Kiss me meanwhile

Maia is a fourteen year old teenager that soon will be brainwashed. Supremes have in my mind how to create love and Maia will be the key that changes every prediction. Who will help Maia on her adventurous journey?


19. Reflection


I open my eyes. The ceiling’s colour is different; this time it’s purple, strong and dark. Dark and mysterious.  This room is full of everything but him. I’m not in a hospital bed anymore; I’m laying in a cozy king size bed that has nice green blankets. I remove my hair from my face and place it behind my ear. I can´t find the oxygen mask. I’m breathing for myself. At the feet of my bed two large sofas are looking at each other without being too close together. Further apart in the room opposite to me a white big door; and next to this door another door with the same characteristics. This room isn´t as shiny as the other one although it also has two medium sized windows with long thick yellow curtains holding them.  


I get free of the blankets and look at myself. I’m not wearing the dress anymore. I’m completely naked although not cold. There must be some sort of heating system that avoids it. I can´t see any cameras and therefore don´t mind who sees me. Well, I must admit that I don´t spend much time after them. I stand up, feeling some sort of salty breeze against me. My feet are also naked. On the floor my feet are able to find a pair of soft home shoes. I put them on. I don´t look any more than necessary at the purple shoes, instead I walk. Firstly I  get to the first window pushing the sofas out of my way.


 I look downwards from a high altitude. I’m really tall. I can even see some clouds at sight and birds flying right next to me. “Take me” I shout so quietly that they can’t hear me. I’m inside a skyscraper building. There aren´t any taller buildings than this one. I´m not able to see people, I just see tiny ants and colors, no faces, no expressions. Everything and everyone goes quickly and noisily. Little cars and little people escape from the city, from its life, its color and attraction.  I can´t follow anyone more than ten seconds before they disappear from my vision camp. I´m in the central city although contrastingly I can´t distinguish or identify symbolical buildings or streets that prove where I am. I can´t see anything that facilitates that information. Without realizing I find myself shivering due to the cold glass window against my skin. I take a step back and look at the sky. It’s sunny, few clouds ahoy that melodically dancing remove and dissolve into the blueness.


Turning around to face the room I find the two white doors screaming at me, supplicating to been open. I do as they tell me without questioning. What will there be on the other side can just be found by opening them.


The first one leads to a big white bathroom perfectly conditioned. A bathtub and next to it a metallic shelve full of coconut and mint soaps. The sinks have nice golden detailed endings. The bathroom has one toilet and a small wardrobe full of shower towels of the same color. Light and dark purple. I get one of them without bothering too much and find a label on it. Purples property.  I read it again. Purples property. At first I don’t think about it but then my mind starts to meander and is conscious that the Purples must be a large company, group, and business? How if not would they have the money to adequate this room with perfect furniture and have their own towels and dresses with their label... But why was I naked?


The second white door cracks whilst I open it encouraging a small goose bump to divagate from toes to cheeks. I tremble and look at the only thing on that room, sliding mirror doors. I step ahead and see someone reflected on the mirror. She is young. She has brown chestnut color hair to one side covering part of her breasts. She has green sparkling eyes and some delicate and hairy eyebrows that blend with red. The red is dry although eye catching. Meticulously I get near the mirror and realize that the girl´s left eyebrow is bleeding, that´s why it’s red.  I look at her body. It seems agonized, in pain. She has one deep wound between her belly bottom and pelvis. The rest of her body is bruised from legs to arms. I notice that she has the same tope as I do on my right hip above the belly bottom line. I look at her closely without moving from where I am standing. Why hadn´t I admitted it. I was describing what I was seeing. I was alone in that room. It was me. That harmed girl was me. The explosion clearly had affected me more deeply than I thought. I look again at the red wound in my tummy and then at the eyebrow and then at the tummy. And again at the eyebrow´s blood. I only had one though in mind. One name. More than just one question.




Where was he. Was he okay? Had him…gone. Where and exactly with who was I. Not wanting to be naked further on I finally slide one of the mirrors. As I had predicted I was standing on the fitting rooms of this luxurious room. The first sliding mirror was the cover of a chain of black and elegant dresses all with different sizes and lengths. I see one with a silver belt attached around the hips and put it on without further hesitations. The second sliding mirror has trousers and shirts, which I ignored and opened the next one, then the next one and so on until at last the socks and tights appeared behind that sorrowed reflection. I try on a pair of stretching tights and then look for where the shoes hide on that celestial room. Finally choose a pair of silver high heels and then suddenly the last sliding mirror opens for itself, slowly, whilst I approach wanting to know what is in there. For my surprise about twenty drawers with illumination to emphasize their beauty open this time a bit faster protecting wonderful pairs of earrings of different colors and different stones. I could identify a pair of green emerald teardrops and next to them shiny golden and platinum hoops. I leave them there, they seem precious and I came looking for cloth not jewelry. I just get a hair band and do the fastest but nicest pony tail I can in few seconds. When I feel I´m ready I get out of that exciting room and knock on the last door left. Probably it is the front door, there needs to be a way of getting in and out of this room. How if not did I get in.


After several times of knock after knock I start to shout as it doesn´t do what I want to. Having realized that I couldn’t do much I come back to the matter that I had left behind some while ago. I start to look for knickers or bras on the changing room until strangely enough this time I am lucky and find a nicely pink pair of underwear.


I get back to the door. This time I decide not to use violence, as it hasn’t done me any good. Yet. Instead I pick wise words.


Some seconds later after I clearly state that I’ve been kidnapped and are going to be rescued even though they might not enjoy so the front door opens.


I look outside and see a sea of delocalized people moving from one place to another. I can see a large living room from the door I’m standing at. The living room has plenty of space and sofas where smart people sit on. I can also see more large windows where people are standing champagne in hand. Cocktail tables with little stools decorating the hall. Everyone seems celebrating something. One every few seconds the same person laughs again with another one.


People seem enjoying whatever is going on. It’s not the idea of where I am that was where I had in mind.


I had imagined that I was isolated, far from anyone that could help me but here I am. Standing right next to people that haven’t even glanced at me for simple curiosity. They are too busy. I feel strange being invisible. Being here without even knowing where I am, where Bob is.


I step out of the room and the door closes. A young boy looks at me and concerned for my comfortability asks me if the room is appropriate or if I wish to be changed. He hands me a card, an identification card for Bolly´s Purple Secret Base which says my name “Maia Salinas heir to the Purples Society”. The identification card also counts with an address for which I had never heard off. I look at the boy and continue to walk around the hall without being noticed.


“Oh dear, shall I come with you to the medical” –a woman stared.


I didn’t pay attention to her; I already knew what I had. Deal with it I said to myself.


“Who has let her out?” a man spoke up standing at my door. Luckily enough I was far from there by then. I continued to speed up. I was starting to feel really nervous. They were about to start looking for me.


I didn’t know what they wanted but they had hurt us. I needed to find him. I saw a lift and got inside. The skyscraper had eighty-three floors. Oh my lord how am I supposed to find him. I pressed the ground floor and some seconds later which took forever I was out of the lift. A woman pointed me out and some big guys walked towards me. I started running around the ground floor trying to find the way out. I saw the front door. I ran towards it. I was so near. I could even feel the breeze on my feet. The door opened detecting me and just when I was about to step out a woman grabbed me by my arm.


“This wasn´t the way I was expecting to meet you Maia”- a tall and thin woman muttered.


She was dressed in a knee length blue dress. The dress was simple but it seemed expensive, as everything inside this building. She also had her identification card on her hips, to the left side. I read it meticulously. “Donna of Purples born from the stars”; I looked at her face. She had skinny cheek bones and big brown eyes. Her eyebrows were just on point and she had that skin tone that either she had spent long hours sunbathing or had done a fake tan.


She released my arm and told me to follow her. No. I didn’t follow her. Instead I turned around trying to get again on track to the front door. The big guys were just behind me. I looked forward and followed her.


“I’ve seen you´ve been given your identification card. That card will enable you to move around the permitted zones. The room you woke up in is your temporarily bedroom. Once we have the meeting you´ll be moved, don’t worry about it, the room is temporarily.”- She repeated again.



This woman and her identification made her powerful. She moved and governed around as she wished. She walked straight and knew her way. She opened various doors and we used different lifts. Whilst we walked I scanned everything and everyone around trying to find Bob however I couldn’t see him.


“Wait here please and by the way, I´m Mary.”-She scanned once more her identification card but this time I waited outside with the big guys.


They looked at me with precaution. If I hadn’t known that I was a prisoner I would´ve guessed they respected me.



Not long after Mary came out with a smile and we continued the trip. I memorized where this door was, I wanted to know what was behind it.







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