Kiss me meanwhile

Maia is a fourteen year old teenager that soon will be brainwashed. Supremes have in my mind how to create love and Maia will be the key that changes every prediction. Who will help Maia on her adventurous journey?


17. Love bite


“Great! Pictures, videos even some witnesses. Your romance is now official.” –Ortensia announced staring at us.


We were together the three of us, in a brain storm meeting. Supposed to be informed about our new agenda perfectly synchronized by her personally.


“Is that ironic?”- Bob doubted.


“Of course it is! I´ve been here, locked in my office organizing everything for the good of our family and you… you spoil it.”


“But Ortensia; we´re making things easier. You can´t expect us to be superficial! That´s not love. People wouldn´t believe it.” –I said in anger but truly believing what said.


“Firstly don´t speak to me like that, remember we´re all in the same team. Secondly, people believe what they want too. People desire a couple, a fashionable and young one. They´ll believe in you even though we know it’s all just a burst of lies.


“Lies?” – Bob frightened asked.


“Of course they´re lies. An ordinary couple wouldn´t organize such a fuzz and obviously they wouldn´t be forced to marry. But you two; you´re being forced. I don´t want to be offensive but I even doubt if there´s something real between each other. Do you love one another? No, that´s the first answer to come in mind. I don´t want to point out anyone but I don´t think that you both love each other and therefore I’m making sure everything is reliable.”


Day 1:

9am Breakfast with Ortensia Callister.

4pm Appointment at paupers with Ortensia.

7:30pm dinner at Milano´s with Bob.


“Maia, are you listening?”- Ortensia smiled.


“Ehhm yes, yes. I was just reading my agenda.”


“Ah well, day one starts tomorrow. The rest of the day without appointments you may do whatever you wish.”


“Maia and I are really thankful for your time Ortensia. Now, we need to leave.” –Bob said, blinking one eye towards me.


“Remember that every appointment and thing written down in your agendas is essential. Organization, that´s the key. Don´t miss anything or… not well enough.”


“Okay okay bye Ortensia.” –Bob said fast and pulling of me out of her office.



“Where are we going Bob?”


“Ready for another adventure?” – He rhetorically asked.


“In fact she´s coming with me Bob, I´ll return her tomorrow morning, promise.” –Dylan interrupted us.


“Excuse me Dylan but I’m old enough to decide for myself at what time I return home and I’m not his.”- I said pointing at Bob.


“Exactly so we won´t return!” –Dylan anxiously said near to me, maybe too near. But I didn´t told him to move apart.


“Ja ja, so funny.” –Bob obviously irritated said, closing his eyes.


“You don’t have a good humor brother; now Maia and I should go.” –Dylan giggled.


“That´s not going to be possible as I was taking her for an adventure.”


“Oh really, what adventure? Taking her to a childish zoo?” –Dylan rudely said.


“Calm down guys, you know what; I’m starting to be fed up with both!”-I interrupted, as usual.


“Why? What have I done know?” –Bob innocently asked.


“You´re treating her like a baby and…”-Dylan started.


“Totally fed up with both! I´m not going to argue. You both need to accept our situation. Dylan I’m marrying with Bob and you know why so stop making things even more difficult than they already are. And Bob, You… I’m not yours.” –I said trying to imitate their family putting the smile.


I left both of those jealous, nice and selfish brothers there; arguing between them. They tried to follow me and even told me something but I just couldn´t deal more with them. I didn´t even heard what they told me therefore I didn´t replied to anything they muttered behind. I went straight out of Blue Scales Mansion.


At first some cleaners looked at me strange; like doubting if they should stop me or just leave me alone. Alone. They had decided and therefore I was able to step over their just clean and still wet floor. Step foots behind.


Secondly one receptionist politely asked me if she could help me with anything. A quick no thank you and was already out of the magnificent building.  Walking across the garden I could smell the nice flowers including roses and primroses as well as daisies.


Thirdly the pair of guardsmen at the door.  For just some tiny seconds I felt as if I was a prisoner. Yes, a prisoner. I need it to get out. Out. Be free. I miss Peter. Oh my dearest friend Peter I miss you so much.  That was it, decided. I was going to visit Peter.




“Can I come in?” –Whilst I opened Peter´s door room.


“Jasper I already told you that you don´t need to ask for permission, do as Jake, just enter.” –Peter loudly said without distracting from his book.


I entered to his room. It had changed from last time I had been there. Although the small size of that room remained the same. Door to the left wardrobe to the right. A large bed in front of the door lacking of decoration, only with two pillows and a green pajama. A small bedside table with some books and a photo from a girl. Wait a minute, a girl?!


Who was she and why did her photo lay at his bedside table. Peter doesn´t have sisters. Peter doesn´t have barely any family apart from his brothers and a grandmother which took care of him when he was younger and his parents recently died; now she lives at a residential home. I hope that whoever this girl is she is nice to him as she is important for him… his first girlfriend.


Peter turned around and immediately stood up.


“Wow, Maia! How are you?” –Peter smiley said.


“Hi Peter. I´m… I´m good but I missed you.”


“I´ve also missed you. I phone you the other day, twice, but you didn´t replied.”


“ I know, I´m so sorry but I was in a meeting and then when I was going to phone you back I was with Dylan, and then with Bob and then with the President and being honest I…”


He sadly interrupted.


“You don´t need to explain me anything, don’t worry.  I´ve seen that you´ve been busy.”


“Ah really?” – Not bothered at all I asked.


“Don´t act as surprised. You already know that you appear every single day at TV for any possible reason or even rumor.”


“And do you believe them?”



A short silent.


A long lasting look.


His shiny eyes and my vigorous thoughts.


“My father used to tell me that from what people tell you believe none; and from what you see believe part of it.” –He said slowly.


“Intelligent man he was.” –I timidly smiled, feeling sorry for him.


“Anyway, how is this? What are you doing here?”


“Well I got quite stressed at the Presidents ‘and just thought that I missed you all. I hope you don’t mind.” –I doubting started to say.


“No, please, no of course I don´t mind. In fact, we had a pretty boring afternoon plan the four of us.”


“Four? Jasper, Jake and you. Who´s joining?” –I curiously asked.


The photo of that girl again in my mind. Oh no. she is coming. Girlfriend. That idea sucked. Relax Maia, Peter deserves privacy. Privacy? We stop speaking for some while and he replaces me. Freedom. He is free to do as he wants. Replaces. Shut up Maia you are confused. You and Peter are just friends. You should feel happy. That´s the thing. I should. And I don´t. Am I feeling jealous? Of course not.


I wasn´t sure if I was lying to myself but even though, why should I feel jealous? A photo.


“And what do you think about it?”-Peter asked whilst seating down. He didn´t seem to care much about anything at that moment.


“Who´s the lucky girl who owns your heart?”-I annoyed asked.


“I´ll answer although I asked first. There´s no lucky girl owning my heart.” –he laughed.


“You´re lying! I see it on your eyes!” –I loudly replied whilst punching him.


“Jajaja why did you ask if you weren´t going to believe my answer?” –He funnily said.


“Ja ja really funny. Now shut up and explain me who this girl is.”-Ending up laughing I said.


“She´s a girl as you see. Light skin and with a large tope on his left cheek. She´s blonde with blue eyes, short eyelashes and long brown eyebrows. You don´t notice on the photo but she is medium height. 1.60 something approximately. Happy?” –He said standing up again.


“Of course not, you idiot. I told you to tell me who she is. Not her physical appearance. Most of what you said I had already noticed. You are hiding something.” –I said getting closer to him. Ready to punch him.


“Okay fine. I´ll tell you.” – He seemed to doubt.


“Thanks, at last.”


“Well, her name Is Shanna and she is my friend.”




“And well?”-He quickly asked.


“And well nothing Peter. I´m sure you´ll all have a great time, I need to go now.”


“So soon? I hope you aren’t leaving due to Shanna.”


“I’m fine, just in a hurry as most of the times. And as lately; and forever, linked to Callister´s.” –I said leaving the words flow free.


Peter quickly stretched his hand and grabbed my hand.  He stared at me with his own particular look, doubting something, trying to not to speak with me, but with my eyes. Green Peter. They aren´t hiding too much. What do you want me to tell you?



“Wait a minute Maia, forever? What do you mean?” –He finally asked.


I knew what I meant but I couldn´t let him know. But also, if I thought about it…Peter would find out sooner or later. Maybe it was better for me to tell him that I was marrying.


“Forever is far apart in time. Forever means that there’s something that attaches me to the Supremes in general and the Callister´s specially.”


“I’m not interrupting you… carry on, explain yourself.”-He carried on.


“Peter I have always loved you as a friend, and you know that our friendship will be forever. But maybe it’s not the right moment to say so.”


Peter stretched his other hand, he covered my arms. He stroked them. Goosebumps quickly appeared and disappeared. I repentantly laughed and smiled. I´m marrying I said. The problem was that I whispered it. It wasn´t able to speak up, it was too painful or maybe too big to be real. I knew what he would tell me. ^Are you crazy? You are fifteen! ^ And he wouldn´t understand my reasons. He wouldn´t understand how the Supremes were going to solve the age problem with the brainwash.  He wouldn´t understand anything at all. But at least I need it to give it a go. I need it try to give him the chance to understand it and in fact he has always been my best friend. I owe him the truth, or at least part of it.


His stoking remained. I felt it. I continued smiling, I felt comfortable. I just looked at him, and then hugged him. Energy, he was some sort of human energy source that I had missed for some weeks.


“I’m marrying, Peter, and it will be forever.”-I quickly said without thinking it twice.


Before he had even replied, I continued saying.


“You must keep the secret, as it’s really top confidential and nobody knows about it. Don´t tell anyone.”


Not much time after he politely replied, surprisingly.


“Maia! That’s, that’s great!” –He smiled and giggled not holding me anymore.


“Peter I don´t want to sound rude but are you kidding me? You seem ironic.”


“Ironic? No, what did you wanted me to tell you? Think about it. I’m your friend; I’m supposed to support you in your decisions. It’s just I can’t believe it. We know each other for more than eight years. We´ve had been dating thousands of times as friends and maybe as more than that. And we never took the next step? Were we frightened? Scared to throw abroad our friendship? I seriously don´t know. Unbelievable and…”


“Peter you´re not being fair.” –I said whilst struggling to keep teardrops glazing.


“Unbelievable, now I’m the one not being fair?” –he spitted.


“But why do you mind? If you have the perfect Shanna sides you.” –I hesitated, trying to justify things.


“Don´t dare to mention her, and I did not say that she is perfect.”  -He defended.


“Don´t deny it, any dumbass could see that you love her and that way of describing her… that’s perfection from your point of view.” –I continued. Distracting the conversation from my marriage.


“Whatever, so why are you marrying Bob?”


“I like him.”


“Oh shit, Maia. Therefore you don´t love him? And you marry him? You see, I don´t feel this marriage is believable. You didn´t want us to hang out as a relationship and now, suddenly with Bob… you are going to marry him without even dating him for some weeks or even a month?” –He obviously seemed confused, and I didn´t judge him. I also felt pretty confused at all times with Bob and marriage.



“I’ll defend myself.” –I professionally replied.


“Please.” –He said extending his arms.


“Well, in drawback to your points, liking a person doesn´t mean that you don´t love her. It simply means that you admire them and feel emotions that don´t fit to the word love. Secondly, I told you about my marriage because I thought that you would prefer knowing by me than by TV or others. Thirdly, you and I have never been mature enough to date; we are too close friends to become also lovers. Fourthly, I’ve already been dating him for some time, and we don´t plan to marry next week. We´ll marry onwards, whenever it suits best.”


“Long explanation, now I just need to process it.” –He honestly instantly replied.


“Take as much time as you wish, but now, as I already told you I must go.”


“I´ll take you to the threshold.”


“Ok. Let’s go.”


“One last thing Maia, I haven’t told you anything about Shanna because we hadn´t spoke yet. But maybe… are you free for lunch tomorrow?”


“One second, let me check with this useful agenda, planner, as ever you wish to call it.”


“I don´t actually mind, and then?”


“Free! See you tomorrow for lunch. Where shall we meet?”


“Where will you be?”


“I think that at Blue Scales Mansion, my current home. Or if not shopping around town.”


“And are you going to turn up for school?”


“I don´t think so. They´ve told me that at my current situation it’s not safe. Probably I’ll get a private teacher to catch up on the things I’ve missed these two weeks.”


“So, you aren´t going to return to school?” –He seemed disappointed, and in fact I also felt in that way.


“I’m not really sure, we´ll see.” – I sort of lied because deep inside me I knew that the daughter-in-law from Bolly´s President, William wouldn´t go to an ordinary school. Unsafe and it was just too odd to be part of Supremes education.


“So, Maia, we meet up here and then we decide?”


“Ok, yes good idea.”


Already at the ground floor, approaching to the living room, near the entrance.


“Boys say bye to Maia.” –Peter smiled at Jake and Jasper.


“Bye Maia return soon!” –Jasper said. Not distracting too much from TV.


“Yes please, we miss you.” –Jake said, and immediately he came and hugged me.


“You´re taller than before!”-I realized and stoke his long hair.


“Please stay with us this afternoon!” –Jake said joining his hands, praying to me.


“I wished too but you are going to be busy you lots!”-I funnily said.


“Yes guys, Maia needs to go.”- Peter said looking at me.


Ding dong.


“Just in time.”-Peter continued.


“Yes! At last.” –Jasper said running to the door.


“Pizza Zach´s two jam and cheese and another four station with no pepperoni.”


 Peter opened the door and for my surprise there she was, Shanna, with a pony tail and three pizzas in hand. She was dressed with a pair of skinny jeans and a short T-shirt with the logo “Best Pizzas, Zach´s Pizzas.” She also wore a red cap. I couldn´t believe what I was seeing. Not only Shanna, but a delivery pizza girl. She worked in an Italian take away. How crazy was that?! My best friend´s girlfriend delivering pizzas al around town.


“Shanna?! What are you doing here? I mean, dressed like that; I though today you didn´t worked.” –Peter even more surprised than I was said.


“Surprise! My mate told me that he was delivering here so I thought that I would bring them. I know I’m a bit early but Pizzas Zach´s give the best and quicker service in town.” –She timidly laughed.


They were flirting right on my face. It was sort of annoying but it was definitively more cute than annoying.

He smiled at her.


Definitively it was cute.


“Sure, come in, come in. She is Maia. Maia, she is Shanna.” –Peter quickly said.


“Oh Maia Salinas? I´ve heard a lot about you. Not just from Peter… anyway I´m Shanna nice to meet you babe.” –She instantly smiled and happily said.


“Oh I’m sorry but I’m not aware of who you are. Even though nice to meet you, see you soon.”


“Why don´t you stay with us? We were going to eat pizzas, maybe watch a movie…” –She politely asked.


“No, no. Shanna, Maia was just going. She was in a hurry.” –Peter interrupted.


“Peter! She´s your best friend don´t treat her like that. I´m not feeling uncomfortable if she stays. Would you like to stay Maia?” –She repeated the question.


I looked at her, at that perfect smile. So irritating. Then at Peter and his denying face. I didn´t understand if he used my hurry as an excuse to get me out of his way. Didn´he wanted me to meet her, to speak with her. Maybe not. Then I looked again at her face. She really seemed happy and enthusiastic.


“I´ll leave you a bit of privacy, but see you soon anyway.” –I quickly said, looking at Peter. He was a bit weird, maybe just nervous as he was with two girls. He´ll explain it tomorrow surely.


“Fine, but I hope you aren´t leaving because you think you bug me.”-Shanna said. She was quite honest, apparently.

“Bye and nice to meet you, Shana.”-I said looking first at the three boys and then at her.


Peter came closer to me and hugged me. Tight and safe. Quickly and sweating.  Then turned around and smiled at Shanna.



Being honest with myself I hadn´t got any good excuse for not staying rather than one called Shanna. I had the rest of the afternoon for myself. Where was I going to go?


My mobile phone started to ring.


After the agitated conversation with Bob we both agreed to go to my flat, where I had lived for some time. I wanted to move some of my casual clothes to Blue Scales Mansion to my new and must say enormous closet where I had more than enough space for my old and new clothes.


I got the bus from Peter’s house to a Plaza near my flat just to have some walking distance and to make sure that if there were any paparazzi near they would take a picture.


After some days constantly directed by Ortensia I already knew vital things that should be present on my daily behavior. She recommended walking some distance when arriving to places to firstly avoid advertising public transport and secondly to make sure journalists take pictures; as it is important to be present on magazines to levitate my fame quickly enough to be loved by the citizens.


Walking down that street that I had walked for so many times I felt no different than I did before. I looked to the sides and saw people walking, children hugging their mums and couples arguing.


I can´t permit being seen arguing with Bob, I thought to myself. That would probably attach a second arguing with Ortensia and obviously she would be right; as always.


When I reached my building I decided to go up the stairs just because it’s supposed to be healthy. They constantly tell you its healthy; but isn’t it tiring?



Inside my flat I felt like a stranger. The flat was barely furnished and now it was sadder without all of my happy pictures around with my friends.  I wanted to sit down; watch for some time TV and then when I looked at my sofa it wasn´t there anymore.


Oh, I remember, Dylan had the great idea of donating most of the furniture to some ONGs to make myself familiar with the poor. It wasn´t that I didn´t wanted to help them; don’t get me wrong. It’s just that I liked my furniture in my home. I missed my furniture? How ordinary was to think that keeping in mind that there were other more important things to be missing.


Knocking at the door.


I knew who it was. It was Bob. That quiet and echoing sound reached my soul. In a blink of an eye I saw Carla standing there, excusing her for having waking me up with an enormous smile and hand with pancakes for a Saturday breakfast. I smiled remembering her and then that nice memory developed into a dark and obscure image… and all finished with a gun in my hand. Or had it just began?


Interrupting my thoughts Bob voice announced his arrival. I opened the door without any further hesitations.


“I´ve seen we´re not alone.” –He confidently said.


“Excuse me?”-How was it possible that he knew I had seen in my heart Carla?


“When I got out of the car Channel Kiss U had some journalists displayed filming me, they asked the typical questions. Why are you here? Love nest? Bla bla bla…”


“Ahhh should have imagined so, I just forgot for some seconds that we were famous, don´t know why.” –I tried to hide between the living rooms curtains.


I looked at the street with my hair to a side whilst stroking it, as if I consoled myself for everything and for nothing. Bob stood next looking where I was looking at; or at least trying too. Suddenly a guy passed with his bicycle slowly enough for the both of us to think the same thing; or at least I think so.


“That´s me, getting late to wherever thinking in whatever.” –He said pointing at the cyclist.


“I know, it´s raining and I’m about to cross.” –I continued. We were thinking on the same, indeed.


“An accident brought us together, my mistake or maybe just another act from our enforced destiny.” –He paused.


“Maybe it was just raining, and we didn´t see each other.” –I funnily said.


“You know when parents tell their children how they met and it’s just a boring, ordinary, same story for everyone? Ours will be different at the same time as clumsy and lovely.” –He said grabbing me by my hips, closing the gap between each other.


“No. I don´t know what you´re talking about. You´re the only one who has experienced growing up with parents. I grew alone.” –I frustrated said, widening the gap between each other. Trying to get away from his claws.


“Again I´ll say so. I’m sorry I didn´t create the law of Brainwash theory and as you´re aware I didn´t choose my family therefore stop judging me for it.” –He crossed his arms and turned around again towards the window.  This time he was the one hiding, but not between the curtains. Hiding through his body signals.


“Fine, you win whatever. We´ll have a nice story to relate to our family and friends, but not children. I don’t want to have children and even less if they are going to be under threat.” –I said turning around and going to my room, to pick up my clothes.


“Maia, how do you dare? Our children will have the safest lives from the entire Bolly planet and surely they´ll love our story.” –He said moving away from the window, following me.


“No. The question is how do you dare? You´re in my flat. I loved this flat and I lived alone. I´ve left everything for you and I told you that I don´t want to have kids, respect my decision.” –I continued opening the wardrobe and started to get out the trousers.


“I respect your decision but I wasn´t taking it seriously the matter of the kids. I just said it because I thought so. I’m not insinuating that I’m going to force you to do anything you don´t want too.”  -He failed justifying himself.


“I don’t want to carry on the conversation. Wait outside my room or just leave, do whatever you wish too.” –I tiredly said.


“I rather help you packing than stand up being useless.” –He calmly said.


“You know Bob, sometimes I wish I hadn´t met you.”


We finished the conversation. I packed up the jeans, then shirts and lastly jackets. He stood there, useless. I felt incredibly bad for the last thing I had told him. I regretted it more than anything else on that day. It was worse than knowing of Shanna´s existence. I looked at him. He hadn´t left surprisingly. Instead he watched me whilst he sat on the bed. I knew he looked at my curvy parts but I also knew that I was too regretted to even get annoyed.  Without thinking it twice I sat next to him with the last bra in hands to pack up.


I didn´t looked at him for the first seconds, and then I focused on his nice deep eyes and stared at his small, attractive lips. I felt an attraction to him that I hadn´t felt before. Probably due to the memory of his lips and mines together as one in a mixture of exotic kisses at the zoo.  


“I’m really sorry, I didn´t think about what I just said. I know it’s not right. I’m really really sorry; and I understand if you are mad at me. I better just shut up.” –I said searching for his hand lying on bed. When I found it I hugged it and stroke it.


He got rid of my hand and stood up. He looked at me. I imitated him and stood up and looked at him. I knew it wasn´t a good moment but I just felt like kissing him, like hugging him.


I didn´t have to ask him twice as he closed the gap once again. This time I didn´t thought about it twice. I let him surround my hips and then I wondered if he was angry, if I was still sorry.


The gap continued to close until my stomach was just resting bellows his. I putted myself into tip toes and whisper to his left ear whilst he hooked me tighter. Tension and possession increased at the same time as desire.


“I´m sorry.”- I said once more.


When I was again with my feet on ground I firstly left the bras fall to the bed and laid my hands on his shoulders and felt his muscles. How strong he felt. “Handsome” I spoke up.


“I was thinking that maybe you would like to help me try on my bras, just to check if it’s still my size.”-I cheekily said crossing on the line that could be identified as my limits.


Outrageously I felt that the pressure down his body, just below his belly button had slightly increased.


“I´ve been a long time ago wanting to do this…” –He cleared his throat.


“Shut the hell up and kiss me.”- I kissed him harder and he kissed me back.


He kissed my neck softly, slowly, living those seconds as if there were the lasts together. Even though we were kissing and clearly he was ready to make love neither of us took our clothes. We paused. I wanted to tell him something.


“I need you to know that it’s my first time Bob.” –I said timidly looking at his shiny eyes.


“I’m going to be honest, I don´t have much experience. But I don’t care; I know that I want to do it with you.”-He said stroking my face between his hands.




“Yes clumsy and beautiful girl?”-Bringing the past to the future was so strange; so magic.


“I think I may be in love with you.”-And I felt so relieved when I said it. I wanted to shout it everywhere; to let everyone else know of what I felt like.


“I will never let you down, I love you Maia Salinas.”- And we continued kissing and I ripped off his smart white shirt.

“Let’s see how that bra fits you on.” –He giggled.


I took off my shoes whilst he took his. I pushed him to the bed and he laid looking at me with his arms surrounding his neck, posing like a sexy model. I walked around the bed thinking to myself if I was sure and once I was completely sure I took off my shirt and felt so naked that my first instinct was to cover myself with my bared arms. I looked at the bras that laid on the bed, still. To grab it I left uncovered my breasts for some seconds. Bob didn´t took of his glance from my face for my surprise. He probably imagined that it was quite an embarrassing situation for me to be in and he didn´t wanted to make me feel uncomfortable. Then I turned around to end up looking at the wardrobe and fitted the bras more calmly, being myself, ignoring Bob presence.


I breathed slowly, turned around to meet his eyes and climbed across the bed. I was still wearing my jeans because I felt protected with them. When I was just on top of him I realized…


“Do you have any protection with you?”- I said just before taking off my jeans. 


“Yes, I have it just here.” He said taking it out of his pockets.


“Always prepared for everything?”-I whispered.


“Not everything, but I was waiting for this opportunity to arrive.”


“You´re a patient man aren´t you Mr.Callister?”-I continued laughing taking off his trousers, taking off mines.


“I need to say this Maia, you are incredibly hot.”-He said touching my legs and looking at mi breasts.


“You´re…not bad at all.”-I said taking off the last item of his clothes left.




Sometime later, I don’t really know at what time, when there wasn´t any more daylight he fell as sleep. I looked at his hair over my shoulder. We were both covered between the blankets that I had left behind. We hugged. I was looking at the window whilst he had fallen asleep hugging me. It had been our first night together in addition to the first night sleeping together.


I separated a bit from him to change direction and be facing him; I looked at his closed eyes. Everything was very quiet inside the flat although I perfectly heard the noises that came from outside. I couldn´t believe that I had admitted to be in love with Bob. I had fallen in love with him.


I kept telling it to myself until in one of those many times I remembered one the very first’s thoughts that I had though laying on the same bed about Bob.


Two months ago my sixth sense told me that I was going to fall in love with Bob. This feeling brought me fear as it had been accompanied with the absurd idea of Peter as a Supreme.


If I had fallen in love with Bob as I had unconsciously predicted did that meant that it would gradually occur the same with Peter. Impossible. Peter hates Supremes and I’m the closest he gets to Supremes; I wouldn´t permit that he got any near into this world.





The explosion left me dumb. The last thing I remember was the pressure in my ears due to the detonation waves. I was unable to understand what was happening. I desperately searched for Bob that wasn´t any more next to me between the ashes, the grayness, the darkness and the smell of gunpowder.

I looked at my hand, I found difficulties to continue breathing, and I started suffocating just when I realized that I was covered in blood. It wasn´t mine, I wasn´t bleeding that highlighted… it was Bob´s.

I closed my eyes.


“You take her I´ll take him back to Minerva.”


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