Fix me

A boy with blond hair and sad scared blue eyes walked up to me one day. He said, "Can you fix me?"


8. I'll help you

Louis's pov:

I was on the verge of tears when I saw Niall stand up and show me all the bruise and cut marks he had on his body. It sickened me to just think that some one could be so heart less and do this to their own son. I couldn't believe that Niall went threw this every day. Then Niall did something that caught me off guard. He started to walk towards me. When we standing their face to face he said, "Louis can you fix me?" I was so shocked that I didn't know what to say.

I looked out in the hall way and eyed Liam. I was trying show Liam that I needed him. Liam noticed it came back into the room and was standing bye my side. I whispered what he said to me then watched as Liam took a look at Niall and went threw the same shock as I did. Then when he got his voice back he said, "Don't worry Niall I will help you but you have to let us help you." I looked at him and then at Niall who was looking sad now. I didn't know what els to do so I just hugged him and left him to rest.


sorry this a short chapter guys

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