Fix me

A boy with blond hair and sad scared blue eyes walked up to me one day. He said, "Can you fix me?"


15. The Past

Louis's pov:

"Wow we shore did have some crazy times back then didn't we Liam?" I looked over at Liam who was staring at picture of niall. "Yea I just wish we found out what happened to Niall back then. Its like after that day we never saw him again. He just disappeared and don't say that he's dead because he cant be!" "I would never say that Liam I want him to be alive just as much as you do." That's when we heard at knock at the door.  I got up and walked over to it.

"Hello?" I stopped their staring at Simon who was smiling at me. Standing behind him was a teen age boy with blond hair and blue eyes. He looked sweet but also really scared. "Hey Louis um I have a new member for you and the lads to meat." He turned around to the scared boy and for a minute I thought that he could be Niall. "Hey Simon what's going on?" "Who's the boy behind you?"

Simon turned around to the scared boy as the rest of the lads gathered around. "Niall meat Harry, Liam , Louis, and Zayn. Boys meat Niall your new band mate." Niall had tears in his eyes and he ran into Liam's arms. Omg its really him?

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