Kiss me meanwhile

Maia is a fourteen year old teenager that soon will be brainwashed. Supremes have in my mind how to create love and Maia will be the key that changes every prediction. Who will help Maia on her adventurous journey?


5. MR Looking

I ignored the alarm, today I wasn´t going to go to school. I had more important things to do. Firstly going to the library. Also to buy new cloths and I also need it to prepare an essay question for history.

At the library no sound was present. At the morning the library has not many people due to that students are at school and people are working at their businesses. So there I was in a large corridor with four meters height of Earth books. Jake was going to be happy.  I got three books and started to read them to select the best. I spend it more that I should reading so when I had the best book selected; We´re the Aliens; I got out my history book and started with the essay. It was twelve o’clock in the morning and the library started to accumulate more people. I alternate it my salad and orange juice with writing at the same time. Until quarter to two I hadn´t finished with all my tasks. I went to the desk to rent the book and then went straight to Mars boutique. Mars had great modern and sweet cloth girls liked. It had fashionable sweaters to combine with their fashionable miniskirts and pirate trousers. Mars was chic and every girl wished to buy there. I bought a pair of new earrings with a stars shape. I also bought one violet sweater that cost me a fortune and finally a nice black shiny hoodie jumper.

At three o´clock I arrived at home. I showered myself and received a school call asking me why I haven´t went to school. I told them I was preparing for important exams and that I would go for the evening classes. I dressed myself with my new cloths and the pirate trousers I bought five months ago at Mars boutique. 

When I arrived at school I saw again the man at the fence but this time he had a notebook and annotated something each thirty seconds. When he saw me he stopped annotating things and just watched me with an awkward face. I decided to approach to him and asked him what he was doing. When I approached he went running and I couldn´t follow him because I need it to go to classes. I was really curious about who he was. Was he a journalist? Was he a spy? A detective? Who was he and why did he run when I was approaching. I didn´t had more time to thinks about it because classes had already started.

I arrived ten minutes late to class and although the history teacher was annoyed with the accidental interruption she was also pleased for my essay. Apparently I was the pupil with more concrete ideas of why slavery existed and what they did in the plantations. The teacher read all the essays loudly enough to everybody to compare themselves with the others. I couldn´t afford to hear any single essay more. They were all confusing with technical errors and factual missing. Mine was best. Ms. Persuade gift me with ignoring the time I had arrived to class. We had double period and the second one was used to watch a mini documentary based on how slaves were treated.  When the video finished we were gave a questionnaire for homework. The class finished and everybody rushed to Ms.Arianna´s class.

 The school had been covered in posters that announced that Luke Jones was looking for five stars. Jones was a very famous scary films producer that each year discovered new stars. This “stars” normally got really famous, they started to appear in gossip magazines and then suddenly just nobody knew anything more about them. Some got into trouble and the Supremes were in charge of them. Others just realized that fame was big enough to destroy a person’s life. In Ms.Arianna´s class everybody between ten and fifteen could sign up for an audition. A large queue was formed and I just thought it was a really stupid thing to do mainly because you could sign tomorrow when less people were waiting.

Bob called me twice but the great noise students created unable me of hearing his call. I realized his third call mainly because I was at the school door waiting for his limousine to pick me up. I answered the phone and he told me: “I’m arriving wait me at the front door”. I replied him to please be quickly that I felt bad. My stomach was hearting. I felt I wanted to vomit. I felt really sick when Peter appeared. His lovely face caused me to forget about my sickness. As quickly as I saw him I went straight to speak with him. So did him. When he finally told me he had to go Bob appeared. Peter didn´t knew I was hanging on with Bob so he was kind of surprise. I was dismissing Peter when the limousine´s clarkson started to peep. Peter reminded me of not forgetting to do the history homework and to be careful with Bob, that he was following the path to be a Supreme. Peter doesn´t like Bob. Bob doesn´t even know Peter. I know both of them and know they are really different one from each other.

Peter has always gained what he´s want to by putting effort. He has to support his elderly brothers and deal with difficult situations in his own. On the other hand Bob; Bob was borned with all sort of luxuries. He has always got what he wanted just by asking for it. His future seems much better than Peters. Although Bob was brainwashed last year, well, he hasn´t forgotten about everything in his life so he´s really lucky.

The clarkson emitted another sound and suddenly I realized I had gone into my thoughts and forgotten that the limousine was waiting for me. I entered to the limousine. Inside I realized it was much bigger from the inside. There were two glass walls in it. One separated us from the driver and the other one separated us from two big, strong guardsmen at the back. The seats were comfortable and to the sides a sort of cocktail with cokes and water was served. Bob received me with a huge smile and a “do you want something to eat or drink while we go to our destination?”

I politely told him that I was okay. The limousine initiated the root to a mysterious place that was a surprise. In the limousine the laughs were the sound more often you could hear. I was feeling good but I went to open my school bag to get a gum whilst the back glass wall emerged into the floor in about three seconds and then I realized I had a guardsman with a pistol pointing at me. Immediately I dropped the bag and asked whilst starting to shout: “why are you pointing at me! What have I done wrong!?”

Bob jumped off his seat and took away his pistol. Then he started to argue about the fact that his guardsman was pointing to his friend. He seemed annoyed. He really was. I was seating quietly without saying nothing; I couldn´t say nothing. Bob has already told of his guardsman and he couldn´t do more. Whilst I wasn´t saying nothing Bob was shouting at Mario, the guardsman name, as his identification said so. Mario didn´t show any kind of emotion. He was luck of emotion. He just excused him: “I saw her as a possible danger, I can´t permit you get hurt.”

Bob replied him: “she isn´t a danger, she wouldn´t hurt me”.

Mario was the last to talk. He told Bob: “she could have been a Jupiter´s infiltrate”.

The limousine stopped and Mario got off. The next five minutes Bob was repeating several times “sorry” to me. I didn´t speak. I didn´t even argued about what had happened. Bob supplicated me to forgive him and to speak to him. I just got my phone out and started to call Peter. Peter didn´t answer the call so I just send him a message that putted: “I’m in danger, they´ve tried to kill me, please come and pick me up at school´s front door, I’ll be there in half an hour”.

I told Bob to tell the driver to turn around and to leave me at Bubble. Bob told the driver to do so. Until we arrived to Bubble he was telling me the same as what he told me before: “sorry, forgive me, don´t go please”.

I had actually loved to stay with him. But being with him meant that I wasn´t going to be safe. I didn´t feel safe. It was the first time I was going out with him and Mario had tried to kill me. How was he expecting me to act?! I wanted to have fun with him. If he can´t control his own guardsman I don´t want to be near them. I want to be with Peter. He will protect me from Supremes.

Peter was waiting me at the front door. He really was angry. His nose was wrinkled and his eyebrows rose in every looking at Bob. He helped me to get down the limousine and then sat in my seat and started to argue with Bob. I could see the other guardsman didn´t knew if he had to stop the discussion so he said:”the funny elephant squeaks water”.

I thought it was a key message that probably started a sort of alarm or advised someone. The way Peter spoke showed he was extremely protective towards anything to do with me. Peter came down of the limousine when Bob agreed and told him that he was right and that I had been treated unfairly and wrongly. The driver did a phone call and meanwhile said: “water for the elephant”.
Two minutes after Peter and I saw a big group of seven Supremes coming towards us. The Supremes had and big A3 red envelope. I knew what it was. I´ve heard about this at school. Inside the red envelope there´s a large letter with some justifications and faults someone had committed against the law. Then a message from the President advising you; advising that you will receive a punishment.

The punishment depends of the crime that you have committed. And there I was; like a statue. I didn´t dare to grab Peter´s hand and start to run. I was too scared to do anything that could put Peter in a dangerous situation. The limousine started to drive away from us when Bob came quickly down and started to run toward us. Then, Bob started to shout at the Supremes: “don´t you dare!” the Supremes didn´t react. They approached at a firm pace and they were near enough to hear him.  When they were side to us they said my name and stated I was arrested. I couldn´t belief what I was hearing; I hadn´t done anything wrong at all and they treated me as a criminal. This time neither Peter nor Bob could stopped the Supremes orders. Peter and Bob even seemed a team working for my protection together. It was fun to see them agree at once. The disappointing thing was that my life was being offence it by Supremes. Without wasting any more time two Supremes hold me and then putted a pair of handcuffs round my wrists. I kept telling myself it was an error that just need it to be solved.  I could hear Bob telling Peter what to do but I couldn´t really got to know what they were telling exactly. We walked the whole street in about three minutes. I felt they were dragging me because they were big and powerful. Each step I gave were two of theirs.

We crossed the road and two SUVs picked us up. It was all quickly. They moved quickly, the spoke between them quickly or none at all and they breathed quickly. I was at the first SUV. I was between two Supremes. I felt disgusted by them near me. A third Supreme drove the SUV. The other four Supremes were in the second SUV behind that was following us. At least I saw were we were going. We stopped for about five minutes at a green house. The house was painted in green paint but the roof was brick made. Its fence was also brick made. It had a small garden with a fountain. Next to the fountain a small signal identified the place as: “Supremes dormitory settlement number 46 east West”.

Therefore we were in a place where Supremes could sleep at night. I wasn´t sure what we were doing at there. The driver of the SUV came down and did a phone call. Some instants after a lady well dressed got out of the house. I procured to avoid telling anything. Even hello. Hello is used to greet someone but I wasn´t happy and I didn´t want to be polite with nobody that had relationship with Supremes.  When the lady was in the car we went off. The lady spoke a language I didn´t knew therefore I wasn´t able to understand what she was telling the driver. When she finished speaking the driver said directly to one of the Supremes next to me to take away the handcuffs. I was released of them at last. The handcuffs were made of a cold metal that hurt. The more you move the more harm they cause. Now without the handcuffs the lady told me: “nice to meet you, I´ve been adjudged your case; and by the way, I’m Sally.”

She seemed happy to meet me. I don´t understand why in fact she´s told me “your case” If I hadn´t complaint or been arrested before today. Before I could ask her anything she told me: “you haven´t done anything wrong yet; you´re safe with us but we´ll speak about that later; in a smart place to do so.”

The way was long. We finally end it up at the Blue Scales President´s mansion. We came in through the backyard door. Whilst the tour through its huge, enormous garden I noticed that they had a small grove with strawberries and pumpkins in it. Entering to the parking the car was checked by other Supremes. “Safety reasons” Sally said. When we arrived at the second floor below ground we all came out of the car. I followed Sally to grab the elevator. At the elevator she told me that I had been the only comment and rumor that week. She also added that the President wanted to meet me due to all the information he had receive from me. I was doubtful. Why didn´t they tell me I was going to meet Bob´s father. Why didn´t Bob tell me? Why did had they treated me like a criminal? We came out of the elevator at the ground floor. The ground floor had a reception were two young ladies sat answering continuously phone calls. It had a big open space with sofas and distinguishing pictures of the President´s line of succession throughout the years. I sat with Sally in one sofa. Whilst waiting I felt that every servant, Supreme or even the receptionists were looking at me. The receptionists were gossiping about me. I could hear some words like: “channel four”, “Bob´s” or even “love”. We didn´t wait long time. Just about three minutes, the time enough to realize I was their topic conversation. A Supreme guided us towards a room on the ground floor. He opened the door; we came in and then the Supreme went off. Sally and I were alone in that room. The room had a desk with four seats. In the other part of the room you could see sofas with small pink cushions adorning it. One of the walls had six pictures of the Callister´s memberships. They were in born date order. From left to right: The President, William. Then his wife Ortensia. Next to her Dylan, then Ortensia Junior after her Bob and the smallest one Lily, who´s ten years old actually. In the pictures they were all smart with huge perfect smiles. I´ve seen Dylan lots of time on the television. He appears also quite often because he causes trouble at the night pubs twice each three weeks. Dylan is already twenty years old and he is already married. Rumors suggest that his relationship is just a big fake and that he has a secret love that the Supremes don´t accept. Other rumors tell that his love was from Jupiter and that they killed her for Bolly´s peace. But although Dylan causes a lot of trouble the official story they sell in important days or symbolic acts is that he has a stable relationship with a lady older than him; that´s called Susan. Susan has an important job on the Callister family. She is taking educational classes because Dylan is the first in the line that will substitute his father William. So she needs to be ready for power. I often see her speaking in public about how much good Supremes do for us and how they protect us. I don´t know how. I don´t know how she´s done it but everybody appreciates her much. She is loved by Bolly´s commoners.

Susan´s past is clean and perfect. As newspapers inform she met Dylan at university. Susan was chosen by the President to be Dylan´s wife. Dylan was getting older and he had already been brainwashed. His brainwash was different from others. Dylan was mysteriously introduced a love in his personal details, Susan. Susan was the chosen to form a family with him. Dylan has always been angry with his father for choosing a love and don´t letting him to choose the girl he wanted too; as Bob told me when we were speaking by phone the other day. In fact, Dylan has the right to chose his own love because he´s a Callister membership. So, what I presume from all this is, is that Dylan had the right to choose his love but for a secret reason he was introduced a love. The brainwash changes your mind and adds more details to it. But the brainwash doesn´t change the way you think. So, although Dylan and Susan seem happy they don´t love each other. A good question would be why Susan is behaving and doing her role so good. Does she really love Dylan? Is she forced too? Or maybe it´s unrequited love. Unrequited love could be the most logical answer of their situation. She loves him. He isn´t married yet. They need him to form a family to connect with Bolly´s citizens. And then a perfect girl appears. Wealthy, healthy and nice. She can be the solution of the problem.

The door opened and the President came in. The President had a long blue tie. He was taller than me. Taller than Sally. He was blonde; us Sally. He had brown dark eyes like Dylan. William behaved in an informal way but had a serious looking. He told us to take seat. We did so. Sally spoke to him as a friend and so he did to her. They seemed to have a really good relation. They ignored me for some minutes. In those minutes they spoke about boring things of how they did at a meeting, in another interview, at the congratulations day. So, as I wasn´t interested I began to daydream. In the minutes I was daydreaming I thought about Susan. I felt sorry for all the pressure she had in her. I also felt sorry for Bob. I wouldn´t like to have William as I father. A Supreme living at my house. I would feel scared at all time. I looked again at the pink cushions and couldn´t belief they were there. They didn´t fit properly there. All the decoration was in tune and they were the strange thing in it. Without thinking it twice I interrupted their conversation: “What are those pink cushions doing here?”

Sally answered hastily: “Maia, please don´t interrupt the President whilst speaking.”

I didn´t answer back I hadn´t realize I was speaking loudly. A short silence was made and then, The President answered my question for my surprise: “Congratulations, you´re the first person to think the same thing as I question myself. Those horrible showy cushions were bought by my wife; she keeps telling me that without them the room is boring.”

Sally reacted in a nervous way and counted to three to calm down. In those three seconds the President looked at me impatient and told me: “I´ve received information about you. Not all good. I´ve been observing Bob this days and he seems a bit, how would I identify his reaction… in love. Yes, he seems in love. I been informed about the accident you suffered and I do not belief in coincidences. I don´t belief in destination. We, by ourselves create our destination.”

“I don´t know what you´ve been told. I don´t know who passes you the information. I don´t even know who Bob is in fact. But I do know that today Mario, Bob´s guardsmen nearly shoot me. I also know that Medias want to know who I am. They would listen to me. They would publish everything I told them. The Callister´s reputation would be severely damaged so, as you say; I create my destination and I could tell everybody about my story.”

“But you won’t, you don´t want to have problems.” Sally told me in a creepy tone.

“Nothing is for sure” I replied her.

“I admire you Ms.Salinas. You´ve answered back me without thinking in consequences so that´s reveals your identity. You´re working for Jupiter aren´t you?”

“I don´t work for anybody” I defend it myself.

“Jupiter will be glad of having a spy infiltrated on us” He insisted.

“I don´t know what problems you´re having with Jupiter but I’m not messed up with them; And if we´ve finished our conversation I’m returning home.”

I felt insulted. The President clearly insinuated me that I was near to Bob for interest. How did he dare with Sally to arrest me for nothing and then summiting me to unfortunate comments about myself? I would not agree them to treat me like that. Not after Mario´s incident. So I stood up and decided to get out of the room.

“We´ll pick you up another day to continue our conversation. And don´t forget that we don´t leave anything to chance.” The President was the last to speak. I really hated him. I really took a bad impression from him. I don´t understand how Susan deals with him. Either Sally, Dylan or Bob. I also don´t understand what Ortensia saw in him.

“What can I do for you darling?”

the receptionist asked me. I told her I need it a taxi or somebody to leave me at my house. Whilst she was calling to get a taxi Dylan appeared. He stared at me for a few seconds. Then he started to laugh at my face. I wasn´t sure about how to react. I couldn´t forget I was at his house. He could move and speak as freely as he wanted too. Dylan in person is much lovely than on TV. He has brown straight hair with some light blonde wicks giving colour to it. He was dressed in camouflage trousers with a green fashionable in doubtable Venus Boutique jumper. His trainers, sport ones, dark blue colored. I observed him how he swayed from one side of the desk to the other. He seemed impatient and nervous. I couldn´t imagine him with Susan as a wife. They are so opposite one from each other that even their names together don´t fix well. She´s so gentle and calmed. When the receptionist finished the call she told me: “I’m sorry darling, you´ll need to wait here until we have an available car”. My face was surely horrible because Dylan looked at me and said: “At last I meet you, if you don´t mind I´ll take you home”.

“No, I don´t have any problem” I told him.

I was guided by him to the grass area where he had a bike parked. Two guardsmen followed us until the bike. As Dylan told me the best way for moving through Bolly is by bike because guardsmen aren´t allowed to use them as a transport way. Dylan´s guardsmen seem more pleasant with him than Bob´s. When they saw us getting into the bike they wished us a happy journey and told Dylan to be careful. They didn´t even try to get a car to follow us. At least they gave a bit of privacy to him. I told Dylan where I lived and he dropped me in twenty fast minutes. We jumped a few stops and traffic lights but I had a really good returning. When we reached my house I told him. “Thanks for bringing me… would you like to get up?”

“No, of course not, maybe another day. i´ll call you.” He told me without thinking it twice.

Me: “Wait, how did you know my name?”

Dylan: “Do you know main one?”

Me: “yes, you´re Dylan”.

Dylan: “yes I am. I´m sure you don´t remember when you heard my name for first time, same happens with you”.

Me: “I do remember”.

Dylan: “liar”.

Me: “Bob, well Bob… told me about you”.

Dylan: “He also spoke to me about you, clumsy girl”.

So, firstly Bob had told Dylan about me and our private conversation. Secondly Bob had also informed me about Dylan. Bob is gossip. Really gossip. Bob confuses me. He seems to have a double personality that adapts to the situation just like a chameleon. Chameleon camouflages in any kind of situation and can change drastically their colour in few seconds. Just like Bob. Bob can be really handsome and then suddenly be really angry. The more I know about Bob the less I appreciate him.

At home I went to sleep and spend it the whole afternoon and night in my thoughts without realizing that Peter and Bob were worried whilst I was being arrested. I guess that Dylan or Sally will tell Bob. Therefore Bob will tell Peter and they´ll know I’m fine. I was too tired to be concerned about Bob or Peter so I went to sleep and forgot about them.


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