Kiss me meanwhile

Maia is a fourteen year old teenager that soon will be brainwashed. Supremes have in my mind how to create love and Maia will be the key that changes every prediction. Who will help Maia on her adventurous journey?


9. Baby face


The room was covered in purple velvet. The entire room was bigger than half of my flat. It had one living area with some sofas and pink cushions. The cushions reminded me to William, the President and the horrible cushions that her wife, Ortensia bought for him. Ortensia is identified to gift everybody with a sort of cursi present. I imagine that Susan has them for the same reason. Another part of the room had a large desk with lots of drawers next to. I could also see three doors inside the room. I suppose from the bathroom, changing room and the third one surely must me the sleeping room. There was no bed so it must have been inside one of those rooms. As Susan said on her interviews she didn´t have much furniture because she liked to be able to do yoga and have space to move freely around. The room was opened spaced and had lots of different carpets from the same colour, blue. The difference was that depending to the carpet the tonality of blue changed. Susan looked at me and murmured something. Then she smiled and invited me to seat down.


“So, it’s true, Dylan has taken Bob´s girlfriend, you.”


“That´s not quite right.”


“Don´t contradict me.”




“What are you doing here?”


“I’ve came here to make your life easier.”


“Excuse me, what´s your purpose of your visit?”


“Dylan, you, you both; Susan you´re in danger.”


“I’m sorry but get out of my room and leave.”




“No, you listen; I’m a famous person in Bolly and I know danger exists but that can´t affect my way of behaving.”


“I know you´re pregnant.”


“It´s just a rumor.”


“I know the covenant.”


“Who told you about it?”

“Are we alone?”


Susan stared at me and finally she stood up of her chair and looked at a large mirror.


“Leave you all.”



Then she pressed a switch on and I was able to see through the mirror. I saw how two armed men went out of the room and how a nurse got out also. What a boring job. All day and night there, without moving, just in charge of Susan´s safety without being able to make noise. I guess Susan feels really observed. Susan didn´t turned off the switch and then she went straight to a carpet and removed it. For my surprise a type of door on the floor with fingerprint safety to open it. Instead of opening it she looked at the door and said:


“I told everybody to get out of the room.”


Suddenly it opened and two nurses came out. The nurses said sorry and they both got quickly out of the room.


“Now we are alone.”


I wasn´t sure about if she was telling the truth. Her house took many safety precautions, it’s a great labyrinth. Every corner had a type of security method. Without losing any more time I started to tell her in a moderate way about the covenant.


“How do you know about the covenant, Dylan told you?”


“I know quite a lot about it that´s why I’m here.”


“Why am I speaking with you and not with Dylan?”


“Dylan doesn´t want to speak with you.”


“Look, Maia. Don´t ever in your life play to the chests without being the king’s friend.”


“Susan consider me a friend because I’m here to help you.”


“My life was a shit. I studied with Dylan by sheer luck and that was my salvation. I was chosen between lot´s of girls by The President.”


“Susan, that baby will bring you problems.”


“My baby will give happiness to Bolly in these difficult moments.”


“Supremes will not admit that baby to see a light day.”


“I will not permit them to harm him.”


At this point of the conversation I started to realize that it was impossible to convince a mother about the idea of killing their own baby. I wasn´t sure of how to carry on the conversation. I really understood Susan but I need it to help Dylan so I tried to be as persuasive as possible.


“Susan, I’m not against you but you are going to have severe problems if you don´t end the problem now that it hasn´t really begin.”


“I’ll be okay.”


“If William gets to know that Dylan isn´t the father he will punish you.”


“He will not kill me.”


“Maybe not openly but he will surely.”


“I’m Susan Callister and have enough money to protect me from William, The President.”


“Susan, don´t lie to me. You know perfectly they´ll kill you for that baby.”


“It´s my baby.”


“You have to abort so at least one of you two will survive.”


“Maia I want my baby to live.”


“Dylan doesn´t want you to die.”


“I’m sorry…”


“Susan you can have as many babies as you wish but with Dylan. You need to understand that Dylan will be The President and he can’t afford to treat your baby as his son.”



“I think he could.”


“It´s dangerous that a non Callister blood governs Bolly.”


“Maia I will run away with my baby.”


“Please, don´t make things difficult, get rid of the baby and carry on respecting the covenant without going further.”


“I need to think about it, I’m really sorry for Dylan but I want that baby to be by my side.”


Our conversation started to not make sense. We were in a cycle and she wouldn´t change opinion so easily. I was really verbally lost and decided to tell her a thing that I had thought about but wasn´t sure of its reliability.


“I know somebody that will take charge of the baby and will take of it like if theirs talking.”


“It’s my baby and with me he will be.”


“If you deny the possibility of not having it at least give it to another family and visit him.”

“He will not be safe.”


“You´ll need to take the risk.”


“And what if they harm him?”


“Don ´t you want him to live?”


“Yes; with me.”


“You know that´s impossible so think in this idea.”


“With what family would he stay?”


“I think I know somebody, a woman that will love to be her supposal mother.”


“I want to know everything about her.”


When she asked me this question I congratulated myself for the brilliant idea I had had. I was starting to realize that my idea had type of convince her in a certain way. The problem was that I hadn´t spoken with Carla about the idea of her having a baby. I was sure that Carla would want to have it but maybe she doesn´t really want to be in charge of the baby. Although Carla is alone at her house she lives calmly and peacefully with a silly cat that behaves quite good to be an animal. Maybe a baby is what Carla needs to be happy again. As Susan was convinced about this crazy idea I started to tell her what Carla should have to accept the baby.


“Carla Willow, my neighbor.”


“Exact living address?”


As I told her what I knew about Carla she opened her laptop and introduced in a “Person Search” the details I told her. A few seconds later she was telling loudly her exact details and details of brainwash, past and present.


“Isn´t she a bit old to be in charge of a baby?”


“Well, she is the only person I truly trust.”


“I need to speak with my consulters about this. Ask Carla to come to see me to discuss about the topic.”


“Okay, Susan, you´re doing the correct thing.”


“Better alive and separated than dead and no return.”


“When do you want Carla to come?”


“Today late in the night, a car will pick her up a street parallel to yours.”


“Shall I tell Dylan about the conclusion we got?”


“No. it’s unsafe for the baby. We shall keep the secret.”


“I think I should come with her to make her feel safer.”


“Yes, good idea.”


“I shall go now, it´s late and I still haven´t eat dinner.”


“Maia, please tell Carla that she will be goodly rewarded every month…”


“Well, bye, nice to meet you Susan, remember I came here to make your life easier.”


When I came out of her room a guard was standing next to the door. He looked at me but as he didn´t say anything I just continued my way to meet with Dylan. In my way to were Dylan was seating I looked at a clock. It was really late I had been two hours speaking with Susan.


“How did it go?”


“Not bad at all.”


“Tell me, tell me.”


“Let´s get out of here first.”


When we came out of the house the bike was where we had leaved it.


“Wouldn´t it be nice to go finally to Lake Santa Columbus?”


I understood what Dylan meant by the way he insinuate it. As it was Sunday I need it to return home as soon as possible to sleep enough to awake at mid night and start the journey with Carla to Susan´s house. I thought it was a really good idea to hang out to Lake Santa Columbus so I told him that it was a fantastic idea to go where we though to go firstly before all our adventure. I was starting to realize that I had less than ten Euros to be able to buy my launch so I realized I was going to pay the ticket with those ten. No launch, hungry. It was a really big surprise.

When we arrived at Lake Santa Columbus as usually people started to realize of who we were and started to take pictures. We were queuing beside normal citizens but as soon as a guard recognized us he told us to skip the queue. Dylan told him that we would wait as everybody and started to make some jokes that made the people laugh. The positive side of this situation was that when we reached the ticket-office they didn´t made us pay. They told us that Lake Santa Columbus was glad to receive Dylan Callister and Maia Salinas. Apparently Channel 4 had already revealed my identity. The guards looked at us with admiration as the majority of people. Dylan left me a second alone to take some photos with a group of teenagers that as evidence pointed out, they really loved him. I was standing; thinking of the beauty of the place.

Lot´s of enormous trees surrounded the lake. The lake was really big. It was blue deep. The place had been acclimatized for all those people, for all the tourists. Some benches near the bar and hammocks in some areas. Grass areas with little children playing with dolls and sand areas where couples lied together hugging each other. The Lake was better than in pictures. It was like a secret beach Bolly loved to go to. I started to ask myself how much time the journalists would take to arrive. I´m starting to get use to live along with journalists but they never get tired of following you. I really admire Dylan or even Bob.

They´ve lived their life always with journalists surrounding them and they don´t argue or really show off how tired they are from them all. When Dylan returned I felt at home. Surrounded by wonderful people. So nice smell due to the spectacular trees and food smell that came out of the bar. For my luck as I hadn´t need it to pay the ticket I had money enough to buy a hot cheese sandwich with a drink as accomplishment. Dylan insisted to pay but I didn´t let him. We took the food and sat at a bench. Santa Columbus Lake benches differ from others as they are blue with the slogan: dream to discover. From the bench I could see how as usual people looked at us with curious in their looking.


“It smells really good.”


I thought exactly the same as Dylan did. I was going to answer him but as I was staring at the blue lake another blue image came into my mind, David Siddle´s eyes. Gosh, his beautiful eyes. Before I met David I though Brandon was the prettiest boy in my life but, David, his way of speaking, his eyes, love at first sight; as he said so. It seems really crazy I’ve just seen David once in life but remember him really good. Would I see him in the future? On television? At a bus stop? I hope so.


To be able to get into the lake you need it to be really brave normally it was really cold and only the bravest came in to swim. Two lifeguards were watching the Lake the whole time and blew the whistle if they realized of any problems or saw any inappropriate attitude. I hadn´t got any intention of get into the lake as firstly I hadn´t bring a bikini and towel and secondly It was dangerous to swim whilst everybody is looking at you. If they thought you´re really thin rumors will start to expand and if they saw you´re really big they will start to criticize you. In conclusion if I wanted to swim it need it to be in a private place. Since the moment I met Bob my life has stop belonging to my own and now everybody wants to know about it, it is a public life. Dylan received a phone call.

When he finished speaking I told him that I need it to return home to sleep and speak with Carla. He told me that he also need it to return to Blue Scale Mansion with his dad to solve an international problem.

When we were getting out the Lake a well dressed man called us and told us that he was the man in charge of the Lake´s security and image. Then he asked us to pleasure the lake with the honor of taking a picture with him beside the lake to post in the the entrance walls. I didn´t opposite to the idea but Dylan excused us and told him that we weren´t allowed to take any pictures of ourselves in public places with intention to promote them and then he dismissed ourselves and we continued walking. I didn´t fully understand Dylan´s attitude but as he knew better than me how to behave in this famous crazy world I behaved as he did. He surely must have had reasoning for it.

We got quickly got into the bike and we both saw how the man started to take pictures and then how he took out his phone and called somebody. As we reached the main road out of the forest surrounding the lake we saw some cars with Channel´s 4 logo´s and other channels coming towards the lake surely looking for us. As they didn´t recognize us we didn´t speed up to pass unnoticed.

When we reached my flat I gave a Dylan a kiss on his right cheek. His cheek was really cold and as I leaned my lips on his skin I felt a frozen feeling on mi top lip. It was a slow friend full kiss that automatically made him smile and made me feel that I was in a sort of way betraying him by not telling Susan´s and my plan. But if he loved Susan it was the best thing to do and he couldn´t know it to maintain the secret safe from William the President. He wished me to have a good afternoon and quickly left on his bike.


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