Kiss me meanwhile

Maia is a fourteen year old teenager that soon will be brainwashed. Supremes have in my mind how to create love and Maia will be the key that changes every prediction. Who will help Maia on her adventurous journey?


12. Heart beat


I extended my left hand towards Carla´s face and softly closed her eyes.


“Rest in peace my lover friend.”- I whispered at her tiny ears.


I knew she couldn´t hear me wherever she was right now. But I don´t know why but I imagined she had clearly heard me. Susan approached to Sally that still was holding the gun and said:

“miserable you are.”


Sally looked at her straight in here eyes and replied confident.


“I´m a Supreme and don´t leave anything to chance.” –Sally said proud of herself.


“So am I but I don´t kill innocent people.”- Susan answered back.


“I can kill you two for conspiring against the President William so now; tell me, what do you have in hands?”


“We won´t say anything.”- Susan replied instantly.


“Maia Salinas and Susan Callister. What a shame. Bolly citizens will cry your lost. But I won´t.”


“You won´t kills us.”- I added.


Sally then looked at me and repeated the smile. But this time when she smiled she moved the gun to aside and therefore it calmed me down in a sort of way.


“Why shouldn´t I kill you?”- She rhetorically asked.


“Susan Callister and Maia Salinas; Dylan´s wife and Bolly´s new star murdered by Sally Dionne. Good heading, everybody will hate you including The President. They´ll find you and kill you.” - Susan replied.


“Sally; point firmly towards Susan.” - An elegant voice interrupted.


A tall blonde recognizable man slowly approached opening a corridor of lightness in that dark unexpected night. It was him. It was the President William. He didn´t smile at any of us and suddenly he saw the body lying on the floor. He slowly but at a firm pace moved side to Sally and as a respectful symbol he leaned his hand on Sally´s shoulder. Then he slowly moved his hand up the shoulder and up her neck. Then, slowly but harshly pressed his hand towards Sally´s neck. Now he did smile.


Sally started to cough but didn´t tried to remove William´s hand. Then, seven seconds later Sally radically stopped coughing and concentrated her gaze into her gun. William removed his hand. I now remembered what William had just said. Surely he expected Sally to kill Susan without wasting time. She jointed both hands holding the gun. Aside Susan moved her head to one side and another denying. Anyone spoke. Who was the bad one here? I was really confused. Sally had just killed Carla with no doubts and now when the President is ordering her to kill Susan she is thinking it twice. But why does William want to kill Susan if he doesn´t know about Julius the baby.


“Hold it tight.” - William added.


Sally continued looking at the gun. She was holding it tight as William told her.  Sally looked at me and then at Susan. I didn´t quite understand her behavior with her movements and expression. This time she looked at us with a kind of sorrow I couldn´t imagine she had. She seemed sorry for us but that appearance contradicted herself ten minutes ago when was collaborating to kill us for no reason.


“Shoot.” –William seriously but affirming said.


I felt so unimportant that in that moment I didn´t care if they killed me. I just wanted Susan and Julius to survive. I just wanted Dylan to be happy. So I decided to protect Susan until death.


“No, don´t kill her!” – I interrupted.


Sally stopped her fingers from murdering another person that night.


William stared at me and without wasting time he approached.


“I hope you´re happy Ms. Salinas.” -He said with disdain.


“Why should I be?” -I answered trying to make time avoiding the murder of Susan Callister.


“We´ve killed Carla Willow for your fault. You´re the guilty one of her death. Look at her. She´s dead for your fault! You should have told us the truth.”


“What truth are you talking about? I just came here with my neighbor and that´s all. You´ve killed her because you´re a loathful unhappy man.”- I rudely replied.


“You’re persistent and stubborn; I would be proud of having you in our favor.” – William said ignoring my rudeness.


“Ah, I know what you mean. I´ll repeated once more because it seems as you don´t understand it. I´m not working for Jupiter.”


“And good liar. I forgot about thatsmall but key element.”


Save Susan, Susan, Susan needs to get out from here. –I repeated constantly to myself. Maybe I should start to behave as William expected me to do. Maybe I should lie. If I apparently confessed I was working for Jupiter he might leave Susan aside. One part of me encouraged me to lie; to tell William what he was wishing to heard.  My other part told me to deny everything; that he would kill me and her if it was such a dangerous thing he was worried about.


“Leave her alone William. Deep inside you know she´s not a big deal. She´s not working for anyone against us and herself; as she lives here, in Bolly.”  - Susan faithfully interrupted.


“As any of you know I’ll tell you what´s happening here.”- William said.


For just a second Susan and I exchanged glances and I had the impression she thought as me. We thought that William knew about Julius and was about to inform us about her situation and mine´s for covering and helping her.


“Sir, the boy´s are arriving.”- Sally informed William.


“Boys? What boys William?”- Susan asked.


“Patience Susan Callister, be patient and you´ll see. First I’ll inform you about our huge dilemma.” - He confidently replied.


“Illuminate us”- Susan ironically said.


“Throughout 230 years scientists and informaticiens have been working out a formula to create love. With no success; they´ve spended millions of Euros in tests. The brainwash was designed to improve our civilization. To keep under control every single detail. For our disgrace we haven´t been able to create love. You may feel respect towards the family you´re assigned into but definitely that´s not love. That´s not the love we want to achieve.


Dylan was forced to marry Susan because the USAPTL and I thought that it might be a good idea to join a couple that mutually felt attracted. At the university they both felt mutual attraction but as long as we knew they never felled in love with one another for themselves; without us intervening.  When we married them; that respect became real. Then, Susan did fall in love with Dylan. Or at least she appeared too.  Dylan was starting to love her when he met you.”


“Dylan loves Susan.”- I muttered.


“Don´t interrupt The President whilst speaking Maia, same errors as before, you haven’t learnt ey.”- Sally quickly said.


“As I was saying”-William continued. “Dylan was starting to really love her when he met you. Dylan might apparent he loves her but he doesn´t. Dylan is his husband. Dylan has to protect and defend her. It’s his duty. Dylan is a good son and he has been refusing to pay attention to his feelings.”


“What does that have to do with me?” – I curiously asked.


“Never learns argggg.” –Sally added to my comment.


“Maia Salinas you´re incapable of seeing such an obvious thing…”


“I’m sorry but I don´t get the such obvious idea.” –I clarified.


“Maia, you are the formula for love.”


I couldn´t belief what he just said. It was such an ordinary odd idea it kind of frightened me. First of all I’m just myself. I´m not any formula and much less a love formula. Did he mean that Dylan was in love thanks to me or that he had fallen in love with me? Weird weird. I was Dylan´s friend and anything further on. I didn´t love him. Or at least I don´t think so. It´s true he is really friendly but one strong reason why I like being his friend is because he hasn´t insinuated me that he likes me or feels anything for me. Dylan respects me and therefore I’m his friend. 


“I hope what you´re saying is just your imagination.” –I finally said.


“Accept it Maia. Dylan loves you. Bob loves you. Peter loves you.”


“Stop saying non-less hypothetical ideas!” – I nervously exclaimed.


“Maia I’ll ask you the final time. Are you working for Jupiter?”


“What does that have to do with Dylan, Bob and Peter; and Jupiter?” - I intensively asked.


“We don´t know how you´ve managed to make the two both possible Bolly´s future Presidents to love you without brainwashing them. Jupiter knows the formula thanks to you.” – He explained.


“That´s impossible, I haven´t told anyone anything about how they should behave to push somebody to love you because I don´t know any formula.” – I argued.


“There´s nothing impossible.”


“Sure.” – I commented.


“Purple everywhere, am I right?”


Wow. He had just mentioned that color. Purple. The color that has appeared a lot since… well I don´t remember since when but it has been appearing a lot in my life. But, why did he know about the presence of purple in my life? Purple suddenly started to appear in my life and now it’s constantly there.


“What are you insinuating President William?”


“Purple represents Jupiter and by the way you´ve reacted I would say that you´ve realized purple is constantly by your side. Purple is the way Jupiter can communicate and watch us. They use diverse elements such as people dressed in purple to infiltrate on us and discover our secrets. They have been observing you. They have been spying on you. You are the key to solve the great mystery of love and they already know the formula.”


“So, what´s the formula?”  – I instantly asked.


“I was hoping you told me. Maia think carefully. What´s the formula? We´re talking about Bolly´s future. You need to know it; you´re the formula!”


“I’m really sorry but I seriously don’t know it.”


“Maia there´s people dying due to it.”


“No. you´re murdering people because you like too. It´s not my fault.”


“Look at Carla. Did she deserve dying? She died for the formula!”


“I’ll say it again. No, she died because you murdered her to know what I was doing here at night with her. Just pure curiosity. Curiosity is your reason for killing.”


“No.” –Sally said.


“Yes.” – I replied.


“I’ve had enough of your silliness. Sally, kill Susan.” –William announced.


“I… I’ll do whatever you want but don´t kill her.”


“Tell us the formula.” –Sally interrupted us.


“I have a better idea.” –William happily said.


“What is it?” –Susan calmly asked.


“It´s a perfect solution to our problems.” –William quietly answered.


“Yes?”  - I carefully asked.


“I won´t kill Susan in exchange to…we´ll act as if we knew the formula. Maia, you´re going to marry.”


“Marry?!” – I intensively asked.


“Yes. You´ll marry Bob. That will show them that you´re part of us and are playing with us; not against us.”


“I´m too young to marry.”


“That´s not a problem. Soon, really soon, in two weeks we´ll brainwash you. I´m sure the crew will not have any problems in adapting your brain to an older one, a more mature one that is capable of assimilating marriage as a normal thing of life.”


“But, if a married a Supreme wasn´t the brainwash going to be less?”


“Yes, and it´ll be less. Trust on us. We´ll just make sure you accept your marriage.”


“Promise me you won´t kill Susan.”


“Promise.” –he confidently replied with that little smile.


“But President can you explain me something?”


“What´s the matter Maia?”


“How do you know that Bob loves me?”


“He´s my son. I speak with him as well as observe his behavior.”


“I don´t love him.” – I finally said.


“Remember it all starts with respect. That doesn´t mean that you´ll love him as we would wish too but you´ll apparent too. As long as you´re the perfect couple and Jupiter believes that we do have the formula Susan will not die.”


“I’m not a good actress” – I doubtable said.


“Mr. Jones wouldn´t agree.”


“I’m sorry but I know better myself than he does.”


“That´s an arguable argument.”


“No it´s not.”


“Well. Bad luck. That means that Susan will be murdered. And also his little bastard.” –he seriously with that smile said again.


Susan was paralyzed and didn´t speak. I didn´t want it to give President William the impression that he was on the right track; that what he said was true. So, I just smiled back and was about to lie back when he added:


“Don´t try to deny it. I know everything.”


It seemed impossible. How did he know? Who had told him that miserable but honest truth? Who had told him that Susan had broken the covenant? That meant… we had a mole between us.


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