Kiss me meanwhile

Maia is a fourteen year old teenager that soon will be brainwashed. Supremes have in my mind how to create love and Maia will be the key that changes every prediction. Who will help Maia on her adventurous journey?


14. Misunderstood?


The next question had different possible answers. Who is going to kill her? Ortensia, Bob, Dylan or another Supreme?


I tried to feel sorry for her but I couldn´t feel anything more than satisfaction. I knew death wasn´t a joke. I knew that once you kill anyone there´s no turning back, but… she murdered Carla.


Sally wasn´t surrounded by Supremes. She wasn’t tight by any accessory to avoid her escaping.



“You can´t kill me after all I’ve done for your family Ortensia!” –Sally screamed.


“Keep silent.”- Ortensia nicely and delicately answered back; ignoring the tone of voice Sally had use with her.


“Then… then tell me another lie.” –Sally spitted.


“Another lie? You keep silent I’m not killing you until we agree on the person pulling the trigger.” –Ortensia whispered. As if it was a secret.


Sally didn´t answered or either any of us.


“What´s your excuse for having the right of killing me?!” –Sally finally hysterically said.


I started to feel mad. I wished to answer back as she had answered back once to me at Blue Scales Mansion. I hided my voice as longer as I could but finally I exploited.


“Shut up! If you don´t accept any lies as an excuse then accept that you killed somebody I knew, that was my friend, my neighbor.”


“Maia you don´t need to speak with so despicable person. I´ll speak for you.” –Ortensia nicely said kind of stroking my arm.


“I was following instructions!” –Sally replied.


“So as I’m doing right now.” –I slowly but confidently replied.


I don´t consider that what I did next was bad or either good. I didn´t try to think if I even had the right to do so. I just wanted to make sure she wouldn´t harmed more innocent people. Not anymore.


“Hand me the gun Ortensia.”


I don´t know what Ortensia though on that moment or either what she replied. I wasn’t listening to her. I was too busy paying attention to Sally´s movements trying to identify any sort of repentance.




Sally didn´t try to stop me from getting the gun. Sally didn´t closed her eyes. Sally didn’t  start running. Sally didn´t closed her eyes. Sally didn´t start running. Sally stood still.




I felt a big hand leaning towards my shoulder but I wasn´t sure if it was from Dylan or Bob.


The hand grabbed my shoulder hard enough to active pain but I was too concentrated on reaching the next step on my path for revenge. Was the hand trying to stop me achieving my objective? Was the hand there to remind me that I wasn´t alone. Well, in any of those cases I didn’t mind what they thought. I wasn´t going to do it for being like them. I was just seeking revenge.


I pulled the trigger.


I watched how Sally felt to the floor. Her blonde hair hided her face now partially covered by blood. I didn´t know where I had shoot her but she was dead. I killed her. I should have felt bad. I should.


I didn´t felt bad. I didn´t felt as a murderer. I felt closer to Carla.


“Take her body and clean the floor. I don´t want blood in this room in five minutes.” –Ortensia emotionless said.


Who was going to kill her? I was wrong. It was me.


“Bob, please take Maia to her room. I would like to speak with your brother.”


I didn´t oppose. I would have liked to be alone or at home hugging my bed. Bob took me to my new room. On our way to the room he started speaking. I replied. He laughed. I laughed. I forgot for some minutes that I had killed Sally. He didn´t looked at me as If I was a murderer. He still looked at me as before. Well, I didn´t quite remember how he looked at me but… that eyes. That looking seemed familiar. He looked at me in that way.


I felt again wet. I was again on the street with him. Both wet. Both type of hurted by each other and the bicycle.


“Clumsy girl?” –Bob continued.


“If you call me like that I’ll call you Bob frog.” –I quickly replied.


“Why? Clumsy girl has its meaning. But I’m not a frog.”


“I don´t know. You just remember me to a frog.” –Me being honest.


“Oh well. At least I remind you of something.”


“A frog isn´t so bad you know.”


“Sure.” –he seemed a bit angry.


“Bob, I need to tell you something.”


I wasn´t sure why I was going to tell him that but… I think that I just felt I wasn´t being fair with him. It’s true we were friends and maybe if we had been more time together more than friends. I started to like him. But that guardsman stopped any feeling I was starting to feel for him. That guardsman had been my excuse to get away from him. But why? Was I scared from being loved and… loving him; not being forced by anyone or anything?


Bob didn´t interrupt me. As I remembered, a handsome guy, a gentleman.


I´m sorry. I said to myself. Too quietly for him to heard me. I wished he could read off my mind. I didn’t like admitting it but I didn´t like being forgiven by people. I preferred to forgive people. Say it louder- I said to myself.


“I’m sorry.”


I didn´t expect him to answer to an apology but he did answered.


“I’m also sorry, really sorry. I don´t like how we finished.”


“I… I was angry.” –I simply said.


“But you were right. You don´t need to feel sorry for your behavior. I was the one misbehaved. I´ve thought about it so many times. Well, at least Mario was fired instantly after you left me.”


“Even so, I´m sorry.”


Mario had been fired.


I didn´t feel bad for him. Second time on the day I don´t feel bad for things that probably I should.


In less than what I expected we reached what he announced as my new room. At least it’s for my own. Until I marry him.


“Maia I’m going to inform you about the things you should know from your room and Blue Scales Mansion.”




“Firstly, to open it, as the other rooms these one has a fingerprint identification and eye scanner.”


“Doesn´t surprise me Jajaja.”


“I imagine so. But your room is safer than others.”




“I’ve been insisting on the fact that your room should be safer than others as soon you´ll be part of us.”


“Oh. You shouldn´t have I can protect myself.”


“Don´t misunderstand me but you wouldn´t be safe if you were protected by your own. Our family is eye catching for everyone therefore we run risks.”


“Hmm interesting. And how is it safer?”


“Well, it has a camouflage panic room and cameras.”


“I want the cameras out of my room.”


“But if cameras are good. They record any problems or inappropriate behavior from anyone that enters to your room.”


“Don’t try to convince me Bob. Cameras will spy my life. If I’m going to marry you; I need to be able to feel you trust me.”


“But if I do trust you. It´s just that I don´t trust others.”


“Whatever, but it´s my room and I don´t want to have cameras on it.”


“But Maia, you only have the cameras focused on the entrance and hall. The bedroom and bathroom aren´t vigilated.”


“How can I be sure of it?”


“Well, you can´t be sure. You just can trust on me.”


“I really hope you aren´t lying cause if not… I wouldn´t like it.”




“Let me show you the room.”


“Green?” –pointing at the walls I asked.


“Well, Ortensia said that it would be the best colour, as your eyes.”


“That´s true.”


“Well, as you can see. Green paint, a large hall with wardrobes, mirrors, flowers, and a big fluffy pink bed. That door over there leads to a large bathroom.”


“Nice views.”


“Yeah, I also like them. Great gardens surrounding the house we even have a pool. I can see it from my room.”


“Cool, I guess one of these hot days we shall use it.”


“Well, don´t worry we also have an inner pool for the cold days.”


“Ah, you lucky hey!”


“Well, you can share the luckiness now with me.”


“I guess I should consider myself fortunate.”


“I guess so.”






“I’ve trying to avoid asking you a question but I can´t wait longer to solve it.”


“Go ahead. Wait, it´s about Jupiter isn´t it?”


I didn´t answer back straightly after him suggesting Jupiter. In fact what I was going to ask him had nothing to do with Jupiter but on that moment I realized that he knew something. Maybe I could change the question to one related to Jupiter.


Wait Maia.


In less than fifteen seconds I had decided to avoid asking any question. I wanted to know about Jupiter but it wasn´t the time. Bob and I weren´t married yet and therefore I couldn´t be sure that he was going to answer it.


Probably if he thought that I wasn´t interested on Jupiter we would have less problem on telling me the things that he knew.


“Maia, Clumsy girl?”


“Ah yes sorry I´m a bit… sleepy, Bob Frog.”


“Would you like trying the bed?”


“I’m sure it’s suitable for me. I´m used to sleep on harder ones so I won´t have problems with the bed.”


“It was kind of a rhetorical question. Come on try the bed.”


“I’m not going to sleep in front of you.”


“I know, I know. Just try the bed. Tell me if it’s comfortable.”


“But if it´s a Callister´s bed! I can promise I’ll sleep well.”



Two minutes later.



“What are you doing? Are we interrupting?”


“Dylan! Please don´t speak like that to your brother and Maia.”- Ortensia said, elevating the tone of voice for the first time.


“But mum.”


“But nothing, they may use the bed as much as they wish too.”


“Hey Dylan, want to join us?” –with a great smile Bob asked.


“No, he doesn´t. Don´t worry, don´t worry we didn´t want to interrupt anything. You can continue…lying on the bed.” –Ortensia with a tiny but happy smile said.


“Mum, we´re lying on bed! We aren´t doing anything else!” –Bob nervously said looking at Maia.


“What had I just told you Dylan?” –Ortensia whispered.


“I thought my room had an eye scanner and fingerprint safety.” –I said trying to avoid that strange misunderstood conversation.


“And it does dear, but I’m Ortensia Callister. I have access to every single room.”


It was obvious but at least we weren´t speaking anymore about why we were lying on bed.


Suddenly I felt stabbed my Dylan. He looked at me in an accusative way. I just kept thinking about his persistence on not marrying Bob as I didn´t really love him. It was the best choice I kept telling to myself.



“I think your mum and Dylan thought… well, when they came in that we were…”


“Yes, yes, I know, I’m sorry I didn´t mean to put you in an embarrassing situation.”


“Ahhh well don´t worry it´s just a misunderstanding but I’m sure it has been solved out.”


“Maia, I was asking myself something.”


“I hope you don´t ask something related to that bed.”


“Jajaja no!  Are you nuts?”


“No! I’m not nuts but it´s just that these house is really crazy I´m not really sure what to expect from you and your family.”


“Well but if you are interested on me and that bed together I’m not going to forbid you to go ahead.”


“Bob! I though you told me that the question wasn´t about anything to do with the bed!”


“And It wasn´t until you suggest it.”


“So what´s then?”


“I was asking myself that as we are going to start dating kind of forced as soon as my mum says so if you would like to come with me to visit the Great Zoo?”


“I’m forced to do so, am I?” –I finally said.


“No, I want you to have it clear. I’m not going to force you doing anything that you don´t wish too. I´m asking you for an official date without anyone organizing anything for us.”


“Date?” –I silently asked trying to confirm it.


“Honestly yes.”




“Maia I know that I like you. On the other hand I don´t know if you like me; but I think that at least when we started dating us we were attracted by each other.”


“Okay, well the Great zoo therefore can be our first date.”


“Tomorrow morning at 9am I’ll pick you up on the secondary hall. Do you know how to get there?”


“I’ll find the way.”


Bob slowly leaned towards my lips. And I didn´t stop him cause I knew I didn´t have another alternative. And I felt relived to discover that he just gave me a short and fresh kiss on my left cheek. He hadn´t kissed me where I was afraid he might have done.  It had been a simple, fresh, and nice kiss. A kiss. Happily enough on my cheek.


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