Kiss me meanwhile

Maia is a fourteen year old teenager that soon will be brainwashed. Supremes have in my mind how to create love and Maia will be the key that changes every prediction. Who will help Maia on her adventurous journey?


15. Dating


The first night sleeping at Blue Scales Mansion had been quite different in comparison to sleeping in a normal and unsafe flat.


Firstly the noise. People walking up and down the corridors talking, laughing, whispering; but I could still listen to everything said. Couldn´t the house be in silence during the night? As every normal house. Of course I wasn´t sleeping on a normal house. Blue Scales Mansion. My new house. My house.


Secondly the text messages. Later than 11pm I started texting Peter. He couldn´t really belief everything that I told him. I stopped myself telling him things that might put him in danger such as Carla´s death or Sally´s murder. I did tell him that I had decided that I wanted to share my life with Bob. I didn´t told him what had forced me to take that decision as it was a secret. Maybe one of the first´s secret that I’m going to be sharing with Callister´s and Supremes. Instead of angry; Peter was surprised. And then he stopped replying messages. Maybe… he was angry.


Thirdly Ortensia.  I can´t really say at what time on the night she came in my room and started to speak with me. But as politeness comes hand with her, she came with two cup of coffees. She told me that she knew I wouldn´t be sleeping. Strangely enough she had been in a similar situation. We were like an hour or even more sharing our experiences due to Supremes.


I didn´t knew anything from her past. And from then onwards I knew everything. Or at least what she wanted me to know. I felt partially comprehended. She had also been forced to marry William, the guy which she didn´t like at all. Firstly their relationship was just public smiles and acts whilst they slept on different rooms. And one day when Ortensia considered herself ready they slept together. Years after Dylan, Bob and Ortensia Junior came. Now she confirms that her happiness wasn´t at first present but as time passed by it increased in a brutally way; transforming her life into one of the most influencing happy and elegant woman from Bolly Planet.




I got up and checked out my phone in case Peter had replied. But no, he hadn´t. I decided to take a shower. After that, I used makeup to cover up the shiners. Then lip gloss and perfume. I went to the big mirror wardrobe and opened it. Not supringsly, as Ortensia had already warned me it was full of nice, new, chic clothes.


A quick look through the big windows towards the garden. Good weather. Therefore a short but discreet dress. Blue marine, apparently black. Small golden buttons and with a thick fabric belt ending on a loop around my hips.


Loose hair and big sun glasses making sure the hair stays relatively still rather than protecting my eyes.




I really didn´t know how I got to the dining room without any help. I asked where I could have breakfast and the answer was that where I wished too.


Cup of Thai tea with some sweet biscuits.


After that, I was just going to ask for indications from how was I supposed to get to the reception; when Dylan sat next to me.



“8am and already awake? Impressive, the first girl I know that doesn´t stays sleeping until 10am.” –Dylan and his big nice smile said.


“Well let’s say I haven’t been able to sleep as long as I wished.”


“Okay, remember that I don´t sleep far from you so you may come to my room in case you need anything.”


“Jajaja I’ll keep it on mind. By the way…”


“You know today you look lovely don´t you?” –He interrupted.


“Oh thank you but I guess you´re joking cause I haven´t slept at all.”


“No, I’m not joking. With that smile, bright green eyes, beautiful chocolate hair, the short dress…” –he continued.


“I really hope you haven´t stared at her ass.” –Bob interrupted the interrupter.


Silence, tension, staring, looking’s between brothers. I need it to do something about it. 


“Slow down brothers! Dylan was just telling his silly point of view! And by the way I have finished the breakfast so Bob, why don´t we head off to the Great Zoo?” – I quickly said.


I quickly stood up and pushed Bob out of the room whilst moving the hand as a good bye to Dylan accomplished with a smile. I really didn´t care if Bob was jealous; he wasn´t going to destroy my friendship with Dylan.



“Maia how have you slept?”


“Just for finishing the conversation it was a joke and you shouldn´t feel attacked by it; he didn´t knew you were there. Or either I.”


“Sorry! It´s just that Dylan continues flirting and I already told him that you are with me so he shouldn´t bother you …”


“Hey Bob, Bob relax! You´re exaggerating. Don´t worry. I… I don´t like him.”- I said slowly, whispering.


And as he seemed really furious and I couldn’t figured out another way of calming him down I stood on my tip toes and gave him a long kiss on his cheek. I was able to see how he closed his eyes and therefore everything was calmed down again.


“And how are we going to get to the zoo?”-I asked.


“We can go by bicycle, by car or motto bike; you choose.”


“I guess that by motto bike your guards won´t be able to follow us so let’s go ahead with it.”


“Good idea. Come on lets go.”


We went to the garage where we chose a motto bike from the collection Callister´s family has and off we went.


It wasn´t the first time I tried a bike with a Callister.


I hugged Bob´s back hard enough to not fall off. Sometimes he looked backwards and smiled. I smiled back.


The first flash was fifteen minutes after. Two journalists following us from the beginning had the opportunity of taking the photo on our first stop.  Some minutes after we had arrived to the Great Zoo.



The Great Zoo had big stone walls surrounding it and some posters announcing its incredible animals. We left the motto bike near the entrance gate and walked followed by the curious eyes.


On the entrance they sold us two platinum tickets that included watching a dolphin show.


The Great Zoo map showed the fauna distribution combined with services for visitors to enjoy.


“I think we should start with the mammals.” –Bob confidently said.


“I don´t really mind.” –I honesty replied.


When the mammals section finished and we were leading towards the dolphin show, Bob grabbed my hand.


I didn´t know how I was supposed to feel but I felt relived. I just simply smiled at him without him even noticing.


His hand wasn´t really big, I would say that similar to mine´s but big enough to hold my five fingers as part of his. His hand was hard, rough and there with me.


Sometimes I felt he pressed harder the hand than rather just holding it. Every single time I returned the squeeze until I asked to myself if we were flirting. And the answer wasn´t really difficult to figure it out. Yes, we were.


“Wow, did you just see that jumped?” –I excited asked.


“For the sixth time, yes; I’ve seen that incredible jump Delfie the dolphin has realized.” –He bored, replied again.


When the show was about to finish I grabbed his hand and then leaned on his shoulder. These time I wasn´t smiling; I was thinking. Although these I knew he was smiling; I could feel it.


“Do you know what I really love about this date?” –I continued saying, still leaned on his shoulder.


“That I bought the tickets?!”-He funny answered.


“No! Well, that may be added to the loving today´s date list.”


“So?” –He desperately asked.


“That I´m not speaking about me and that I’ve met the most amazing Bolly´s dolphin!”




“Just interesting; how boring you are!”


“Jaja, well...Would you like an ice-cream?”


“Only if it´s a chocolate one.”


“And would you like a kiss?”-He asked removing my head from his shoulder and stroking my hair mean whilst.


“Only if it´s from the dolphin, jajaja.”-I replied laughing.


“Aha, you´re going to wish you haven´t said that.” –He intriguingly enough said.


“Ah yes, how are you so sure?” –I said outing my Holmes voice.


“You´ll see, you´ll see.” –He finally said forced whilst I kind of punch him on his shoulder.


“No no. I want to see it know.” – I insisted.


“Wait here.” –Whilst smiling said.


From the stands I could see how Bob spoke with a coach. After five or maybe six or even seven or eight minutes later the dolphin´s coach was asking for helpers. The helpers were concretely children and then he announced: “Today we have the pleasure to have between us Bob Callister and Maia! May Maia come out with our dearest dolphins?”


Some minutes after I fed the dolphins with cod and mackerels. Then I got paired up with Bob and we threw a ball to Delfie. We had some fun with the dolphins and the other helpers whilst I saw how the expectants took pictures; not really sure if from the dolphins or us.


Finally, when every other helper sat down I still remained there with Bob and the dolphin.


“Now kiss the dolphin.”-The coach seriously said looking at me.


Firstly I gently moved my right hand palm towards his dorsal fin. I smoothly touched it.


“Come on, doesn´t bite.” –The coach insisted.


Then with the other hand I touched his grey skin. Slippery, wet, soft, cuddy and nice skin. It was a really strange feeling. The dolphin seemed happy; or at least that was what Bob said. I bended towards his beak and as quickly as possible gave him a peak. He started moving his flippers, then another picture taken by Bob whilst kissing for a second and last time the dolphin.


“Delfie, you´ve done well, just keep swimming.”-And with that conclusion the coach guided Delfie to the water with the others.


Bob and I sat again at the stands. It was true; both things. I had kissed a dolphin. People took pictures from us without shyness. I probably guessed some of those pictures would end up in channel 4 offices.


We followed the people out of the show. Bob was politely asked to sign some autographs. Some noisy woman even asked him what intentions he had on me. Even though I was two meter apart I tried to listen what he replied. As I imagined he laughed and then added: “you´ll see.” And it was true. Every time he said that, the person ended up seeing it.


When he finished signing some autographs more people; this time including men came around. I decided to seat down and wait.


“And imagine yourself being the one signing all of them.”


I shaked my head to a side and saw a man sat next to me. I couldn´t remember seeing him before I sat down.


His voice was as odd as Bob´s and his lips thin and delicate. He looked at Bob with his grey eyes and small eye lashes.


“You will discover what feels like in few days, when you marry.” –He continued looking at Bob.


“Excuse me; do I know you?” –I curiously and fast asked.


He was sat down as every normal person but I could smell something weird on him. His folded little arms packed up by a purple blazer. His long legs close one to each other. Ordinary white trousers. A purple blazer. Purple. Purple again.


Maybe it was coincidence, maybe not.


“We know you´re looking for us.” –he said whispering; looking at first to me.


His eyes ilumated his big bold head and shaved bear.


“We, who?” –I said; trying to show some confidence.


“We, us. Come on, who were you looking for?”


“Why are you wearing purple?” –I spitted.


“That´s what identifies us.”


It wasn´t coincidence. 


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