Fix me

A boy with blond hair and sad scared blue eyes walked up to me one day. He said, "Can you fix me?"


6. In the Hospital

Niall's pov:

When I woke up their were bright lights every were and I was lying down in a bed with something hooked up to me. I was so confused how could I be alive? I should have been dead bye now. This wasn't right. I started to put the pieces slowly to gather and realized that some one found me and saved my life. Well I was lying in my bed trying to figure out what was going on some one came into my room.

I was so shocked to my dad was standing their and he looked like he was really worried about me. I think that i saw tear in his eyes. This meant that he really must care about me. I was about to reach out and hug him when he turned cold again just like the dad I knew. "What the hell is wrong with you Niall? I told you that if you ever tried to hurt your self again you would have to deal with me!" He grinding his teeth now and I knew that this couldn't end well.

At least he can't hurt me well im here people would notice that I was being hurt bye my dad. Some one would come to my rescue. I smiled at the thought of him going to rail only to have him give me an evil glare. I knew that as soon as I got home I was in for a wuppon. He left my room with out anther word leaving me to rest.

I was so happy to be alone now. Sadly that didn't last long because before I knew it Louis and Liam were in  my room. Liam ran up to me and gave me a hug. Louis just stood their in the door way unshore of what to say or do. "Omg Niall are you okay? What were you thinking?" I thought to my self here we go again.

Only it wasn't like that at all. Liam seemed really worried  about me? Why? I'm fat ugly useless Niall I know because my dad told me that plenty of times. I looked at Liam and said, "Why did you do it?" He looked at me unsure of what I was saying. "Do what Niall?" "Why did you save my life?" He just smiled and laughed. "I didn't Niall all I did was try to stop the bleeding. Louis was the one who called 911. He was also the one who gave you some of his blood so you could live."

I looked past Liam and at Louis. I saw in Louis's eyes that he wanted Liam to leave so he could talk to me alone.

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