted me to take it. He felt insecure. I can´t deny I wasn´t felling the same but I was determined to be the one taking it. I took it. We were right in front of each other. I felt his breathing on my face. I could smell his breath. I could even hear his heart beat. On the moment I was going to take the last and final step he looked at me with a tiger´s eyes. His tiger eyes were brave and lovely and every second that passed even braver. He blinked and I did so. He moved his arms towards me and surrounded my hips. Adrenaline speed it up. I stood still and moved my head to aside moving freely my hair all over my shoulders. His tiger eyes continued making me feeling desirable and pretty. Another blink and I was now part of him. We kissed with passion. We moved between the trees without stopping kissing. He kept me close to him and I hugged him. I stroked his hair ignoring the fact that I shouldn´t never strike a tiger. And more passion. Closing my eyes. Bumping into some branches. Touching his big and hot back. Holding close one to each other. We were kissing. We were kissing freely. I felt his soft lips moving down from my lips to my neck. And more kisses and more passion. And as insecurity decreased desire increased.


“Maia if you don´t like me we shouldn´t be kissing.”-he whispered in my left ear.


“I do like you. Now shut up and kiss me.” – I replied with security, with happiness, with passion, with his breath still in my mouth.


More kisses. More hugs. More time. More laughs. More branches. More birds. More passion. More of us…together.


After ten minutes, more or less, of kissing and having a good time we saw a big and bright flash. Journalists had arrived therefore we stopped.


“Bob! Bob! Are you taking seriously with her?”-One said.


“Any declaration to be added?” –Another one added.


“Maia, is Bob Callister your love?” –A girl said with anger, desperation, bloody for answers.


“If we hadn´t interrupt you would you have done something else???” –They kept asking.



I didn´t knew exactly what to answer or even if I should answer something.  Bob looked at me with a calmed smile and then holded my hand and together we came out of the garden.


Again at the zoo´s path we were surrounded by journalists and their inquisitive cameras recording everything to do with us. Maybe they had recorded us kissing… maybe not.


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