Kiss me meanwhile

Maia is a fourteen year old teenager that soon will be brainwashed. Supremes have in my mind how to create love and Maia will be the key that changes every prediction. Who will help Maia on her adventurous journey?



I waked up early, before the alarm ringed. I dressed myself as I wanted. That´s good about Bubble school, you can dress as you want. I was prepared to start my “journey to school” when I received a phone instant message from Peter. In the message he told me to put channel 4, to buy the newspaper, which I appeared in, and in all the possible medias with Bob Callister. Then a list of all sorts of questions taken from context. Like: “why did he go to your flat?”, “since when do you know him?”, “why did it looked like if you were hugging?”

I was shocked; I couldn´t belief what he was asking me. I couldn´t believe that the medias tooked us photos and gave them a double meaning. I turned on TV but it was working weird so I decided to take a milkshake at the Coffee Grain Place to calm down myself. Carla joined me but she didn´t mention Bob at any moment. She just insinuated that she had heard voices at my house and though it was the tele. Therefore… she knew it wasn´t the tele. Carla was a really nice neighbor but, she´s also babbler, the gossip girl of our building. When nobody knows yet what has happened she already knows who did it, why and when. I think this is because she doesn´t have any better thing to do. Her life has been quite sad. When Carla was brainwashed she forgot about her family. Carla was given a flat, a job and civil rights. Like any other brainwashed citizen. Carla opposed to become real friends with her forced friends. The Supremes could have killed her. She, in a sort of way challenged them. But finally they decided to accuse her of mad and leaved her alone. She wasn´t forced to marry or to form a family. I don´t know why but I don´t dare to ask her why. I know she doesn´t like speaking about her past. I´ve heard that she wasn´t killed because although she got brainwashed she didn´t forget about some Supremes and her ex-boyfriend. Her boyfriend was apparently someone with an important role that saved her life. The rumors suggest that she wasn´t fully brainwashed because of that guy. That guy loved her and he didn´t want her to forget about him.  I´m sure that guy had an important job in the USAPTL because firstly he stopped a complete brainwash and secondly he saved her from death. Carla has suffered in life and I hope one day she tells me the story of what actually happened to her.

“Two milkshakes, one of them with cream on top”.

I didn´t even need It to ask to put channel 4, they already were watching it. The people at the Coffee didn´t realize at first of who I was. At tele they called me the mysterious lovely girl. I felt famous; I felt everybody wanted to know who I was. But, did I want fame? Fame means responsibility and I only knew Bob for some hours. At the Coffee Grain I heard people murmuring about what type of relationship did I had with Bob. I got really annoyed; I payed and went off to school. I went walking to the bus station and there grabbed the 49 east.

It was like another normal day. Girls were gossiping at the benches and some boys were hiding to stop teachers seeing them smoke. Others went into the high school building to get ready for classes. Teachers were nervous and walked in and out of the building telling everybody to enter that it was already time. When I arrived at school I saw Peter. He was speaking with his friends and suddenly he realized I had arrived. Peter had in his right hand a newspaper. Peter came straight to speak with me. My first intention was, as I did to hug him. I felt free with him. I felt he was like my brother, I could tell him all my problems and he would understand them. The newspaper felt to the floor. He didn´t bother to grab it. We both stood there cuddling each other. I didn´t need it to speak. He didn´t need it to speak. We knew each other better enough to know things weren´t going good. None of us wanted or knew when to stop. We were comfortable. I felt his body, his arms surrounding my arms and I felt great. For a very brief second I forgot about the hole world. Only Peter and I existed. I separate it from him slowly. Everybody was staring at us. I heard his friends laugh and they told Peter and I to approach. We did so. At first, Darcy asked me directly: “we didn´t knew you were Bob´s friend, I mean girlfriend. Even Peter was surprised.” I answered back telling him that my sentimental life didn´t bother or care to anyone else but me. I also added: “and no; I´m not his girlfriend, I’m not even his friend”. I´m sure Darcy didn´t belief me but I didn´t care much about what he thought about me.

The bell ranged and we all went as a group to our first class. I felt strange, six boys with me and all asking me questions about what I felt about Peter. Peter repeat it me to ignore them that they just wanted to bug me until I told them about Bob. They started to stress me when another girl joined us and they stopped bothering me and started to annoy her. Rebecca knew what to answer to all their questions. She just told them: “I’m in love with all of you guys, but I have a special crush on Darcy” She left them with huge doubts about what she said. They didn´t knew to distinguish between sarcasm and truth. Even I got confused when she answered them. Rebecca had Peter’s entire group interested in her. She answered the questions in a mysterious way that hooked them to reformulate the same question another day. By that sort of method Rebecca was famous at school. She was great friend with who she wished too; but also could be the worst enemy you could have. Nobody dared to contradict her. No one except Peter. Peter told her she was a fake girl when she actually appeared to be so. Peter from the first day he told me didn´t liked her. He prefers someone like me.

At politics, my first class of the morning, they taught us how the Supremes divided the power between them. The role each had and also the Callister´s family job. I knew even the less gossip person of my class knew about me and Bob. When the teacher started to speak about the Callister I was paying much more attention that throughout all the class. I wanted to know more about Bob´s family. I was sitting next to Petter and when he tried to speak to me I told him to shut his mouth that I wanted to learn about Ms. Solís speech.

“Any questions?”-Ms.Solís asked when her speech had finished.

“Yes, I do have one.” I replied her with a firm voice.

“About Bob?”- Darcy interrupted us.

I ignored him and the teacher ignored him too. When Darcy starts to act like a dumb it´s really best to just ignore him to abolish him the feeling of important.

“Does the family Callister suffer brainwashes?”- Ms.Solís was an intelligent teacher that was up to data with all the politics stuff. She was concerned about how much politics mattered in life and to us to be informed about what happened in Bolly and the problems we were suffering between Jupiter. At first she didn´t seem to know the answer. She just putted a thinking face and took a while thinking when she at last concluded: “When the actual President of the USAPTL, Nicolas Callister went into power the law had already been set it up. The President suffered a brainwash before joining politics and his sons had the great luck of being born in the Callister´s family. If you read page 46 on your book there it will explain you the advantages and rights of being part of the President´s family or Supremes. Brainwash is reduced to only 15% of the effectively in your brain and their brain doesn´t receive new data about themselves and personality. That´s why they chose with who they want to form a family and friends.”

I listened carefully to each word Ms.Solís said. She explained difficult aspects of politics in the simple way to you to understand it perfectly. I think everybody was interested in her answer. She was a cult woman that answered everything in the most peacefully way. The answer she gave me was really useful. She is the best teacher from the whole school. Even Darcy was quiet when she spoke. We all respected her. She had gained respect. The class finished and I had biology next and Peter had geography. Therefore we agreed a meeting point. The next hour was so long. My lad mate was really boring and she didn´t even consult me before experimenting with the chicken´s wings. At last the class finished I went straight to the corridor corner with the chemistry class.

  Peter and I went first to our lockers, then to grab a snack and our rote finished at the grass area. We sat there. I was going to explain him what actually happened with Bob.
When I finished telling him everything he told me to don´t worry that everything was going to be okay. He also added that I need it to be careful because now I was going to be the new girl searched by the journalists. Peter also insinuated me that I was lucky because apparently the president’s son was falling in love with me. I knew what this meant. If he felled in love with me I would not be brainwashed in the same way as Peter would be. Tension was present in our conversation; I felt Peter was sort of jealous in some way. I kissed him on his left cheek and then I told him that we could miss classes and meanwhile visit the International Bolly´s library. I still need it to rent an Earth book for Jake. He replied with: “it’s not good you start missing classes when you´re appearing on TV.” He was right but I would like him to answer me of course, we shall go or something like that; so I went to my next class with and anger face.
After the four classes had finished we had break time. I was seating at one bench and I saw a man dressed in black with sun glasses with a camera taking photos…it gave the impression he was taking photos of me so I stood up and went to the dining room with Rebecca.

At the dining room Rebecca insisted in me telling her about Bob. I finally did so because well, even thought she might appear to be mean she´s my friend and I know she won´t tell anyone.
When school finished I went with Peter to his house. At his house Jake and Jasper were playing the Bollypoly and Jake insisted me to play in his team. Peter helped Jasper we spend it the whole afternoon playing. Jasper and Peter´s team won us but by only 350 Euros difference. I wasn´t bothered about losing but Jake didn´t stop telling they had cheat. We concluded that we would never play again if we argued so he stopped arguing quickly enough to be able to play another day. While Peter was packing away I received a text message from Bob: “I’m sorry you´ve appeared at TV and magazines, that´s my life, I can´t control journalist, again sorry”.  I didn´t replied him in part because I was at Peter´s home. I stayed there to have dinner and then went home walking. When I arrived to my building I saw a group of journalists near that started to move around when they saw me.

At last I was alone, my bed and I. I was curious about what Bob was going to mean in my life.

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