Kiss me meanwhile

Maia is a fourteen year old teenager that soon will be brainwashed. Supremes have in my mind how to create love and Maia will be the key that changes every prediction. Who will help Maia on her adventurous journey?


2. Peter Sanz

When I met Peter his appearance didn´t justify the way he´s in fact. Black eyes, thin red lips, straight hair, dark hair (adore it), dark skin and tall. Three and three quarters years ago a normal day I went to my new school, (The Supremes have their own study and social theory: “each four years students must change school to grow up with new people”). Here, in my new school, Bubble school all started being strange and lonely. Girls ignored me. Boys, well, boys didn´t care much about me that´s all. At lunch I went to the dinning room thirty minutes earlier and there he was. Queuing up patiently. He stared at me and I finally started the conversation.

Me: "Guess we have another day fish and chips."

Peter: "Guess so."

Me: (I waited for him to continue the conversation, and finally he did so)

Peter: "My friends will come in about 20 mins, will you mind if I seat with you?"

Me: "´Course not, in fact I wasn´t going to seat with anyone."

Since that lunch we made ourselves inseparable. I laughed at whatever he told me and he did so with what I said. At school my year group was shocked. I haven´t realized but he was in fact the most influencing guy, the popular. We started to sit together and created and huge friendship no one, even Darcy or Rebecca could stop. Peter and I were friends.

Peter was the good boy at home but, at school trouble knew him. Unlike me, Peter had two elderly twin brothers. Jake and Jasper both nine. Jake and Jasper were good behaved and copied Peter´s behavior. Guess that´s what brothers do. Each week Jake and Jasper knew me better and even considered me their friends. I got to the point of agreeing to teach them about the Earth’s history in exchange to them preparing a perfect Friday night. Including an action movie, pop corns and fizzy drinks. Each class I taught them meant another perfect night with them and Peter. Jake and Jasper considered me their big sister and I considered them my little brothers. Our friendship grew until the moment I realized I would give my life for my “three boys” I considered myself in charge of them. Especially with Jake, I felt kind of responsible. In me the protection feeling surged. I was the tiger and their my babies. If anybody dared to touch them I would fight for them without considering the consequences.  I stood quietly at Peter’s room and suddenly went into my mind that I loved Jake, Jasper and Peter.

Love them. Love is a word that scientists are trying to create. What if the solution to create it was just a friendship of a girl with a boy including family tips? Was the feeling that I felt the solution? Was I a hero?  Had I discovered the formula? My mind collapsed with so many ideas I couldn´t deal with them at the same time. I would have continued obsessing myself but suddenly Jake interrupted my thoughts.

Jake: "Have you ever asked yourself…"

Me: "What?"

Jake: "Well, why?"

Me: "Why what? What are you trying to tell me?"

Jake: "Why isn´t Earth orbiting anymore?"

Me: "Well, that’s why I read books; to understand it."

Jake: "Yes, but, where is Earth now?"

Me: "Hum, I don’t really know, maybe it’s just not there anymore and that´s all."

Jake: "But where has it gone? Why did it go?"

Me: "Jake, have your read your school library Earth books. In there you´ll find an explained and fully answer that makes sense."

Jake: "I went to rent one last Tuesday but, the Supremes where collecting all the books. Not even one was left. They took them all with no permission, I think so."

The last thing I need it were more questions in my life with no answer. I was starting to understand love. Then, Jake came to me and started to create mysterious questions with answers that he wasn´t able to obtain.

I finished the conversation with a simple: “I’ll try to get you the books, I’m getting back home, it’s late and tomorrow we have school”.

His eyes started to bright with the magnitude of a star. I could see in his face the happiness and then he turned around and went shouting to Jasper about hanging out to the bowling tomorrow.

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