Kiss me meanwhile

Maia is a fourteen year old teenager that soon will be brainwashed. Supremes have in my mind how to create love and Maia will be the key that changes every prediction. Who will help Maia on her adventurous journey?


13. Forgive


I couldn´t understand who had told him so I just preferred to think that as he´s Bolly´s President he knew everything. He didn´t had a limit. He could do whatever he wished too.


“Maia don´t marry Bob; William is using you.” –Susan muttered worried.


“Susan if a marry him you´ll be safe.” –I replied.


“Don´t be such stupid Maia. Do you seriously believe that William is going to let my baby live. He´s not going to let him grow up as his grandson and then let him rule Bolly.”  – Susan knew what she was saying. She was being realistic.


“Stop it.” -Sally interrupted.


“Supremes don´t leave anything to chance.” – William said looking at Sally.


“You see Maia; don´t let them manipulate you!” –Susan anxious said.


“Sally take Susan inside.” –William announced.


“Get moving.” –Sally said pointing at Susan with her gun.


I could slowly see how Susan´s body slowly disappeared into the sharp shadows along with Sally´s; that walked behind her pointing at her firmly. If someone had told me some weeks ago that Sally was a murderer… That she was going to kill Carla and was able to threaten Susan with no problems… I don´t think I would believe so. When I met her she sort of wanted to protect me. She didn´t wanted me to get into problems. She has advised me continuously to avoid problems. But now, she´s the one that has caused the problems.


We were again alone. Well, not completely alone. Carla was next to us. It was a really creepy scene to be in. William the President late at night meeting up at the house of his son´s wife with me. Meeting up outside the house with no Supremes protecting him apparently. Meeting up Maia Salinas. Meeting up the apparently new talented star. It was all strange. And for strange things if you looked down to our feet we had Carla´s body lying there. So still. Not moving. It was really unfair. Carla had given her life for Julius and now Sally was tempted to kill Susan and Julius. Carla had lost her life; and I had lost my freedom in just matter of seconds. I was going to marry Bob. I didn´t have another option. Well, maybe I had another option but it was a dangerous one.


Such a dangerous option. They could kill me. That option is… Jupiter. I need to speak with them. Jupiter is purple; and I do have lots of purple in my life therefore I need to find any sort of way to communicate with them. I´m sure they´re not going to deny meeting up with the girl that involuntarily gave them the formula to create love. If I could meet up with them I would be able to explain them our situation. If they already know the formula I don´t think they´ll have any problem to help me. With help. With power. With strength I would be able to save Susan and Julius. William says they have the formula thanks to me therefore they need to help me. They ought me their help. They can´t abandoned me letting Supremes brainwashing me and forcing me to marry Bob. If they do really have the formula thanks to me they need it to help me.


“You will marry Bob. It´s correct to do so as you´ll help us, Susan and yourself.” –He confidently interrupted my thoughts.


I wasn´t sure of how to act like. I really wanted to save Susan and Julius for Dylan but I didn´t like the idea of marrying Bob. Bob is a Supreme and it’s planned that one day he´ll rule Bolly. On the other hand If I didn´t marry Bob, probably they would kill me, or somehow manage to handle in secret with me. I continued thinking of how I should react. I could behave as a civilized nearly adult, two weeks apart from being an official one. I could also behave naturally expressing what I felt being near William, disgust. I felt disgusted by the way he was manipulating the entire situation. But the problem was that acting as disgusted surely wouldn´t do any favor to Susan or either me.



The President William was waiting for an answer.


Suddenly I got with the solution to nearly all of my problems. I knew what I had to do. I was going to marry Bob. I was going to become a Supreme. I was going to be the best Supreme ever. I was going to safe Susan and Julius. I was going to help Dylan; as I had promised him. I was going to make sure I destroyed President William. I was going to find the way. I would make sure that Carla hadn´t died in vain. I was going to make sure justice was made. I would use the power gained to find and speak with Jupiter´s governors. Mean whilst I was going to live the perfect life I would also become strong. I would make Jupiter allies. I would make sure they trust on me.


 The only thing that sort of worried me about was the brainwash. It´s true the brainwash wouldn´t change my way of thinking but I didn’t like the idea of getting my brain changed into a one capable of having the perfect love. The perfect family. I wanted to choose for myself what were my interests, my future job, and my friends. It wasn´t correct to let a machine chose my friends. Imagine if the machine makes me best friend of William, for example. How was I going to manage my friendship with the idea of destroying him? You see, it doesn´t make sense. The brainwash was the problem I didn´t knew how to solve. It wasn´t on my hands to avoid it. It was on Supremes hands; and they haven´t ever in life cancelled even a single brainwash for whatsoever reason. All these got me to the conclusion that I need it to find Jupiter´s allies before the brainwash. I´m not sure how they´ll avoid it but now there´s just one thing I can keep tight to. Faith. I´ll have faith. I´ll just believe everything going to be alright. I´ll do what´s expected from me to do as. I´ll make sure nobody suspects what my intention is. Nobody will know about my relation with Jupiter. Not until the right moment arrives. When will it be that moment? Well, I don´t know. But there´s only one thing I’m sure right now. I´m going to be a… Supreme.


After that long silence I moved my head up. I looked at William straight into his eyes and then I smiled. I tried to make the perfect smile all Supremes tend to do. I wasn´t sure what William was thinking about it but I hope he felt in some sort of way irritated by it; as I feel when he smiles like that. I decided the silence had come to an end. So I took a deep breath and said to myself: Be brave Maia, be brave.


“I’ll marry Bob.” –I finally said.


“Perfect. Well, first of all you´re coming with me to Blue Scales mansion. We need to prepare you.” –He happily said.


It was noticeable that he felt enthusiastic with the idea of marrying his son with me. I don´t think he was enthusiastic due to making his son happy; he felt enthusiasm due to have under control the formula to make love; me. Marrying Bob with Maia Salinas; the girl that was the formula of love would surely be perfect for Bolly´s reputation. I can already imagine what Supremes will say between them. I can already imagine what Jupiter´s allies will say.  


“I don´t want to move to Blue Scales mansion. I´m fine at my house.”


“Maia please, don´t think that for marrying Bob you´re going to be more powerful than I am. You´ll live wherever I say so. You´ll do whatever I tell you too. You´ll breath whenever I aloud you too.” – He happily but strict said.


The way he spoke reminded me of a dictator. His sentences got stuck to my head. His voice was in my head. His words didn´t come out of my head. For the first time in my life I felt as a prisoner. William wasn´t joking and I knew it. Marrying Bob meant losing my freedom. But, was saving Susan and Julius worth my freedom?


I didn´t want William to see me as his enemy I tried to answer back in a friend fully way. The more trustable I seemed the more space and authority I would have when married Bob.


“William think about it; isn´t it strange that the girl that started to hang out with Bob suddenly disappeared from his life and now returns to marry him? Wouldn´t it be better that I continued living at my house but started again to hang out with him to make sure that the medias knew it. Therefore they would start to make confident rumors. So, when Bob and I announced our engagement it wouldn´t be such a surprise.”


“Thinking about it… you´re right but even though you´ll come tomorrow afternoon to Blue Scales mansion. You´ll speak with Bob and well, you´ll see what surprises Ortensia has prepared for you.” – William replied.


Luckily enough William wasn´t in dislike with the idea. So, for at least another week I’ll be living at home. Living alone. Living without the media constantly observing me.


“Ortensia?” – I asked.


“Yes, Ortensia Callister, my wife.” – He sort of offended replied.


“Ahhh, yes, sorry, of course, Ortensia. I just had forgotten she´s your wife.” –I tried to excuse myself.


“Well, I hope from now on you don´t forget who she is. You´re going to marry his son and she perfectly knows who you are.”


“Of course President, I won´t forget.”


“Great. What a pleasure to have spoken and gotten to an agree with you. You´ll marry Bob and I will forgive Susan and his bastard.”


“That´s right.” – I limited to reply a simple but correct answer.


“Don´t forget. The car will pick you up at 6pm.”




“Maia, one last thing.” – He seriously told me.




“Good luck with the auditions and the tour.” – He smiled again.


I knew what he was talking about. He surely had spoken with Mr. Jones and he knew about the auditions; but what tour? I don´t remember having planned any tour around anywhere. Maybe he just was ironic and that´s it.


“Thanks President William.”


He stopped looking at me, turned around and looked at Carla. Then; he got out his phone and phoned someone. I would wish to have understood what he was talking about but it was impossible. He was speaking the Supremes language. I haven´t thought about all the advantages of being a Supreme but one of it will be that I’ll learn to speak Supremes language.  Just a few seconds after, when he had finished the call he told me:

“Good night, I’m not going to take you home but one of Susan´s car will. And don´t worry, I’ll make sure Carla gets also picked up.”


Wow. What a twisted and evil thing he had just said. He had spoken about Carla as if he knew her and took care of her. His answer demonstrated me that he was a bad person. He didn´t care about Carla but he had spoken to me as if he also took care of her. Deep in my heart although I knew he was guilty for her death; I felt guilty. If I hadn´t told her to come she probably wouldn´t be dead. I didn´t feel happy with myself. Carla should be alive. Carla should be at her house right now just about to wake me up with the sound of preparing her delicious breakfast.


We both looked at Carla. He didn´t say nothing more. I didn´t reply. It was better to keep in silent; we had already spoken a lot that night. I looked to the sky and realized the dark night was starting to leave. Little sunrays were starting to be seen by us. Then, I looked at William. William didn´t looked at me. Instead he kept looking at Carla. I wasn´t sure why. Maybe he felt guilty for her death or just felt proud of himself.


Finally I heard a sound and the vehicle that had brought us reappeared. The car came from the road and seemed cleaner than before, brighter. The USAPTL car stopped right next to us. William opened the door and indicated me to enter. I did as he told me too and sat down in the strange seat. The driver looked at all times forwards and didn´t say even a word. Then, he looked sides to William and discovered the body, Carla´s body. His face became pale. It was obvious he hadn´t been informed about the murder; he had discovered it right now. He started to agonize; surely he was about to vomit and faint. The driver closed his eyes and started to breathe so deeply I could hear him from the backseat. William hadn´t even looked at him. William didn´t care about anyone that wasn´t part of his family or a Supreme.


I wanted to ask William who was going to pick Carla up. I also wanted to know where she was going to go. I felt intrigue. Although; I didn’t dare to ask all these questions. I felt my mouth started to gesticulate asking the questions, but no sound came out. I didn´t speak although I was wishing too. I wasn´t capable of asking questions that I wasn´t allowed to know their answers. I wasn´t sure of what I could know and couldn´t. I didn´t wanted William to get angry and kill Susan and Julius. I knew we had just agreed on the future but William was unpredictable. I couldn´t be sure of what he was planning. I need it to be careful what with I said.


For everybody’s surprise nobody knew that I had also a secret plan. Jupiter. William didn´t know what I was thinking of and therefore my plan would surprise him.


“Good night.” –William seriously said.


“Good night.” –I replied.


Then, before closing the door he moved his soft lips to my right ear and whispered: “Being a Supreme involves killing.”


I didn´t answer back as I don´t think he was expecting an answer. Although that doesn´t mean I didn´t though about it. He had clearly told me that every Supreme kills. He had told me than I would also kill as I was going to become a Supreme.


He closed the door and knocked it twice. Instantly the car got moving. I looked through the back glass window and was able to see how William got again his phone out and called someone. I could also see Carla´s body.  I didn´t cry although I felt sorrow for Carla. She was such a nice neighbor. She is my friend. She was my friend.


“In soon we´ll reach home.”  –The driver announced.    


I came in the building. I got the lift and soon I was standing in front of Carla´s door. I didn´t move. I just stood still watching the door. I closed my eyes and could see again Carla inside smiling, inviting me for breakfast. She´s not here anymore. I knew she was dead but convincing myself wasn´t easy. 


When morning arrived I was grabbing my pillow and had all my hair all over my face. I could remember perfectly last night. It all had taken place quickly but that doesn´t mean that it wasn´t important. I slowly stood up and grabbed the phone.  I had a message. The first one from Rebecca asking me curiously what was I going to dress for the brainwashing day; as it was a special day. Less than two weeks for it to arrive. Less than two weeks to find the way of speaking with Jupiter. Less than two weeks to know if I am finally going to record the film. Less than two weeks to prepare myself for marriage. I need to forgive Bob.


Forgiving Bob. That simple thing vibrated so strongly in my mind that brought me a headache. How was I going to forgive Bob in less than two weeks? Or had I forgiven him already?  I haven´t spoken to him in a long time or either seen him. Maybe distance has helped us both to forgive us. I´m not sure if Bob was cross with me but at least he isn´t now. Smile, smile to Bob and keep calm. Breathe in breathe out. I´m doing the correct thing; Everybody´s going to achieve a positive thing throughout my marriage.


Breathe in breathe out.  


I turned on the computer whilst dressing myself up in an acceptable way for the auditions. New e-mail belonging to school:


Bubble school informs you that today you´ll have the pleasure of skipping classes throughout the entire day in exchange to a tour Supremes have organized to visit their centers. In the centers they´ll teach you what their job is about and will answer any appropriate questions. As soon you´ll be brainwash they´ll also show you the building where it will take place.


In case you are a student that was supposed to participate at the auditions you´ll do them as soon as we reach school on the afternoon.


Bubble school department hopes you all have a wonderful time.

Sincerely, Bubble secretary.


I tied my hair up with a pony tail and as I didn´t wanted to be recognized I also complimented my look with big rounded sun glasses.  I turned off the computer and phoned Dylan.


 Dylan didn´t know anything about last night. He didn´t even knew Carla was also helping him. He didn´t knew that Carla had died trying to help him in a sort of way. I felt tempted to tell him everything. I wanted to tell him that Sally was a murderer. I wanted to tell him that his father, President William wanted to kill Susan and that I had saved her. But I couldn´t. I just did as if I didn´t knew anything and spoke to him as always. At the end of our conversation he was a bit confused as I told him that I had forgiven Bob and wanted to meet with him again. At first he didn´t believe me. He kept telling me that why had suddenly the anger disappeared.  I wasn´t sure if my answer was a lie or just the simple truth. The truth that I hadn´t realized off until a few hours ago. When he finally sort of believed that I had forgiven him he told me that I should speak with Bob. I knew he was right but I didn´t knew how Bob would react. Dylan insisted that I need it to phone him. He kept telling nonsense reasons for it but he repeated a couple of times that Bob wanted to tell me something.


“I´ll phone him later, after breakfast.”  - I finally said.


As I had forgotten to refill the fridge I didn´t have anything at all to eat. I slowly walked to Coffee Grain´s.


“A donnut and a cup of milk.”


“What flavor do you want the donnut to be?” -with a smile on her face the lady asked.


“Chocolate if possible.”




As always they had on television Channel 4. Julian, Channel´s 4 boss was being interviewed by Sandra Bane and Jessica Liveryman. They spoke about what he though Mr. Jones attitude was due and then they changed conversation to speak about the Callister´s family. Surely his speech had been checked by Supremes as his opinion was biased in Supremes favor. He repeated a number of times “Supremes don´t leave anything to chance.” He said so to justify what he was saying. The only point he made that seemed more normal was the one that said that Bob Callister had reappeared again after some weeks missing.  Then they showed some images from Bob shopping, speaking with citizens, signing autographs and relaxing at pools. The report ended up telling that Bob was again following the Callister´s agenda and that we would start to see him again as normal from today onwards.


“I hope it was nice.” – The lady stood side to me with her persistent smiled.


I wasn´t sure why she kept there but I decided to smile off and politely reply.


“Yes, it was really nice, thanks.”


She kept standing next to me. A few minutes later I started to felt uncomfortable.


“Emm, sorry do you need something?” – I finally said.


She looked to the sides checking that anyone was listening or looking and sat next to me.


“You´re Maia Salinas aren´t you?”


Should I lie? Should I tell her the truth?


“Yes I am. Why?”


“Oh my gosh. Could you please sign me an autograph?”


So, that´s the nice face of fame. Making people happy. Well, signing an autograph isn´t going to harm anyone.


I´ve tried to make the autograph as clean as possible. It has been the first time I´ve signed one to a fan; I suppose I should call her like that.


“Is it true you´re friends with the Callister´s?” – She curiously and fast asked.


“I don´t speak about my private life, sorry. Bye.”


I need it to get out as soon as possible. I didn’t like speaking about my private life with strangers. It was dangerous. I couldn´t be sure who she was or who was listening so better to get out.


I speed it up. In less than five minutes I was already at the bus stop. Waiting in silence. Alone. I looked to a side and saw Carla. Carla holding Sugus the cat. Sitting down on her sofa. She was slowly and calmly stroking him. She realized I was there. She looked at my eyes and showed a small smile. I couldn´t avoid reproaching myself for Carla´s death.  My eyes glaced with tears. It was so real. She was there, next to me, with me.


“Are you getting in?” –the driver asked.


When I looked again at Carla she wasn´t there anymore.


I looked at the driver and nodded. 


I sat down at the end of the bus and looked out through the window. Three stops later the bus was completely full. Some students from Bubble school also got into the bus and spoke loudly between them. Some every few minutes looked at me but I didn´t even bothered on smiling.








There was only one hour left until the car came to pick me up. I was nervous. What was I going to tell Bob? Or Ortensia? - Hi, we´ve never spoken before but nice to meet you I’m going to marry your son. - No, I couldn´t tell her that. I hoped that she knew what to tell me and that´s all.



Blue Scales Mansion

Ortensia stood still. She was on the middle. To one side Dylan standing with crossed arms and powerful legs. On the other side Bob. I couldn´t see William around but surely he wasn´t far at all. Ortensia didn´t smile she just kept still looking at her long perfectly delicate nails.


Both Supremes told me to get out of the elevator and when I did so the elevator closed and they weren´t there anymore.


I walked through the short corridor that led to a big room. The first one to realize I had arrived, as always, Bob. 


“Mum, she´s arrived” –he whispered.


Instantly Ortensia looked up at me and then, she smiled.


“So it’s true, you do have nice green eyes and beautiful brown chocolate hair.” –She calmly told me.


I didn´t answered. I didn´t even try to think who had told her that ^true fact^.


“Welcome Maia, at last I meet such a special…” –she didn´t finished the sentence but I could imagine in what she was thinking.


“Nice to meet you Mrs.Callister.” –I replied.


Dylan didn´t looked at me. He kept looking all around the room or to my feet, but avoided eye contact. I searched for his brown eyes and couldn´t find them. He didn’t seemed happy or either sad. I finally got to the conclusion that he didn’t felt anything.  He was dressed in nice blue jeans and an informal red shirt combined with a blue tie. Curious. A tie with an informal shirt, wasn´t it?


Opposite´s to Dylan´s behavior; Bob didn´t stopped staring at me. He looked straight into my green eyes. He looked at me anxiously. It had been a long time since I hadn´t seen him. He was a bit taller. He seemed nearly same aged as his brother. Being honest he looked quite well.


“Well, we should take a seat and discuss how to solve the small details that you might not consider important but that; in fact, journalists will be continuously checking.”


“Mum, you´re speaking with Maia she´s going to be part of our family. She does consider small details important; she isn´t an ignorant girl.” –Bob added.


“What manners are those? Correcting your mother in public, all the expensive education for this…inappropriate attitude. You´re marrying. She isn´t smiling. You aren´t smiling. It seems you’re going to a funeral. Bob right now change your attitude. These are the small details I was telling her about when you interrupted me.”


“Hmmm, sorry mum.” –Bob finally said.


“Anyway, as I was saying. Every little detail it´s important when you´re a famous character. We need to revise clothes, behavior, language, postures, dates etc.”


“Why dates?” – I curiously asked.


“Darling. You have lots to learn in few days.” –Ortensia laughed about.


“But why dates?”- I didn’t knew if she thought I was stupid or just that it didn´t understand why dates were important. Well, in fact I didn´t knew why I minded about what she thought about me. Surely she had been informed about physical factors and personality’s characteristics.


“Dates are the way of discovering feelings.”


“Mum, explain her, details please.” –Bob quickly told her type of whispering.


She didn’t reply him anything although she looked at him with an angry face. She surely would have told him off but that would have been excessive. Two times in less than two minutes.


“By the way a couple looks at them you can see if they´re in love one with another or if the relationship is pure interest. We can´t permit ourselves to give the impression that your relationship is fake. Jupiter can´t discovered it.”


“And what if it isn´t fake?” –I calmly asked.


Bob reopened a lot more his eyes and blinked a few times whilst staring at me. He opened his mouth to say something but at the end he didn´t. He looked quite shocked. Ortensia also looked quite shocked. They didn´t expected that answer surely. Both mum and son shocked for a simple but strong sentence.


For the first time since I had entered Dylan looked at my eyes. His eyes reflected exhaustion and disbelief. His looking said it all.


“For goodness sake please, she isn´t speaking about herself. She doesn´t love Bob! She means the other way around!” –Dylan loudly exclaimed.


“Oh.” –Bob finally said.


“What a shame; it would have been perfect that the marriage hided in fact true love from both sides.” –Ortensia added.


I looked at Dylan. His brown eyes had finally contacted with mines.


Then he looked at his mother, Ortensia and then at Bob.


“May I speak with you privately? Come with me Maia.”


Although it had been a question he didn´t waited for an answer. He hardly grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the lift. Then we both entered and Bob tried to follow us. For his surprise or maybe not, Dylan didn´t let him entered and his mother didn´t react quickly enough to stop us getting in.



“What are you doing here? You were going to help me; not satisfy Bob´s wants!”


“I´m, I’m, I’m… here for you!”


“For me?!”


“Yes. Listen.”


“No, you listen. You can´t marry Bob. You don´t love him!”


When the lift reached the wished floor Dylan continued pulling my arm this time harder and we got through the corridor and then finger print, eyes scanner and into a room. He didn´t looked straight into me. He just pulled me.


The room was covered in blue paint and some posters from bands and bike´s. The ceiling wasn´t too tall or either too short. The room wasn´t excessively enormous but just a good sized one. With another two doors in it leading to other places. Not important ones, they didn´t have any type of scanner on them.


“I can walk alone.” –I finally told him.


“Take a seat.” –he said whilst looking at a sofa; the purple sofa next to a window.


“I did as you told me. Listen, Susan and your baby hmm, her baby… are safe.”


“In what sort of trouble are you in?”




“What happened; why are you marrying Bob? Why!”


“Well. Susan and I figured out a plan and…”


“What plan?”


“Let me continue. And the plan was that she was going to move home with a trustable lady, my neighbor Carla until she gave birth. Then, Carla would have taken care from Julius.”


“Wait. The baby´s name is Julius?”


“Yes. Therefore with these plan Julius would have lived separated from his mother but at least she would have visited him often.”


“What does that has to do with you marrying Bob?”


“The plan was on its way. On the night the three of us met to discuss all the details, advantages, disadvantages etc. William discovered some part of it.”




“That´s not the worse part.” –I calmly, holding my breath added.


“Yes I know, marrying you isn´t good at all.”


“No, Dylan. Dylan…”


“Maia don´t cry.” –he softly said whilst approaching to my hand.


Then he grabbed it, and gently stroked it.


“Carla was murdered. She was my friend.” –I finally told him.


I couldn´t see what his eyes wanted to express as I was concentrated on our hands holding together. Friendly peaceful.


“Shhhh, don´t cry, don´t cry. Come let´s hug.” –he whispered.


Then we did as he had announced. He opened his arms and I carefully laid my head on his shoulder whilst rounding his big back with my arms. I heard his strong breathing and constant heart beating. He wasn´t bothered or at least he apparently didn´t mind about his shirt getting a bit humid due to teardrops.  


“And, do you know where´s Susan.” – I curiously asked.


“I think she´s with William. They´re were supposed to come with an idea of what your role is going to be about as a Supreme.”


“Oh, Supreme. Yes, sure.” –I must had said it quite sad as his face had a sad expression.


“Maia I still don´t get with your marrying Bob; yes my family explained me the positive repercussion it will have on Bolly but… what´s the positive repercussion on you?”


“Well, marrying will stop the murdering from Susan and her baby. By marrying I’ll also be near Carla´s murderer therefore I will…”


“Revenge? Maia please don´t tell me that you´re doing this for revenge.”


“It´s not revenge, it´s being near William and Sally in case I have the opportunity to…”


“To kill them?! So, you do this for revenge!”


“No! I do it for you. I am your friend. If I marry; Susan get´s safe and then what I gain for my own satisfaction is maybe, one day, revenge.”


“I feel disgusted.”


Disgusted?! I really didn’t like the meaning of the word and even less to use it against me.


“Disgusted by me?! Well, I’m your friend and I’m helping you as much as I can. If you think that´s disgusting then that´s not my problem; I will not let a baby die.”


“I don´t feel disgusted by you.”




“I feel disgusted for my own. A newly friend, you are risking your life constantly for me.”


“That’s not bad at all.”


“Maybe not from your point of view but… I have lots of staff protecting me day and night non-stopping hours. And then at the end, they´re pointless. Then finally, a teenager saves my wife and her baby by giving giving up, your freedom.”


“Well that´s not really disgusting. Friends help each other.”


“Maia I´m being selfish. That is disgusting.”


“You´re not selfish hey! You´ve tried to help your family and you´ve succeeded!”


“No! You´re the one that succeeded! I haven´t done anything.”


“Of course you´ve done.”


“You won´t change my opinion Maia.”


“I’m not trying to change your opinion. Just telling things as they are.”


“Well I’m sorry but you aren´t seeing things as clear as they are.”


“Okay, you want everything to be clearly said, no?”


“Yes, I do.”


“Well, why don´t you start by telling me everything about Jupiter.”


“What do you mean?”


“I know you aren´t stupid. Tell me everything about me and the relationship with them.”


“If you´re asking me surely you already know the answer.”


“I know something, just enough to know that I’m the formula for love and nothing more.”


“There´s nothing more.”


“Of course there´s something more! What´s purple hey?!”


“Purple? You tell me, I have no idea.”


“Seriously don’t act as if you didn´t know what I’m talking about. You were the one that wanted everything clearly said so now you must tell me what Jupiter has to do with me.”


“We should return.” –He desperately said.


“No! I want to know the truth. Why does marrying Bob influence on Jupiter?”


“I know exactly what you know. I know that you´re the formula for love and that´s all.”


“You´re lying.”




“I can see you´re not telling me the truth. You´re telling me that you aren´t lying but your eyes know you´re lying, they contradict you.”


“That was deep.”


“Not deep enough to make you speak, am I right?”




“Stop saying hmmm!”


“Ortensia will get mad if we don´t return soon.”


“Why do you call her by her name? Not mummy?”


“Hmmm, well she prefers Ortensia in public. Our family considers that informal ways are to be used in private life.”


“So, you call her mummy in private?”




“Nice to have a mummy.”


“Ah, true. I… I didn´t remember you don’t know who´s you mum.”





“It isn´t fair that anyone doesn’t know who their original family is. You know who your family is because you´re Dylan Callister.”


“What do you think? That I chose being borned on this family?”


“I’m just telling you the truth. That you´re being unfair.”


“I´m not the one who decided that rule.”


“But you could change it, you could pressure dad, I mean President William.”


“Things aren´t easy you know. I know who´s my family because the expectations required from me are much higher than everybody else´s including you.”


“Expectations don´t mess up rights. We deserve, everybody deserves knowing their real family; not the one the computer system decides so.”


“Maia please stop.”




“You´re pressuring me.”


“I’m not pressuring you.”


“Of course you are; Jupiter, mummy, rights, Bob, guiltiness…”


“I just want to know the truth.”


“Well, pressuring me will not answer your questions.”






“What are you thinking now of?”


“I’ve discovered something about you.”

“About me?”


“You want to know the truth, but once you know it, if you don´t like it you don´t accept it.”


“Who´s the deeper now?”


“As you said, whatever, lets return.”


“Wait. Dylan, one more thing.”




“I…am your friend.”


“You´re also my friend.”








“We can´t get any further if we don´t solve the big problem that separate us.” – Ortensia started the conversation.


We´re in another room. It´s as the one before. Big, colorful, but full of cushions.


Bob is standing next to Ortensia. Ortensia is standing still with her hands to her sides. She is holding a gun.


“What’s the problem mum?” –Dylan patiently asked.


Dylan´s used mum in front of me. Was he starting to consider me part of his family? Maybe he used it at purpose to make sure I feel as part of the family. But, how? How am I going to feel part of their family? I don´t know them much at all. They´re creepy, liars, they´re… Supremes.


“Dylan, let me speak. The problem is between Maia and an idiotic employee.” – Ortensia continued.


“Idiotic employee? I don´t know who you´re talking about?” –I’m starting to converse with her.


“I’ve seen the videos. I know what happened. I´ve spoken with my husband. We´ve got to the conclusion that the best way to solve the problem is making it disappearing.”


“But what employee are you talking about?” - I continued.


“Let her enter.” –Ortensia announced.


I didn´t spend too much time trying to identify the employee that slowly entered. Blonde and short. She is Sally. I start to think what Ortensia had just told me. The best way to solve the problem is making it disappearing. How are they going to solve Carla´s death? She can´t return back, they can´t force me to forgive Sally. I don´t want to forgive her. Gun. Suddenly I blink another time and straightly look into the gun. I can imagine what´s going next. I don´t need to say it. I don’t need to ask it. It’s obvious.



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